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Thursday 15 July 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 14th of July 7.30 & 8.30 pm

£96K raised for Oliver’s charity, £7K for a funeral, £7K for a hostel heat pump, and Jenny’s bought a pub in a global recession! I'm no math’s genius, nor do I profess to understand microeconomics, but I reckon Weatherfield is rich pickings these days. Do they have a magic money tree growing on the Red Rec? With this much cash flowing around, you'd think Todd would have better ideas (steal from Steve, perhaps) than robbing his archdeacon fiance’s heat pump (yes, really) to shut up that irksome youth, Will. A blackmail plot from the Kipling kid - I've seen it all now!

Tonight, and in typical Todd style, the master criminal (!) decides to break into Ed's yard, a stone's throw from his own home, to steal the heat pump. The heat pump (what is a heat pump?) bought by his fiance, which was delivered there accidentally (I bet it was Hermes) instead of being delivered directly to the Hostel. Todd then dupes Ed into leaving the yard and breaks in to steal the coveted hostel treasure! Without a vehicle, Grimshaw ‘borrows’ his boss’ funeral parlour private hearse to steal it instead. With Ed returning unexpectedly, Todd’s brazen daylight robbery is nearly sussed, but he manages to steal what’s needed, albeit with a corpse in tow. Oh the hilarity (!) I like Eileen and George working together though, so hopefully, these two do have a future. Also, noticed a guest appearance from Billy’s Bishop circa 2015 (courtesy of @denlives) playing funeral customer, Mr Middleton. Coincidental, or is he related to Steve’s ex (and Emma’s Mum), Fiona, perhaps? After the heist, Todd meets Will in the Corrie crime alley and makes subtle threats.

With Paul being away from the yard due to unpaid wages, the casual labourer could also have the means to steal the heat pump. After Ed's suspicions are aired, a drunken Paul is taken to the station by PC 'Tinks' Tinker. It's all very The Bill and not at all arresting. And don't get me started on this new Emma / Steve nude calendar story strand. I guess Curtis has genuine intentions and all, but the poor girl had to virtually proposition her father to take part! Steve is now ‘Mr December’, which is not a sentence I ever thought I’d write. Dev reminding us viewers of his last nude outing only serves as a foreshadowing of what's to come, I imagine. 

Following her date, Fiz is reluctant to tell the factory girls all about her night out, nor the journalist' proposition. Instead, she seeks advice from Maria, who pushes her into publishing Tyrone’s affair. Isn't it good to see the girls at their underworld sewing machines again? I thought they’d turned it into a sales hub! Is it a temporary, or a promising production shift? Either way, I'm enjoying seeing our Dirk back in the background!. Later, Fiz spills the beans to the journo, so sure this will be the Weatherfield Gazette’s next front page - now that James has come out! 

Todd has got himself in a right pickle tonight, hasn't he? Maybe he should go to Blackpool to see his pal at Madame Tussauds. I've heard they've got some good Coronation Street waxworks...

Elsewhere in Wednesday night’s Corrie; Alya and Ryan’s break-up looks permanent, as Daisy continues to twist the knife. With Gail away in Thailand, former wild-child David Platt has taken up baking! 

A mixed bag of episodes tonight, I thought. What did you think? 

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't know if Daisy was always meant to be a plot device to remove Ryan but that seems quite likely now. Ryan looked very pleased with himself when Daisy said she was happy to go to Ibiza with him. Either/both of them could turn up again in a few months. Meanwhile, they won't be missed. Daisy leaves the Rovers, Johnny eventually returns. Alya moves back in with her gran.

Den said...

I am so fed up with todd's scheming. I really don't understand why the show decided to bring the character back if this was what they had planned. It's so far removed from the character he was when he left in 2017 and the relationship he had with Billy, it's really griping me. I was a huge fan of Todd as a character, right back from his early days and his coming out story, he could be quite soft and fragile, but also clever, sassy and witty.

There's no other side to the character now other than vile, i couldn't quite believe what i saw last night with him taking a dead body for a joy ride so he could steal a heat pump. a heat pump which belonged to his fiance's church, the fiance he's doing all this for because he loves him so much. This isn't love, it's so twisted.

The amount of conveniences this week has also been staggering. Will is blackmailing Todd for money (can I just say that Todd of old would not let himself be manipulated by a 16 year old kid, he'd outsmart him) and it just so happens that a customer comes into the undertakers with £7000 IN CASH. Which Todd decides to fan out in front of the customer with greedy eyes. It just so happens to be the right amount to pay off Will, but Todd manages to lose £5000 of it!!!! at the end of the same episode billy is ecstatic that he's been given the go ahead to purchase a heat pump, costing ... £7000 !

last night Todd needed a van to move the pump, and whilst he's on the phone trying to borrow a van off his mate (where does he have all these mates from) Eileen parks up the undertakers van behind him!!

As a fan of Billy as a character i just want him removed from this Todd/Billy/Paul triangle, i don't think it's doing any of the characters any favours. We keep seeing Billy being thoroughly awful to Paul, but it's just to garner even more sympathy for the character (who is nothing more than a thug who has a tragic past) whilst reflecting badly on Billy. He wouldn't be this unsympathetic to Paul, he tells Summer she can't see Paul one minute and then berates Paul later in the week saying Summer can see who she wants.

I beg the writers to tone Todd down, and please don't have Billy forgive him for all that he's already done and continue to date him. Please immerse Billy back into the community, that's where he shines. He is a caring person, there's many characters currently in the show who could do with Billy's sympathetic ear and kind words.

Can you tell I'm cross ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Alta still lives with Yasmeen

Anonymous said...

Disappointed with this epidsode. More like a poorly done Carry On movie without the benefit of it being funny.

maggie muggins said...

You're not alone, Den!

Anonymous said...

Well said Den!
I wonder if Fiz realises that the girls could suffer fallout from their schoolmates once her 'articule' about Tyrone and Alina comes out?
Or is Fiz too blinded by revenge to even care about the girls?
Frankly considering that she broke up Tyrone and Maria and cheated on Kirk with John Stape,Fiz is in no position to judge anyone.


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