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Thursday 1 July 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 30th of June 7.30 & 8.30 pm

As football fever continues to grip the nation, I'm proud as punch that Corrie took advantage of Pride Month, and the superb writing of Damon Rochefort, for Weathy County star striker James Bailey to finally and publically come out.  I cannot feign any enthusiasm for blokes kicking a ball around for 90 minutes, but 60 minutes of mid-week Corrie waving the rainbow flag - I'm here for that! 

Tonight, and with his career on the rise, Danny’s return seems to have spurred James on in his coming-out story. A black footballer coming out is brave territory (although it shouldn't be) and statistically speaking, you know there must be a few amongst the international players. But with misogyny and homophobia rife in that so-called sacred of sports, I can only commend Corrie for doing this. It's just a pity the real world hasn't caught up yet. Anyway, I did envisage this being terrace hooliganism and James being outed pitch-side but covid put paid to that, so the social media angle and the press conference worked better, I thought. 

It is good to see the Bailey squad all back together! Tim and Steve in matching shirts livened it up a bit, and of course, James got a kiss from Danny. Back of the net!

Gail and Natasha are the duo that Corrie really needs, amirite? I must admit, although I love Leanne, I think Nick has got his priorities all wrong in this drugs debacle storyline, and selling his factory shares can only be further undoing too? Tonight, the family stress caused predictable trouble for Gail. What with Sarah's shrieks about the factory development, and David’s persistent pestering, it wasn't a surprise when Gail succumbed to a heart attack. I noticed Sam on the sidelines there too, when Gail took a funny turn. Is he Damian from The Omen? Seemingly poindexter ish, all innocent, but if you think about it since he arrived on the street,  it's been utter carnage! I mean he is a Platt (ish) and David is his Uncle, after all. Just putting it out there... 

Recovering in hospital, Gail relayed the news via Audrey that she has decided to leave Weatherfield for good! Surely Gail can have a season (or a few episodes) away to recuperate! We need more scenes of Gail and Natasha chewing the fat over a few glasses of prosecco! A Corrie star striker the show can't do without I think. 

Tyrone and his mid-life crisis have surpassed any estimations I had about this storyline. Alina’s pregnancy and Kirsty’s death (R.I.P, I had a minor crush on that character) have really taken it up a notch! With his ex accompanying him to Kirsty's funeral, tempers between these two have now cooled. Could a reconciliation be on the cards? The only stumbling block is the pregnancy, and a vengeful Evelyn would be only too happy to stir the pot by telling Fiz. Surely it can't be too long before she finds out?  

Elsewhere in tonight's episodes; Jenny and Johnny toast a drink to old times when it's revealed he's moving to Mawdsley Street. Meanwhile, Ryan wants to resurrect his DJ career and is egged on by a flirty Daisy. Does Alya agree with her boyfriend's reignited love of loud techno? I'd be interested to see where this goes, to be honest!... 

In a Corrie game of two halves (half-hour episodes) there were one or two highlights tonight. Surprise return appearances from Audrey and Agie, Ty substituted Alina for Fiz, Sam assists an injured Gail, and James scored a winner! What did you think?  

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Sue said...

Totally agree re Gail and Audrey. I love scenes with a couple of characters just talking, I don’t need cackling villains and violent thugs.

Why did Sam just stand there going ‘ you are having a heart attack’ and ‘excuse me’ instead of just running into the house shouting ‘ call an ambulance granny Gail’s having a heart attack’?

Humpty Dumpty said...

After a load of shenanigans, I bet we'll have come full circle by Christmas. Kirsty's father is yet to appear on the street, demanding custody. Fiz and Tyrone will unite to fight him which means Tyrone will move back in with Fiz to help their case. Alina can leave or stay, I'm not bothered. Unless Richard Hawley is leaving Corrie, Jenny and Johnny will reconcile eventually. Isn't this par for the course with Rovers licensees - Liz and Jim, Bet and Alec? Is Helen Worth leaving? If not, Gail will be off for a while and then back to normal. She's encouraged her children's dependence so the only way that will change is if she's in line for another romance. But then I could be wrong.

Louby said...

Loved the scenes with James. I really hope that the Bailey family can now finally settle into the street and be more than just a platform for the latest issue.

Johnny and Jenny having a drink together was really well acted and so sad.

Anonymous said...

Although I understand there are limitations due to Covid 19 but at the same time I'm getting tired of Sam being the only grandchild seen at the Platt house.Why can't Max and Lily be featured especially since granny Gail is planning to leave again?
Surely they would want to say goodbye too?

Anonymous said...

Some absolutely brilliant lines across Wednesday's episodes. We found ourselves ACTUALLY laughing out loud (as opposed to just typing 'lol') in our household.

Corrie has really been on form lately, peppering scripts with plenty of humour, pathos and adding more everyday, domestic scenes to keep the show grounded.

The cherry on the cake this past week is the long-awaited return of a brilliant trio of Corrie ladies - Rita, Audrey & Aggie.

My only complaint is why has Ryan not taken his top off yet!? The real-life Ryan has obviously spent the past several months off-screen at the gym, and man alive he loooooks good!!! Imran is beautiful but Ryan is hunky!

Anonymous said...

Alya would be better off without Ryan.She seems to want to settle down and he isn't in love with her.
Daniel would be a better match for her.

Anonymous said...

Did to the restrictions they're can only be 4 cast members in a scene at any one time. As Sam comes and goes, that frees up other actors to be in the scene. If Max, Harry and Lilly were there, that'd only leave room for 1 adult. That's also the reason you've never seen all the quads.
They also have to have a limited amount of people in the green room areas and dressing rooms too. It's all coming sense really

Anonymous said...

I loved the scenes at the end with James and Danny. Really well done. I loved Danny's WAG top too. A nice ending to the episode


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