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Thursday 29 July 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 28th of July 7.30 & 8.30 pm

I'll admit it. Todd's twisting, duplicity, deceit, and devious mind games have had me rolling my eyeballs for a while. Less said about the Kipling kid, the better, you'd think I'd be glad to see that smirk wiped from his face? I like Billy a lot and he deserves much better than Todd, (and Paul to be honest), which I why I’m not overly excited about what’s to come. Will Billy get back with Paul and marry him, instead? Or,  will I be proved wrong? I hope it’s the latter and he ditches them both, marries God, takes a vow of celibacy, and becomes a proper Weatherfield community pious. I'm just saying! 

Tonight is the charity calendar launch! Aside from the cringe kiwi/knob jokes, I think this bizarre story has injected some much-needed humour into proceedings. From the off, things haven't gone smoothly, and what with Will switching laptops to air Todd’s confession ( there go the eye rolls again) Curtis must be close to having a heart attack already?  You can imagine him subtly eyeing up a plot at St Marys Church and giving George his coffin measurements! The community cohesion though - I do like that and it was Classic Corrie tonight when Todd was unveiled for his machiavellian campness. It’s just the Kipling Kid that grates on me slightly if I’m honest -it may be my age? Surely Summer will now see Todd for what he is? Props to Emma too! I loved her naivety and nervous presenting of proceedings. Also worth mentioning are Billy’s buffet options. No cutlery is required when you’ve got the G man on your side!

I think it’s unpopular in some circles, but this Alina, Ty, Fiz storyline has had me gripped for months now. Maybe because I’m a similar age to Tyrone. Unsure, but Ty’s continued flakey-ness is becoming very clear. Now that Todd the sociopath has been unmasked, I guess little Hope is next? She’s long since been unbalanced and of course, no kid wants to see their parents fraternizing with other people.  More Hope, I hope. Also, can we see a future Corrie spin-off with her and Glory Bailey as a crime-busting duo? ... You can guess the title! 

I also love Imran and Toyah as a couple. They are believable, both nuanced performers, and the perfect foster couple for wayward Kelly. The prison scenes tonight were a rare delight, and I mean that from a dramatic perspective. These three are a real treat and I wonder if Kelly’s abuse is somehow going to mitigate the attack, or, did she lead the attack on Seb? Unlike some of the teens, I think Kelly has longevity about her, as an actress, and character. More of this!

Some memorable lines tonight from the show, with writer Jonathan Harvey throwing in his unmistakable humour, one-liners, and clever character writing. 

Elsewhere on tonight’s episodes; James lodged his race complaint with Weatherfield police. 

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Den said...

God i hope they don't put Billy back with Paul, I've already had to endure that once and i don't think i can again. Let's see Billy get back in the community please corrie, he's a vicar, let's see him vicaring. He's such an interesting character played by a wonderful actor, there's so much you can do with him please other than focus on his love life.

Thank you for mentioning Billy's buffet selection, who eats salad without a fork ffs :-)

Anonymous said...

Jeanie: Funny that: Toyah and Imran were thrown together quite carelessly as a couple, a while after he was sleeping with both sisters--and there was little drama or buildup or problems. Then they were tossed on to the backburner for months at a time. Yet they come across as one of the most believable and likeable couples on the street. Really comfortable and relaxed in each other's presence. And Kelly fits in there so naturally too. Much better chemistry and pairing than Peter and Toyah and Eva's baby. Great that they're getting a new storyline, especially with Imran's ex-wife returning.

The whole Todd reveal seemed a let-down, very anti-climatic. I mean, he's been a Machiavellian genius for months now, masterminding one scheme after another, and his sudden exposure came across as quite random, very hasty on the part of the writers. No build-up at all, particularly given the attention that has been lavished on this preposterous story. At least give it a climax and wrap up worthy of the time invested. But the ridiculous venue of the street gardens and about 2 people gathered to watch the calendar launch? And Todd droning on on the big screen, revealing his crimes, while the actual evil genius Todd is about four feet from the laptop but not quick-witted enough to stop it right away? And remind me again, why are Billy and Todd about the only two people attending the launch? They're not even involved in it! It was as if the producers became bored with the story line and suddenly decided to end it.

And I agree re Billy--not necessarily to become celibate but for the love of heaven to grow up a little and act like a mature and thoughtful man of the cloth. How much respect would we have for a straight vicar who's dating hookers and con artists who are either destroying or stealing church property? Not much. He's supposed to be so respected and serious yet his love life--and his judgement--is a shambles.

Overall, I found last night's episodes cringe-worthy in terms of some of the dialogue. Like the discussion of unconscious bias between Steve and Tim. It was like a mini-informational skit for school audiences. Or some of Michael's dialogue. It must be frustrating for the actor to be given lines that sound like they were lifted from a college textbook on Racism 101. Billy's shock and horror didn't come across that well either--"You're a psychopath, Todd!" Or--surely the worst line of the year, "The sixth (or whatever) commandment says thou shall not kill. But I'm really struggling with that one right now!" No one talks like that, let alone a vicar. Particularly not when they have just had the most terrible betrayal.

BC Joan said...

Are we never ever going to see the law catch up to Gary for having murdered Kelly's father? Or has it become lost in the many story lines. Long ago Norris keyed somebody's car but that little episode got lost in the shuffle as well.

Anonymous said...

Last episode had highs and lows. I agree, the reveal was a bit anti-climatic but I'm glad it's over. This new Todd bugs me. Another thing that REALLY bugs me is where did the "EPIC SCAR" go? Remember, Todd 1 had a scar and vowed revenge? Todd 2 doesn't have it haha. Now that's 1 "showdown" done, the next - Ty/Fizz? I don't see that changing until Christmas when they return to a happy family blah blah. The Baileys, groan, another issue plotline. I don't care. Like really, why should I care about the character who plays football (James? Jamie? I forget) when he's been hiding for most of his contract. Now he's thrown in the spotlight but I know nothing about him...not even his name :)

What I like, and like mentioned before, is the pairing of Toyah and Imran. They are very believable and with Kelly it works well together. I really hope the return of the ex doesn't really rock that boat. They suit each other and it's nice to have an academic couple together, but please get your own place and somehow get Toyah out of the factory. Surely she could find work elsewhere. Maybe use that as the next storyline - a woman in her (late?) 30s doing a career change and the highs/lows that go with that.

I also like new Adi. He can actually act and he works extremely well with Dev. Great casting!

Sharon Boothroyd said...

I agree that the downfall of Todd was very anti- climax.
The dialogue was stale and unrealistic and the anti- racism lecture from Tim and Steve seemed to be shoe- horned in at the last minute, with the mention of Emma being mixed race.
Probably due to covid restrictions at the time of filming, there wasn't a big group at the calendar reveal event.
So why were Billy and Todd there? They had nothing to do with the project!
RE: racism and The Baileys- there's an awful of of people crammed into the Bailey house now.
I feel that the main message ought be the perils of over- crowding!
Ed and Aggie kept awake because of the baby yelling, James and Danny not being able to watch what they want on telly, Michael and Grace panicking over cooking a big meal for everyone and getting the timing wrong.
Small domestic issues like this would make viewers relate to them, but no - everyone gets on great, with the younger lot moaning about boozing too much and hangovers!

Cowks said...

Interesting the scriptwriters inserted as reference to the eyebrow scar, which the actress has been asked about repeatedly - I wonder if Millie Gibson said ‘can we just get it out there?’


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