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Monday 12 July 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 12 July

Part 1

RYAN’S GUILTY AFTER AN UNMEMORABLE NIGHT Ryan wakes up in Daisy’s bed. In the Rovers, Ryan begs Daisy not to let slip that he was with her last night. Later, Daisy, in front of Alya, purposely tells Ryan that she’s not happy about his lies when the truth is he ended up in her bed.  Alya’s dumbstruck.
TODD FINDS A NEW LITTLE ‘URNER’ Andy the binman calls at the undertakers and handing Todd £7k in cash, explains that a local Big Issue seller, Matty, died and they had a whip-round for his funeral. With Andy gone, Todd places £2k in the till and stuffs the other £5k in a marble urn. Todd tells George about Matty’s funeral, how he was moved by his plight and agreed to do a £7k funeral for £2k as it’s all they’d managed to raise. Todd is horrified when he discovers the deceased’s brother, Mr Hendricks, has collected the marble urn.
FIZ GETS BACK IN THE GAME In the factory, Beth and Sean urge Fiz to sign up to a dating website. Fiz is excited to see she’s had a reply from a guy called Chris who’d like to meet up.
ELSEWHERE Eileen relents and tells Sean he can move back into No.11. When Steve reveals that he’s raised £96k for Oliver’s fund, but feels it’s time to take a step back, Curtis tells Emma about his plan to organise a charity naked calendar to help Steve reach his target of £100k.  

Part 2

DAISY REVEALS THE TRUTH Alya tells Ryan they’re finished. Alya confronts Daisy in the cafe.  Jenny finds Ryan in Victoria Garden with his bag packed and offers him a bed at the Rovers. Daisy’s thrilled to discover Ryan’s come to stay and when Jenny accuses her of deliberately trying to break up Ryan and Alya, Daisy turns on the tears.
TODD’S PLAN COMES TO A DEAD END Mr Hendricks returns the urn to the undertakers. Todd checks the urn only to find the cash has gone and demands Mr Hendricks return the £5k. Mr Hendricks laughs in his face and leaves. Billy summons Todd, Summer and Will to the bistro and tells them he’s celebrating as he’s had the go ahead to spend £7k on a heat pump for the halfway house. Will corners Todd and suggests that if he’s struggling for cash, he should steal it from Billy.
FIZ IS STUNG AS SHE GETS BACK INTO DATING Fiz meets up with her date in the bistro only to discover that Chris is a reporter hoping to run a story on aggrieved women who’ve been dumped for a younger model.  Fiz is furious but when Chris points out how good it’ll feel to tell the world the truth, she’s torn.
ELSEWHERE In the Rovers, Eileen advances on George and berates him for conspiring with Sean behind her back.  George topples backwards, breaking his wrist and Eileen’s left mortified. Curtis and Emma run their charity naked calendar past Steve and Tracy.  

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