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Monday 26 July 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 26th July

Apols there was no review last week, I was a little under the weather. Not Covid! Other illnesses are available!

James has been offered £30K for a magazine article and he and Michael go for a test drive in a fugly but fancy car. Aggie suggests that instead of a sports car he put a deposit on a place of his own. Shouldn't he have done that anyway? Given that he's 23-ish. 

Meanwhile PC Racist spots them driving erratically and pulls them over. He demands licence and ID and when they ask why he tells them to get out the car. Michael phones the car dealership, which enrages PC Racist and he handcuffs James. He trips on the kerb and ends up in hospital with a torn meniscus and will need an operation (and will be out for two months). James is reluctant to make a complaint at first because having been the poster boy for gay footballers, he is unwilling to be a spokesman for the victims of police racism as well, but then he finds out that someone has posted a video of the incident online along with unpleasant hashtags, blaming James for the incident and he then says that he will go to the police.

This story so far has been a lot better than the temporary manager in the Bistro being horrible to Ed and the "let's talk about racism" bit in the pub.

The same paper hasn't offered Laura £30K for her story. Maybe that's 'cos she's approached a local lifestyle journo at the Gazette rather than phoning the Daily Mail. Perhaps she needs a publicist?

Worse is to come for Lax Laura as she's sacked from the factory and then arrested on charges of child cruelty, after Imran visits Kelly at Young Offenders to tell her what her mum is up to and Kelly dobs her in.

Tyrone realises he's going to have to spend £20 he doesn't have on flowers to apologise to Alina for being jealous about Phil(l) but he then immediately gets jealous about Phil(l) as he helps Hope with her homework of a picture of her family and she includes mummy's new gentleman friend in it. Hope's about ten, isn't she? Shouldn't she be doing something a little more advanced than drawing pics? Maybe being the devil child holds you back a year. Back at the furniture shop, annoyed that daddy is spending the evening with his girlfriend rather than her, Hope rips the head off Alina (the picture, not the person).

Newly shorn Aadi tries to flirt with Summer with dad jokes that he presumably got off of Dev. Summer's more into Will though - who would go for the Whomper when they could have hot and cute Aadi? (It's OK for me to say that because Adam Hussein is almost 21 It's OK!). Anyway, Bodd (or is it Tilly) give Summer a necklace and tell her that Nina will design her a bespoke bridesmaid dress (and Sally will make it) for the upcoming nuptials. Well, there's got to be some sugar before the downfall of Todd sour, I guess.

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fairycake said...

I thought the policeman that arrested James looked like Charlie Stubbs! He is actually a real life ex policeman with Greater Manchester! X

Anonymous said...

Maybe James was struggling because it was a left-hand drive car?
The cop may well have been racist, but James was wrong not to show his ID. His refusal made him look guilty and only served to annoy the cop and give him an excuse to get heavy.


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