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Monday 12 July 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

ITV did another of their customary cock-ups this week and skipped an episode of Classic Corrie altogether.  A day later they realised their mistake and put it up on the Hub.  I've recapped it as if it was there on Monday with the others.

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 21st, 23rd and 25th September 1998

Steve returned from That London to discover the hell that had opened up in his absence.  Jim told him he knew he'd pushed him off the scaffolding.  At first Steve tried to deny it but he realised the jig was up and went on the attack, telling Jim he should've finished the job.  Then he went round to see Fiona and laid into her for grassing him up.  Fiona realised she'd never be happy with the McDonalds so close and decided to leave the Street to live with her mum.  Steve had a change of heart, and tried to get her to stay, but she was adamant and went off to go and have Emma in a few months time.  Fiona was always a great character - except for maybe when she was singing - and even though Angela Griffin is probably too busy to return for any length of time, it'd be nice for her to cameo again.  This left the salon to be disposed of, and she offered it to Audrey.  Jack was itching to get his hands on all the money from selling the pub, but it was a joint account and Vera wouldn't budge.  He managed to con her into signing the passbook to say he could get money out on his own, withdrew a grand, and promptly lost it all on the dogs.  Sally looked after Sophie, but she spilt liquid on Greg's computer and he lost his temper with her.  She returned her to Kevin.  Rita intervened in the situation, trying to get Sally to see Greg was bad for her, but she was sent out with a flea in her ear.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 27th and 28th September 1998

There were momentous changes in the cafe flat as Hayley moved in with Roy.  He was incredibly anxious about their situation, and suggested they get married.  She sadly told him that as she had been born male, there was no way they could marry, and wondered if he'd be let down.  They slowly got closer, both of them virgins (yes they are, ignore later storylines), and muddled their way through their first time.  Vera decided the Duckworths should have a holiday, which meant she wanted to get access to their money.  Jack panicked and asked Alec to refuse to give them the time off but he gleefully said they were free to holiday any time they wanted.  Alf refused to buy Audrey the salon, so she flirted with Fred, and told Alf that he was going to buy it for her.  Shocked, Alf agreed to buy it.  Sally took the girls from the child minder and moved them into the shop flat while Greg was away.  A distraught Kevin tried to get them back, but Sally told him to get lost, pointing out that she could move a lot further away if she wanted.  He was forced to concede but demanded to be able to see them often.  1998 Sally is kind of horrible.

WEDNESDAY - Episode originally broadcast 30th September 

Des's brother was getting married, and Natalie worried that she was going to be judged by his family.  He was however fully committed and asked her to move in with him.  Incidentally, Des drank Newky Brown straight out of the can, which I believe means he can never return to Tyneside with his head held high.  Steve told Audrey that he'd done work on the salon for Fiona, and while they were together, he'd written the costs off - but now they weren't, Audrey owed him £1000.  She confided in Fred and he pointed out that as a councillor, Audrey could make things difficult for Steve in building contracts, so he dropped it.  Incidentally Audrey confessed she was scared of Steve.  Can you imagine her being frightened of the cuddly loser of 2021?

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 2nd and 4th October 1998

Spider and Alma conspired to find a way to clear Curly's name.  He pretended to be Curly's cousin and told Anne that she had been very important to him.  He hinted that if Curly went to prison, he could never love Anne, and she decided to prove his innocence.  Sally told Gail about her business with Greg.  Gail, though, wasn't keen on it, and told Rita she was worried Greg was taking all her cash.  In the Rovers, Roy and Hayley's evening was ruined by Mike being smug and unpleasant.  He insulted Hayley in a moment of transphobia that was cut for ITV3 viewers so Roy chucked his beer over him.  Mike told him that was a very silly move. Toyah returned from her holiday with a boyfriend - Dobber.  He was deeply unpleasant, and pressured Toyah into having sex with him. 

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 5th and 7th October 1998

Spider talked to Anne and she agreed that Curly had been set up.  She said she knew who did it: Alma.  She claimed that Alma was in love with her and they should fake another ransom note to shift the blame from Curly.  Spider got her to show him the fake note beneath a CCTV camera, but when Alma went to get the tape, she was interrupted.  Jim and Liz went out for a meal and, while he was in the toilet, a man at an adjacent table came on to her.  Jim went ballistic, thinking he was being pitied, and Liz realised that he hadn't changed and was still a powder keg.  She confessed to Michael, his therapist, that she didn't want Jim any more.  Dobber was so horrible even the Battersbys found him repulsive, with Janice refusing to give him the time of day and Leanne disgusted to discover he'd pressured Toyah into unprotected sex.  She forced her to get the morning after pill and play it safe from now on.  He told Toyah to steal some money from the cafe so they could have a night out, but she didn't, instead giving him the money for her lessons with Ken.  Dobber was disgusted and told her to pull her finger out because he is truly awful.

With any luck next week's episodes should be broadcast correctly, otherwise @merseytart is writing to Ofcom.

Classic Corrie is on ITV3 weekdays and is also on the ITV Hub.

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Louby said...

I'd love to see Fiona return and get back with Steve. If Emma gets married, a wedding would be a good time for her to come back.

In this "fantasy" storyline, Tracy won't mind because she will also have got back with her true love, Rob Donovan.

I know, I need to get out more!

Jack Duckworth said...

Tracy and Rob were right for each other. Both such assholes who could only love each other.

Anonymous said...

Agree! Tracy and Rob were great. She's become too mellow since getting with Steve, Rob would bring back her edge.


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