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Monday 12 July 2021

Tara chuck! Which Corrie characters would you send packing?

Guest blog post from Sharon Boothroyd
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We've said goodbye to Claudia, Oliver, Norris, Seb, Elaine, Sharon and Gail.

Imagine you are a Corrie scriptwriter (or a producer) and have the power to send any character you like packing!

Here are my nominations:

Bernie Winter
She's common as muck, and enjoys a bit of straight talking.  She's scruffy and has thought nowt of stealing her daughter's urine to launch a pregnancy scam. Previously hard as nails, she couldn't have given two hoots about Gemma or Paul. Of course, the plot- line dictated that Bernie would soften with Paul's abuse back story. Now she's a hard-working, down to earth, proud grandma.  However, Dev ditched her pretty quickly after their recent dalliance!

Craig Tinker

He's the most plodding plod that ever graced the cobbles. He doesn't seem to have any kind of common sense at all, yet he clearly enjoys the authority of the uniform. But he's so feckless, any authority simply seeps away.  To his credit, Craig has stuck with girlfriend Fay, despite the fact that we've never seen him visit her in prison. Having a jailbird partner would be very awkward at work for him, wouldn't it? But that's never shown. A pity, as it'd be worth exploring. I'd whisk Craig away on a secret undercover mission...

Alina Pop!

She's resilient for sure but I can't see her settling down and playing happy families with Tyrone. He's had his head turned, but when reality hits, I don't think the two will last. Ty's already gone to Fiz in his hour of need,  when his ex Kirsty passed away.  But the cracks in Tyalina are beginning to show. Alina's young and wants fun, so a life of steady domesticity and supping pints in The Rovers every week will hardly appeal. I know she's pregnant, but this is a soap - anything could happen. I'd like to see her move away with an offer of a beautician's job.

Simon Barlow

As a Barlow, he's an important part of the show's history but well, he's part of the trendy teen clan.  After the court trial, he's hanging about like spare part. As for the other teens - the main focus has been on Dev's kids. However, cousin Amy had a terminated pregnancy, Kelly's locked up, Corey's smug and safe (for now) and now they've given Summer diabetes. There's been no mention of Simon wanting to trace his Mum's family (which would be natural, if you think about it) and he hasn't a girlfriend, either. There was talk a few years ago about Simon joining the navy but for some reason, this was dropped. Being caught up with the Josh/ Harvey/ Sharon drugs situation, maybe he'll want a change of scene. How about volunteering abroad for a while?

Who would you bid a fond farewell to?

Guest blog post from Sharon Boothroyd
Fancy writing a guest blog post for us? All details here! 

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Fluttershy said...

Sean. How can you talk about which Corrie character to get rid of and not have Sean be top of the list? He's every negative gay stereotype rolled into one, selfish, self centred, totally lacking in empathy and with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. At least the other nasty characters - Tracey, Todd, Daisy - have a roll to play in creating drama. Get rid of Sean!

Anonymous said...

Sean, Craig, Alina and Dev

fairycake said...

Daisy, Sean and Alina POP!

...Daisy makes me want to be sick; Sean and that stupid, quick head turn... some days I just wish his head would fly off; I really loved Alina POP! at first when she was with my beloved Seb. They turned her into a homewrecker and just put her straight in the bin for me...X

Sophie Bird said...

Definitely Alina Pop! She has no personality and ends most of her lines with a nervous giggle. She's pretty but pointless.

Anonymous said...

Here is my list of characters I'd like to see gone:
Daisy, Gemma, Chesney, Alina, Simon, Grace & Michael

CK said...

Alina for sure! Chesney and Gemma, Daisy, and Johnny

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone on your list except for Simon. Yes, the drugs storyline was pants and the actor’s performance isn’t the best, but like you say, Simon’s a legacy character and he provides an interesting dynamic for characters like Peter, Leanne, Nick and Carla. And Let’s face it, there’s no way they’ll get rid of Simon now they’ve killed off Oliver. Personally, after all the trauma he’s endured in his life, I think Simon has the potential to be a great villain in the future or a deeply flawed, tortured soul like his dad.

In no particular order, here are my top picks:

Daisy: She might be a barmaid like Tanya Pooley, she might share Carla’s good looks, and she might be doing to Ryan what Tracy did to Roy all those years ago, but that’s where the comparisons with these three great female characters ends, unfortunately. I love a scheming femme fatale but Daisy’s just unbearable. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. I don’t know why she’s still hanging around, what happened to her fianc√©, or what her deal with Johnny is, and frankly, I don’t care. The day Jenny stops being a wet wipe and gives the insufferable Daisy her marching orders can’t come soon enough for me.

Gary: The supervillain and that ended up being a super fail. Surely his days are numbered? How much longer can they drag this out???

