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Friday, 19 February 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 19 February

Evening Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

A loved up and newly engaged Kevin and Abi arrive home and are congratulated by everyone. The only fly in the ointment is Debbie, who has been forgiven by Kev, but is still Rotten Ray’s henchwoman to everyone else.  Abi has the papers that sign over all Ray’s assets to the Debster. She hands them to her with the strong suggestion that she start afresh somewhere else. Debster doesn’t seem to be one for taking a hint though as when we next see her, she’s offering Adam a job as her legal advisor. He points out that she and Ray tried to con his wife’s family out of their home so it’s a no from him. Anyone know where he managed to buy a conscience from?

Over at the builder’s yard Ed is excited about the imminent arrival of his brother Ronnie. James has some exciting news about a possible transfer to another club but Ed seems slightly more concerned about how Ronnie will react to finding out that he’s gay. Paul overhears and gives him a little talking-to on acceptance. Can’t we get Paul and James together as a couple? Surely they’d have more in common than Paul did with the vicar?

When Ronnie turns up, he’s all flash car, patter and flirting with the ladeez. The only person seemingly immune to his charms is Aggie, who looks nervous around him. She tells Grace that it’s because Ronnie has a knack of leading Ed astray, but given this is soapland it’s probably far more likely that Michael is actually Ronnie’s son.

In other news, George is down a hearse driver and worried about how he will manage Ted’s funeral. After a nagging call from Gail, he panics and accepts Eileen’s offer of a Street Cars driver. This obviously won’t end well. My monies on a Gail v Eileen graveside wrestle with one of them falling Patsy Stone style into the grave.

Meanwhile at Victoria Court, Leanne is still obsessing over feathery messages from beyond the grave. When she drops one of the feathers on the street and chases it into the road she’s almost knocked over by Mary. As she pulls herself together, Brian approaches her to tell her that Simon has left a ripped pillow in his and Cathy’s recycling bin. I don’t know about you but I’m quite relieved to find the feathers came from a pillow, I thought for a sec that another of Yasmeen’s chickens had bitten the dust!

Anyway, Leanne totally fails to see the positives of the chicken’s survival. She’s furious at Simon, accusing him of taking her for a fool. When he tries to explain that he thought he was helping her, she loses it and slaps him.

Poor Si then gets stood up by his dad who was supposed to be taking him to Speed Daal but is more interested in doing jigsaw puzzles while wrapped in a blanket. Carla also seems pretty disappointed with this. Understandably so, Peter was an exciting sexy man when she met him, and there are few things that are less of a turn-on than a night in trying to find some edges with a bit of sky on them.  

Rejected by both his mum and dad, Simon is easy prey for dodgy drug-runner Jacob and tells him that he’ll do any jobs he wants. He'll have gone full-on Scarface by March.

And that's it for this week. Catch me on twitter @mskelstar. 

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