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Thursday, 11 February 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 10th Feb 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Stuck between 4 walls; Incarcerated, ill, & hallucinating. I can certainly sympathise with Johnny's ailment's tonight. Last week, I lamented on whether Johnny and Jenny had any viable future, what with Daisy, prison, and his MS. The pace that Weatherfield life progresses these days, well, a week on and Johnny seems to be in serious decline! It’s not just his relationship on the shaky ground! What with the hallucinations and his cellmates death, I wonder if Johnny would be better off in the hospital wing? Let’s hope that's where his story is heading. I can’t see him physically surviving much longer, otherwise.

Tonight, Carla’s visit, and with prison pal, Gary as confidante’s (is he STILL on remand?) rallied the point home. Cockroaches, mice, and now he’s seeing the ghost of Aidan! These prison scenes are a bit grey and very grim! The only saving grace was the scene between Roy and Carla back at Roy's Rolls. 

Also tonight, Abi and Kev take centre stage again and Debbie’s dastardly dealings continuing to cause the couple problems. Although never mutually respective of each other, Abi appears to be completely taken in by Debbie’s false murder claim and I’m not sure why. She also seemed ruffled when Gangster Mick Chaney turned up looking for Ray. Is the camp villain the key to Ray’s storyline coming to a close?  The scenes between Debbie and Kev were worth the watch, however, I’m still unsure why streetwise ex-crook Abi would fall for this? Kev knows his sister though, and it’s far more believable when he doesn’t buy the Ray murder story. Is Mick the gangster really menacing Ray for £100K when he let Todd off the hook for that gun/lovers tiff we had when Todd first returned? Maybe Ray should set Eileen on him! WIth Miles double-crossing Debbie too, I think Crosby may still come unstuck, but now how we would expect?

Talking of which, Tyrone and Alina’s awkward friendship continues in earnest. I mentioned in my blog post last week, that I thought this may be turning into something between the two of them? I did change my mind but tonight Tyrone offers her career advice and argues about it with common-law ‘wife’ Fiz, it certainly looks like it's headed that way?

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes, Gail’s settled straight back into life at N0.8, which annoys David and we get a bizarre attempt at comedy, involving dog food? As quick as she bought back the house, Gail was also quick arranging Ted’s funeral. If she had to flee to London, surely Ted would be buried there? I guess this is another story to reintroduce George the undertaker into the mix. If the undertaker is sticking around, I wonder if we have a few more deaths to come this year. Johnny, perhaps? 

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Anonymous said...

The scene with the dog food was embarrassingly bad.

C in Canada said...

I am just loving that Gail bought #8. It just feels right.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): The quality of the writing and show has seemed really erratic of late. The scenes with Gail and the dog food made me flinch, they were so cringingly bad. Particularly with Shona smirking like an idiot in the background. David is so disrepectful towards his mother--sorry, that should be "Gail" in his special voice. Maybe this would be a good time for a little self-reflection on all she does for him and his kids. So to introduce eating dog food as atonement?! What does that have to do with anything and why would Shona be carrying a packet in her pocket anyways? Did she just shoplift it from Dev's? Hard to fathom who even came up with this idea.

And the developing "relationship" of Tyrone and Alina. Ugh that is just creepy; please don't go there Corrie. She is about 15 years younger than he and very vulnerable because of her situation. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous--the pocket Sophia Loren--while Tyrone is a pudgy, balding middle-aged guy of average appearance and intellect. I feel sorry for the actress and character--the writers don't seem to know what to do with her. Pair her up with Michael--that would be a great match, they have good chemistry. And Grace could go full blown psycho and be stalking the hapless Alina. That could be exciting. But please, no Tyrone and Alina! Would be worse than the Molly/Kevin fiasco. Molly was such a sweet girl with such a good sense of fun; and they turned her into a pathetic tramp. Don't do that to sunshiney Alina. Just let her leave the street with dignity if there is no story for her.

Anonymous said...

to be fair, I think Todd and Mick quarrel were about love, and 100k is so different. Which is why Todd got off easily.

Anonymous said...

If you'd have listened to what Shona said about the dog food, you'd have thought she gave a perfectly sensible explanation for having it. It was for David the dog, and the shop on their estate didn't sell it, so she "bought" it whilst she was here. She didn't steal it


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