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Tuesday 5 October 2021

Mollie Gallagher interview: What's next for Nina and winning an NTA

How’s Nina been coping since Corey was found not guilty of Seb’s murder?

It was the worst possible outcome, she’s desperate for justice for Seb and for herself. Her mind is everywhere, she’s quite erratic at times, she doesn’t really know what to do or how to deal with these emotions. 

Does she harbour any thoughts of revenge or is she more focussed on her recovery and hoping the truth will out in the end?

Her behaviour is erratic and she flicks between the two, at times she has thoughts of revenge but then there’s Roy by her side who’s full of wise words and Nina trusts him so he’s the voice of reason who can hopefully get her back on the right track. It’s a matter of her heart over her head at times but hopefully Roy will make her see sense and that this isn’t what Nina’s about.

When Abi returns this week what makes Nina feel uneasy about her state of mind?

She can see Abi’s behaving strangely, at times irrationally, and Nina picks up on that. I guess she can see that Abi’s thinking what she has at times. 

How does she feel when she hears Corey is being transferred to a German club, does this change things for Nina?

She can see Corey getting all these opportunities, his life is undeservedly on the up, while Seb is dead and she’s suffering with the aftermath of what Corey’s done. It feels like there’s no justice, obviously she can’t bring Seb back but Corey not being found guilty is devastating. This is just another trigger, she can’t believe it’s really happening and hearing and reading all these things about Corey just makes her feel worse and worse.

Roy finds a diary listing Corey’s movements and it’s clear someone is following him, could it be Nina?

Her behaviour is very erratic right now and in the moment I think she doesn’t even know what she’s capable of doing. 

In the same week we also see Asha ask Nina out but Nina can’t really deal with it right now, does she still have feelings for Asha?

Nina was deeply in love with Seb and I just don’t think she’s ready to acknowledge any other feelings right now. 

Super soap week is coming up. Can you give us any hints?

Nina is on an emotional rollercoaster right now which is understandable after what she’s been through but we’re going to see some quite erratic behaviour from both her and Abi as they struggle to deal with losing Seb and seeing Corey’s life seemingly going from strength to strength. The scenes we’ve been filming are amazing, so atmospheric, the set design is unreal, it’s been great to be part of it.

Are you enjoying seeing how this storyline continues to unfold, the viewers were not happy with Corey being found not guilty were they?

Yes absolutely, no one is happy. The storyline has been amazing, to be part of the team telling this story has been such a privilege. It’s a journey we’ve been through and there’s lots more to come yet.

You won an NTA! How did that feel on the night and now you’ve had a chance for it to sink in?

I’m still shocked now, I’ve been so busy since the night that I’ve not really had time for it to sink in. I sometimes sit down at home and I’m like ‘oh wow, there’s my award, I can’t believe it’. It’s amazing, I literally couldn’t be happier.

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