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Thursday 22 July 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 21st of July 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Why is Steve covering for new boy Curtis instead of telling his long-lost daughter the truth about this oh so exciting(!) heart condition!  A question I was hoping Corrie would answer in tonight’s episode and they kind of did? I was glad to see they'd made up by the end of tonight's shows but, still, a few heckles up about this storyline, for me, anyway. 

Also, I see 'Doctor death' has stricken Coronation Street again. Can a character of this show not have a health issue? Although I guess we'd not seen the hospital set for a bit so a reprisal is overdue, undoubtedly. Curtis being a trainee junior doctor is hardly new territory either is it? The last one we had was Alex Neeson, who reminds me of Curtis a bit. Does it seem this could be the start of young love’s dream for Emma?

Stopping Curtis from leaving by talking over the cab radio was romcom saccharine but still filled me with warmth. I think that saved it for me tonight. Let’s hope this is a young couple that radiates happiness across the cobbles. My word do we need it. Aside from this flaky plot, and a bit more of Emma’s vulnerability, I did enjoy Debbie, Tracy, and Jenny in The Rovers together. A trio of Corrie women we could all spend more time with! Less of the diagnosis drama and more witty women, please!

Meanwhile, finding out the news of Tyrone's retaliation statement, Evelyn was wonderfully sharp in riposte. Tyrone may be a good mechanic but he's more pistons than prose!  Any scene with Evelyn is good though and I did enjoy seeing her with Jenny too. Meanwhile, Fiz goes out on her date with Lee Mack lookalike Phil and seems to enjoy herself. A tinge of Tyrone jealousy, perhaps?  

Also glad to see the return of Laura, and Carla giving her a job in the factory. It was a starting ground for Jenny Bradley, so could Laura become a permanent fixture? I know it's a large cast but, she brightens the place up for me. Sarah’s nose put out of joint made me optimistic for some catty bitchy drama back in that factory setting. I mentioned it last week. I would love a return to Baldwin's days there; strikes, walk-outs, and dodgy business deals!  Meanwhile, Laura gives Kelly a visit in prison, so I imagine there is more to this than meets the eye. Kelly is also having flashbacks from the night of Seb’s murder. 

Both of tonight's episodes were written by Punam Ramchurn. Punam is from Liverpool and went to the same school as fellow Corrie scribe Jonathan Harvey. I enjoyed a lot of that writing tonight!

Elsewhere in the episodes: Sam stays at Victoria Street and goes missing for the 100th(!) time. Luckily though, he is not kidnapped, shot at, or giving Gail a heart attack. He just retreated to the veranda, and to be honest, you can't blame the kid. I do like seeing this fatherly side to Nick, though. 

I’ll be back next week! @rybazoxo  

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1 comment:

Louby said...

Now Laura has returned and Kelly has reappeared, maybe we are getting closer to the conclusion of the Seb/Nina attack, and even Rick and the factory roof?!


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