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Saturday 17 July 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 16 July 2021

Good evening.  Let me take you on a quiet perambulation down one of the back streets of Weatherfield where the residents are again demonstrating an inability to keep things in proportion.

Firstly up there in Victoria Court Nick has gone dad mad preparing for a simple sleepover for son Sam, buying a new juicer and looking forward to his retirement as once again both Nick and Leanne are not working and yet have money coming out of his large ears (see above).  Now we all know from her original Street residency that Nutty Natascha is not entirely sane.  We also know that Nick promised to never let Sam down before the lad jumped in a van and kidnapped himself before preventing Gary's murder in an armed shoot out.  So Nutty Natascha arranges the sleepover in place of one with "Marcus" but later on turns up to tell Nick that the Sam is with "Marcus" after all.  There is clearly something going on as I still do not buy Nutty Natascha having joined the straight and narrow and indeed would not buy the change in persona even if she were coated in chocolate.  Above "NN" is promising to organise something soon.  I tell you something is very definitely up.

James Bailey (above) has no qualms about appearing in the calendar and simply lays out his terms and conditions - huge fee, rider, correct temperature iced coffee, fresh fruit, mineral water - Curtis almost gives up before James makes it clear that he is joking!

Soapland romances never run a straight and true course and at least two this evening are negotiating bumpy patches in the cobbles.  Eileen pops in to the cafe with a joke primed and ready to win back George (she refers to the film "Invasion of the Bodysnatchers") - sadly he does not get it and poor Sean (dispensing wise old woman style advice above) who has been listening has to explain "Eileen style" courtship - it is a ritual dance, once step forward, two steps back, only dashing away with the smoothing iron if you are a known killer, a quick cha cha cha and then a right old waltz - leading to the serious stuff (above).  

George ponders and decides on some Mary style advice - whereupon he gets a lecture in the Victorian language of flowers (above).  George has chosen Hortensia as his apology bouquet for Eileen - but as Mary explains that means "You are frigid", whilst removing the bushy leaves signifies fear!  Mary demands George's intentions; once they are expounded Mary offers her assistance to sort it out!

It is over three years since David and Paul met in prison and every so often we are reminded of their friendship - again this week as Paul explains he is being toyed with by Will who keeps threatening Todd that he will tell all and sets up a meet with Paul to explain the reason he spent a night in clink over the theft of a "heat pump" (actually an empty brown box).  The police could not hold Paul as there is no evidence.  After getting a meaningless apology from Will, David takes pity and offers Paul a job in the barbers and Paul intends to maintain a relationship with Summer and improve his life.

The second relationship getting bumped around on the cobbles is Curtis and Emma, who have agreed to take it slow.  So when Emma starts giving Curtis the come on he completely ignores it and concentrates on the calendar; which goes badly wrong when he realises they have 13 men signed up; so Chesney gets dropped until Gemma explains that they cannot do that as he was first to agree.  Emma and Curtis dance around each other and the subject of acceleration for most of the episode - he keeps having to check on participants, make phone calls and generally avoid Emma whom he thinks is about to dump him.  Meanwhile Brian is also doing his own two step - backwards - to avoid being one of the models.  Emma eventually discovers him hiding in the cafe where Alex is on duty (and being cheeky).  Emma does not want Brian as a model - but as the photographer and he is so relieved he agrees.  Finally Emma gets to talk to Curtis - and his shift is about to end.  She settles the dumping question - he is indeed to be "dumped" onto a bed - back to her flat now and clothes are optional once inside (above)!

Heat pump; if they said it once they said it 500 times.  Clearly to be sustainable you have to have a heat pump as plot device.  I still don't believe that Todd could get it in and out of the van or find a "buyer" for it - did he call on the services of flappy ears?  Anyway it magically turned into £5k, £4k of which went to the Kipling Kid (they have been rerunning an old Kipling cakes advert where a half sized Will saves one of the cakes for his sister and I think the entire nation has been saying something like "That Will has grown a lot since the ad break" as we did in our house!).  Todd gets his ring back and delivers Will's lighter in return.  He then provides Will with some advice - always have an insurance policy.  Will may not be as simple as he looks, Todd takes a phone call giving Will a chance to set his phone recording the conversation (above is the camera's view of Todd admitting to using Will and his stories to split up the Vicar and Paul and the subsequent events to get Billy back.  I wonder how much it will cost Todd to stop that getting published on t'internet?

Todd actually got £1k for the "HP" and alleging it is savings he is going to spend it on a big honeymoon for Billy, himself and Summer; now I don't want to pour cold water on this but can you go anywhere decent with three people for £1k?  I am planning a week in Wales on my lonesome and I am already past that total!  Are Weatherfield economics different?  Alongside that the Bishop is concerned about the cost over-runs and delays with the archdeaconary house conversion - as if Bishops concerned themselves with such material matters!

"Peter Pan" has left his wife behind and departed with his new much younger lover "Wendy", a member of S Club Juniors!  Alina has seen the article in the Gazette and challenges Fiz in the factory, as does Ty at the shop.  Fiz denies it but then calls Ty "pathetic Peter Pan" to describe him - just like the article.  Ty tries to convince Daniel to write an article from his viewpoint - but the latter makes it clear that Ty is expecting the impossible - he was the wrong side of public opinion and that seeking to get sympathy for falling in love was unlikely to work in the face of the feeling for the mother and children.  As Daniel points out (above) "you are not the good guys here".

On a nonsense pretext Mary gets Eileen, drink in hand from the Rovers and George is waiting with an "olive branch" (above) - actually a bit of privet.  George finally gets a chance to apologise.  Sharing some white wine they are also sharing some jokes and all is going well until George says he wants to ask Eileen a question - she thinks he is about to get to the serious stuff ... all he wants is someone to help out at the undertakers whilst his arm recovers.  She is not amused but she accepts.

Earlier in the episode bearded man (above) had been present when Fiz and Ty were exchanging their views on the Gazette article and he is aware of her situation and admitted that his own marriage broke up recently.  He rematerialised near the end of the episode and it looks like "Fiz-bomb" has pulled again.  He is credited as Phill Whittaker and the actor is Jamie Kenna.

Written by Alasdair Morrison
Directed by David Beauchamp


All original work on Coronation Street Blog is covered by a Creative Commons License


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed as Oliver's stepfather that Nick didn't volunteer to be in the calendar to raise money for charity in Oliver's memory.
It would have a been a nice way to honor Oliver's memory on Nick's part instead of the contrived storyline with Natasha constantly changing her mind about Nick seeing Sam.
I'm also disappointed that Tyrone didn't get to tell his side of the story about how Fis was emotionally abusive always nagging him,taunting him about 'punching above his weight'when he was running with Alina platonically after a health scare and how Fiz was emotionally abusive to Ruby when she let Ruby initally take the blame for her daughter Hope's bad behaviour.
Then we would see who the villain really is.
As for Phil,Fiz's love interest,I hope it's not the same Phil who raped Toyah years ago.

Humpty Dumpty said...

You really can't take some of these episodes seriously. Todd stands behind Paul in Will's line of vision, without Paul turning round to make sure nobody's listening. This is Coronation Street where residents look up and down the street after they take in a parcel delivery. And then, Will is an absolute genius. He sets up the video recorder on his phone in two seconds flat, getting a perfect view of Todd's admission of guilt. Now if that was a normal person, the sound wouldn't have worked and the picture would be of the waste paper basket.

Anonymous said...

Loving Fizz's new beau already. :-)


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