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Monday 5 July 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 5th July

Summer 2021 is not great. It's raining, there's not much to do, oh, and your dads are insisting that you go to a diabetes nurse appointment rather than hang out with your pals and you're throwing a fit. Summer's had a bit of a character (as well as an actor) change, but I suppose she had to go through adolescence sometime and I'm not sure Summer 2019 could have pulled of the personality transplant.

Summer's third dad Paul offers to go with her to the diabetes appointment in lieu of the Red Rec end of school rager. I'm sure that Year 12 girls don't go to dos because Year 11 boys invited them and I'm also sure no-one calls it a 'rager' any more. Anyway, Todd gets all jealous of Paul's closeness to and influence on Summer and decides that he's actually in a rom-com, not a soap, and must make a Grand Romantic Gesture, i.e. gets down on one knee, and not for any filth before you ask. After some shenanigans, they get engaged and Paul gets all upset about the upcoming nuptials and sends an epistolary warning to Todd to not get too comfortable. Paul's not really a match for Todd in the evil cunning plan stakes, is he.

Carla starts back at the factory and immediately makes herself at home (maybe now that she's got a propert job again, she and Peter can move out of Ken's and back to Victoria Court?), including moving Sarah's cactus to the toilets. Prickly! Carla says Izzy must get the samples (that are two days late already) finished today for Jo Lafoe. The samples are shoddy and Carla says that Izzy must stop working at home and come back to the factory. This is fortuitous timing for the storyline what with our glorious leader saying this very day that work from home guidance is over, despite the rise in cases.

Is Daisy going to be the Alina to Alya and Ryan's Fiz and Tyrone?  Alys interrupts Ryan playing rave music ("DJ-ing") in the living room in his pants (see above) which gets Alya all hot and bothered but Yasmeen is upstairs (very thoughtful of Ry to play loud music in the buff whilst his grandma-in-law chilling) and suggests her beau apply to become a trainee manager at the Bistro. Meanwhile, Daisy proposes an alternative - a mobile pub with resident DJ. Um? I think she may propose more before the week is out.

Gail returns home from hospital and says she's going back to Thailand. I hope she comes back with that plait in her hair again. Helen Worth isn't leaving, is she? I looked up how old she was as I assumed she was coming up to 65 (i.e. retirement age) and found out that she is 70! Which means that Audrey had her when she was 7, which is even earlier than Sarah-Louise. I guess Helen/Gail has always looked young: she was supposed to be in her early 20s when she started in Corrie in the '70s, but she was actually mid-30s. Anyways, let's hope she'll be back on t'cobbles after having met up and had a torrid affair with Jason?

Oh and Ty tells Hope and Ruby that they're going to have a little (half/step) brother or sister. They seem remarkably unbothered. Hope doesn't even set a bin on fire!

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cubwriter said...

Ryan in his pants once a week would drive ratings up!


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