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Saturday 3 July 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 2 July 2021

Good evening.  Pleased to be able to report for duty.  Hand repairing itself and can type as well now as before the operation, so thank you NHS.  And as you can see we are celebrating Leanne's 40th birthday and we will be spending the next hour with Nick and his red book recalling her triumphs and failures, or perhaps not.  Nick is taking the day off from Underworld so cannot make an important sales meeting with Jo Lafoe which Sarah cannot take as she is too scary.  Nick tries to get Carla to take the meeting but she politely refuses.  Later R'Toyota pops in to wish Leanne a happy birthday - a present of candles and a chocolatier outing for two!  When asked if she wants a drink (on a birthday) Toyah settles for a tea.  Where are the real hell raising Battersby sisters?  What has happened?  

Indeed we actually spend much of the episode with Tyrone and his continuing mid-life crisis Alina as she has an appointment with the midwife at lunchtime - which will come just after Tyrone has seen lawyers about Kirsty's estate.  No doubt it was necessary for Kirsty to die - but we will forever be deprived of her potential return - although what does an ex-policewoman do when she gets out of jail?  Tyrone is joined at the lawyers by Fiz who is still being a supportive shoulder.  Well that is until Ty runs away from her as he heads to meet Alina outside the medical centre - at which point Fiz extracts an explanation for the visit - Alina's pregnancy (above).  Later Fiz and Evelyn discuss the situation - and Evelyn lets slip that she already knew about the pregnancy.  Fiz cannot believe the betrayal.  She invites Evelyn to find somewhere else to live.  Evelyn pops around to the flat to give Ty a piece of her mind and Alina agrees with her grandmother in law - they should pay Fiz proper respect.  Once home Evelyn and Fiz sort of make up and the latter goes out with Maria to put the world to rights.  

Summer is insisting Billy does her insulin injections; Todd does not like needles either so cannot watch.  Later in Roy's Rolls Aadi attempts to flirt with Summer but in stead Roy gives a breakdown on the Four Seasons and Frankie Valli.  Aadi does get Summer to join the end of year drinking down the 'rec tomorrow.  Summer refuses to see the nurse again for additional training; Billy is concerned if he is otherwise occupied but Summer will not listen.  She refuses to agree to seeing the nurse and makes her position clear (above).  Hopefully Paul will be a concerned listening ear soon.  One of those decisions is continuing to drink one of those high sugar energy drinks.  It will not do you any good Summer!

Running alongside all of this Danny has returned, kissed James and apparently moved into number three all within hours.  Danny also tells a doorstepping journalist that he is the butler and sends the quizzing journo on his way.  James heads off to the club intending to undertake a number of interviews about the novelty a footballer being homosexual.  Once there he decides not to do it and meets James in the Bistro where he advises Debbie that Danny is a trained chef and I wonder if Debbie needs a new recruit?

With her now much improved English and a baby on the way Alina has moved from being insecure to a wind up merchant first class.  When Kev asks (in the Rovers) if they have thought of a baby name she responds "Kevin" - and it takes a while before the wind up is clear (above).  Fiz arrives looking for Maria and seeing the cosy three(four)some she goes outside to wait and they go to the Bistro instead.  Later winds up Ty suggesting her father needs to approve of Ty - after all he keeps a pistol in his bedside cabinet.  And selling the new bike is also high on the priority list.

Ryan is missing his life as a dj and meanwhile Alya wants to settle down in a small flat.  Clear signs that these two do not currently share a destination in life.  Ryan wants to DJ in SpeedDahl but Alya cannot afford it - and scores a victory when Cathy says she likes the "muzak".  Ryan and Daisy's paths cross on the Street and she seems genuinely interested in his DJing activities.  I think we can all see where this is going.  

David and Sarah visit Gail in hospital recovering from her heart attach and the promise to end the bickering is made again.  Gail does not believe it - she needs space and time, she has been rereading her book of zen.  She just wants to get away.

Sarah tells Nick at least twice she cannot afford to buy his shares so when Adam tells her he will give her the money to buy them it makes her day.  Rather than finding Nick and doing the deal she leaves him a voicemail message.  We all trust modern technology because it works first time every time doesn't it?  Nick arrives outside Underworld where a couple of representatives of the staff are waiting for some mystical announcement (for private companies like this all shareholders would have to be consulted on transfer of shares to a third party; anyone of them could make a pre-emptive offer to buy Nick's shares so the next bit is not legal or even practical).  Even Sarah suddenly arrives to add 33% to the waiting throng.  Nick makes a speech welcoming the new owner whom they all know so well and to no-one's (well except Sarah) great surprise Carla Barlow (not Connor as above) emerges from the factory door as the new owner of Underworld funded by Daddy Johnny's money.  Sarah's voicemail then decides to arrive on Nick's phone!  Sarah's nose meanwhile has gone missing!

On the way to the Bistro Fiz tells Maria how important Ty used to consider contraception - that obviously went out of the window as well!  There they discuss trust in men.  Apparently Maria now trusts Gary.  Maria also suggests that drop dead gorgeous Alina with the world at her feet is the one making the mistake.  Anyway Maria suggests that Fiona looks to the future and that she will meet someone else.  And after months nay years bewailing that Corrie has lost all sight of the Street friendships which used to power along in the background tonight's writer nails it on the head (above).  And so say all of us.  They raise glasses and drink to the rest of Fiz's life.

Rewatching this to write this review I came to the conclusion that there was a lot about the episode I liked.  We avoided the high drama of most events, we saw friendships in action, Evelyn torn in two, future developments with Aadi/Summer (I suspect the latter will talked around by the former), Ryan slipping into dangerous Daisy's clutches and perhaps the return of the factory floor (which has always been a favourite of mine but the physical distancing rules rule it out) under Carla Barlow.  This time Fiz do not fall for John Stape!  I wonder if Gail will get another break?

Written by Simon Crowther and directed by Tom Poole.


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