Kelly: Introduced as a mean private school girl, now they’re trying to make her out to be a wayward ‘Becky Granger type’ who’s been in foster care simply as a way to garner some sympathy for the character and excuse her actions. Sorry but whether Kelly took part in the attack on Seb and Nina or not, she’s still irredeemable in my eyes. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact she posted those photos of Asha. I can’t see Nina and Abi being okay with her living on the street after all this, can you? She has to go, just like Gary does.

Natasha: Her exit is what made her memorable so bringing her back was always going to be a mistake because she was never going to live up to the hype. Originally a ditzy, unlucky in love hairdresser with a tendency to go a little crazy. Now just a boring side character. How many times are we going to have Natasha tell Nick he can never see Sam again? It’s beyond repetitive. I think Natasha will be killed off or will move away so Nick will have to look after Sam full time.

The Baileys (yes, all of them): When will the writers admit they made a massive mistake with this family? They’re the token black family, nothing more, only there to highlight important issues, then quickly put back in their box. Poor scripts, poor acting… and why they brought Uncle Ronnie into the show when they’ve not even fleshed out the Baileys they already have is beyond me.

Honourable mentions: Sean, Brian and Cathy, Gemma and Chesney.

Humpty Dumpty said...

There's no time for directing or rehearsing so some actors more or less play themselves - or they turn into the characters. Brooke Vincent asked how to play Sophie and she was told to just be herself. Sean is being played by an actor who learns his lines and does what he can. Sadly, he doesn't have much depth. He can go along with Alina, Gemma & Chesney, Fiz & Tyrone, Toyah, Daisy.

Anonymous said...

Which corrie characters would I send packing? It'd be easier listing the ones I'd want to keep on the programme!
1. Daisy
3. Michael, Grace, Ed (the whole family basically, maybe keep Ronnie)
4. PC Tinker
5. Billy

Anonymous said...

Billy Mayhew, Archdeacon of Sleaze and Todd Grimshaw, Prince of Toads. Horrible characters and total waste of storylines!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't miss Sarah if she goes,she's a spoilt teenager in an woman's body,who tends to sulk aor blame otherswhen she doesn't get her way.
If it weren't for the fact that Nick owns the factory,I doubt Sarah would even work there.

Louby said...

Definitely Daisy, she has no redeeming features at all. Of the others, I think a lot if them could be improved immensely if they got better storylines, but that aside, I would add:

Simon, he wanted to join the navy at one time, so sign him up and he can return for special occasions.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, she's a rubbish boss, can't take her seriously in the role. Has no chemistry with Adam either. I forget they're married half the time, same with Maria and Gary.

Anonymous said...

Johnny – The Connors were once the business tycoons of the street. At one point they dominated the entire street, owning the factory, the bistro and the Rovers. Now though, the clan is dwindling, and no one has had a bigger fall from grace than Johnny. From his icky affair with Liz, to his dodgy criminal past and prison stint, it’s been one bad storyline after another for poor Johnny. Without Aidan and Kate, and now Jenny, Johnny no longer feels like he has a place or purpose on the street. A shame because he always struck me as having the potential to be a Mike Baldwin type, but the writers ruined him. Exit plot: Leaves to join Kate in Thailand or has a tragic exit storyline with his MS.

Ryan - Another Connor whose continued presence on the street baffles me. With pretty much all his family having left, why’s he still hanging around? There are few characters his age to interact with. He’s never the centre of any exciting storylines, he just pops up from the time to time, usually shirtless, which I’m not complaining about, then disappears again. Exit plot: Joins mother ‘Me -Chelle’ and Grandfather Barry in Ireland or reconnects with his biological parents.

Alya- The only time I ever liked Alya was when she was helping Yasmeen with Geoff. The rest of the time she’s a nuisance and somewhat forgettable. Exit plot; Gets a job in the fashion industry in London.

Toyah – Toyah in Classic Corrie? Ace! Toyah in modern Corrie? Bland. Just so, so dull. It’s like they’re two completely different people. She’s done nothing since the baby kidnapping storyline except harp on about veggie lasagne, and the characters she should be interacting with like Leanne, Peter, Nick, Carla and Tracy – we never see her interacting with. Her and Imran appear to be in their own separate bubble, always on the periphery. Did I also mention she’s really boring? Exit plot; Heads off into the sunset with Spider, her one true love. Sorry Imran.

Shona – what a mess they’ve made of this character.

Now for the list of characters that should disappear down the Platt’s sinkhole, never to be seen again: Sean, Daisy, Gemma, Billy, Paul, Todd, Summer, Michael, James, Grace, Ed, Fiz-bomb, Kelly, Maria, Craig, Gary, Sam, Brian and Cathy… and maybe Emma too who’s as gormless as Kirk these days. Yikes, that’s probably half the cast – whoops!

Mr_Rickette said...

Sean, Billy, Alina Pop!, Eileen, Daisy


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