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Sunday, 14 February 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 22nd and 24th September 1997

It was the social event of the year as Fred and Maureen were married at the registry office.  He surprised her with a barbershop quartet playing If You Were The Only Girl In The World and a new home: 4 Coronation Street.  She was thrilled until he started interfering in her life, telling her there was no room for Maud in their new house and she'd have to kick her ex Bill out of the shop flat.  The reception was rather overshadowed by Natalie confronting Sally about flooding her house.  Sal happily admitted to it, calling her a tart, and the two of them ended up brawling in the street like a couple of fishwives.  Sadly Natalie didn't end up cracking her head open on the cobbles.  She reported Sally to the police for the flood but they realised it was a domestic and did nothing.  Steve took Alan's assault to heart and decided to leave Weatherfield.  It prompted Jim to go to Fiona and tell her that his vasectomy had failed and so her baby could be his after all.  She was nauseated, but after letting her stew for a bit, Jim admitted he'd lied.  Fiona was rightly livid and told him she was leaving with Alan to get away from his awful family.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 26th and 28th September 1997

Martin had a chat with one of his fellow nurses - a young Beth Tinker - and she told him a patient had asked to see him specifically.  He was surprised to discover it was Don Brennan, claiming to be on his deathbed and under police guard.  Gail went to see him and he asked her to send Alma to the hospital so he could beg forgiveness.  Bill was kicked out of the shop flat by Fred, much to Maureen's irritation.  She tried to get him to change his mind but Bill was keen to get the hell away from Weatherfield, not least because Natalie was suing Sally for the damage to her home.  He was disgusted with Kevin for letting her get away with it and told him so in the Rovers in front of the pub.  Maud decided to move into Mayfield Court, saying that she knew when she wasn't wanted, and leaving Maureen wondering about her marriage to Fred.   Mavis and Rita went to stay in their guest house in the lakes.  Mavis was thrilled by all of it though Rita had her doubts.  And Emily worried that Percy had dementia, because he seemed distracted and confused - though his confusion was mainly because his fairy cakes were vanishing.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 29th September and 1st October 1997

Remember when Bet needed money to buy the Rovers, and Rita agreed to help her out, then changed her mind at the last minute and left her friend in the lurch?  Or when Jack needed money to buy the Rovers, and Rita agreed to help him out, then changed her mind at the last minute and left her friend in the lurch?  Well, Rita had enough of the country life and decided to pull out of buying the bed and breakfast with Mavis.  It didn't help that the previous owner thought that they were a lesbian couple.  Fortunately our Mave has a core of steel and she decided she'd move out there anyway and stuff her disloyal friend.  Bill decided to leave for Germany, taking time to lay into Natalie for being a trollop on his way out the door.  Maureen realised how much she cared for him and how little she cared for Fred.  Bill's lecture did make Natalie reconsider her lawsuit and she went into the factory and told Sally she'd overreacted.  (Incidentally it's weird seeing how good pals Sal is with Janice Battersby in this era of Corrie).  Gail and Martin told Alma about Don and she agreed to visit him in hospital.  He asked for her forgiveness and she gave it to him.  It helped her feel better about her future.  Unfortunately, things were about to take a nasty turn.  Don's guard nipped out for a fag and he took the opportunity to do a runner.  He was soon loitering in Firman's, taking a souvenir poster of Alma down off the wall and stroking it creepily...

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 3rd and 5th October 1997

Maureen moved Maud into Mayfield Court, sobbing both at losing her mother and her terrible marriage.  Maud told her she needed to make herself happy for once and go to Germany with Bill.  She was torn, then decided to take a chance and jumped into the taxi with Bill and disappeared.  (Bill will return as a permanent character a decade later, with Maureen making a cameo to break up with him once she discovered he was sleeping with Audrey behind her back).  Fred was left upset and alone.  Percy began to suspect that Emily was the one who was senile, and when he discovered an empty vodka bottle, he worried she was an alcoholic as well.  Don continued to be the least discreet escaped criminal on earth, taking Sarah-Lou out for chips and poking around in the back yard of number 5.  He went to the butcher's and Ashley explained that his house had been repossessed and sold on.  Don said he'd rather die than go back into prison.  Mavis and Rita sniped at one another, with Reet implying that Mave would be a hopeless businesswoman and was buying the B&B just to prove her wrong.  She asked Des to have a word with her, but Mavis soon saw through him and explained that she wanted a challenge and a new life.  He ended up wishing her luck.  And Ken went to the airport for another pick up and spotted Jon in the tie shop - serving customers.  He got a whacking great dramatic close up as he realised that Jon was a massive liar.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 6th and 8th October 1997

Emily went to the cemetery to visit Ernest's grave (which featured a surprisingly funky font) and when she looked to the side she spotted Don, visiting Ivy's grave.  She tried to help him but he fled.  Upset, she had a brandy with Ken to calm her nerves, and he told her that Jon wasn't a pilot after all.  Emily urged him to tell Deirdre the truth.  Meanwhile Don went on to Weatherfield Quays, and Alma spotted him out the window.  She phoned the police but he'd already fled.  Mike demanded round the clock protection for her, and when that wasn't forthcoming, he insisted she go somewhere public to stay safe.  The Kabin continued to be a fractious atmosphere as Mavis worried about the arrangements for her farewell party.  Rita became exasperated, and the bickering continued throughout the party, making the rest of the guests feel awkward.  However, Betty produced her farewell gift - a framed picture of Mavis and Emily in the Kabin together in the Seventies - and the two old friends became emotional and made up.  Mike stayed after work to receive a package, but it turned out there wasn't a delivery at all - it was Don Brennan.  

Don smacked Mike round the head and held him captive, blaming him for ruining his life, and saying he was going to kill him as revenge.  However, Angie interrupted before he could deliver the coup de grĂ¢ce, smacking him about with her portfolio (she continues to be the absolute best at all times), and Don fled.  He grabbed Alma's sports car and tried to run Mike over.  Mike jumped to safety and the car smashed into the viaduct, exploding in a ball of flame and killing Don.  (The smear of smoke from the devastation would remain on the set for over a decade, until the bistro was built).  If you didn't know that Corrie had changed in 1997, there was your proof; from now on, vehicular violence, attempted murder and gratuitous explosions will be a lot more common.

The changes keep coming next week as we lose not one, but two of the all-time great Corrie characters, while another figure returns with a new head.  And abs.  Lots and lots of abs.  Let me know what you think of the all-new Coronation Street on Twitter @merseytart.

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Anonymous said...

Watching these episodes, I'm not liking Rita that much.

Louby said...

This was another great week of classic Corrie episodes. I especially liked Mavis being assertive at last.


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