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Wednesday 7 July 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Tuesday 6th of July 8.00 pm

As football fever continues to grip the nation, I revert again to football-style prose for this episode review. Inspired by Corrie's Twitter character scorecards, I thought I'd join in the fun.  It's an easy tact to take,  football fodder does seem to please the masses, so here we are. 

Tonight, Todd's previous match-fixing finally appears to have paid off. Billy’s acceptance of the proposal has the boys waxing lyrical about rings, and Summer’s diabetic diagnosis seems to have simmered down. However, Todd still has a disgruntled Paul to deal with, and after receiving nasty notes and text messages, Billy assumes Paul is playing jealous games and warns him off. However, Todd soon discovers that the messages are actually from the Kipling kid, Will (remember the whole piano smashing/helpline story) so it looks like Todd hasn't gotten away with it his conniving, just yet. Are we enjoying this one?  Does it feel like we have been here before though? I do wonder why an Archdeacon is faffing about with such a trivial teenage love triangle tosh? At least we get to see (the lesser spotted) Eileen back on the cobbles.  The cake kid tells Todd he wants £5K to keep schtum so I'm sure we've not heard the end of this either. Meanwhile, Paul arranges a drink with the other helpline guy, uncovering more information about Todd’s underhand tactics. 

The fact that Gail is traveling to Thailand at all,  with all things considered, is made even less plausible by the fact that she’s just had a heart attack. However, implausible and the Platts have long since been connectable so it's somehow forgiven. The last time Gail bogged off to Bangkok, she came back as more or less the same character. Is this a reboot designed to reinstill that classic Corrie Gail so desperately missed these days, or will she come back with a new boyfriend in tow?  Either way, I think she needs a break. Not a sending off as such, she’s just resting pitchside. David and the family try to dissuade Gail, and even Natasha and Sam fail to stop her from going. However, I was glad to see Leanne take charge and smooth things over for Nick and his son. That can't have been easy for her to do and proves once again what a legend she is. Talking of which, let's hope Gail comes back rejuvenated because it becomes more implausible every time she debunks it for a bit. Gail reminding us viewers that she is ‘part cobble’ should hopefully be a sign of some future resurgence. Some great writing coming from Debbie Oates. 

Ryan’s DJ gig idea with Daisy has been quickly fired up with an outdoor party for Simon Barlow’s 18th. Very quick, as these things always are in Weatherfield, and it serves as a plot point to speed up the obvious chemistry between The Rovers barman and barmaid. Alya’s slowly sussing it but still, Daisy’s matching dress scheme was classic bitchiness. Later. Alya and Ryan argue about it all. I know she's a little minx, and my daughter is called Daisy as well, but I think she's great! A keen mixer is what any drama needs. 

Elsewhere in tonight's episodes; Izzy’s working from home struggle becomes much more clearer, and Sean tries to move back into Eileen's house.  


In this 60 minute Corrie game of drama, there were a few highlights tonight. Paul substituted to the sidelines, Izzy shocks by quitting the team, Gail takes a mid-season break, and Carla and Sarah both vie for the manager's role 

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Anonymous said...

Billy acting like the father rather than the boyfriend again.

Anonymous said...

Daisy is not a classic soap minx..she is vile and this is the start of her turning into a bunny boiler.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): Daisy will never be a bunny boiler; she's much too self-centred to be bothered. Sweet little Alina is much more promising bunny boiler material, particularly if she loses the baby and then loses Tyrone back to Fiz. I didn't like Daisy at first because she was too over the top nasty, but now that she's toned down a bit, I'm starting to enjoy her! She brings some energy to the show. At least she's always up to something, unlike grumpy Alya who acts like she is about 50, always scowling and with her arms crossed.

maggie muggins said...

Well, at least Billy the Archdeacon isn't complicit in the murder of an ex-lover / bent cop and then buries him in the church graveyard like over that there Emmerdale.

Can Fan said...

Agreed with Anon about Daisy, she has no point or purpose IMHO. Gail could take her, and the whiney voiced Fiz and leave them there. I know Jenny McA can not help the sound of her voice, but it grates.

Humpty Dumpty said...

Can Fan, I'm pretty sure Fiz has only developed that baby whine in recent years. When she arrived on the Street, she was bold and brassy with quite a gruff voice. I wonder if some of the young female characters who were dead rough working-class are now meant to be portraying middle-class softly spoken types. Toyah is another one whose voice (or delivery) has completely changed. She's all breathy and angsty now.

Anonymous said...

anon (Jeanie) But you could see Toyah (and her voice!) developing that way, as she grows into her therapist persona. She was always pretty introspective and interested in self-improvement. Now, in the same way that Ken panders to blue collar prejudices and is a caricature of an academic--long-winded, pompous, pointlessly erudite--Toyah is a parody of a psychotherapist--with the calming voice and soothing mannerisms and gentle, flowing flowery blouses and skirts. As for Fiz--yes, she used to be a lot rougher around the edges! Now she is just annoying, with that perennially ill-used air. Next time she taunts Tyrone about hard it is to have a baby she'd better be careful he doesn't just agree with her, and say, "I'm glad you understand why I need my house back, please!"


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