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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 12 February 2021

Welcome aboard the Friday night rollercoaster of Coronation Street.  
I suppose we have to start with Miles who is a dirty double crossing good for nothing lawyer.  On Wednesday he dumped Debbie in the doo-doo by telling Raving Ray of her plan to steal his business and dob him in to the rozzers.  Meanwhile Mad Mick's men (in black with a white van) have done over the Bistro and it has been boarded up.  Well he is owed £100k!  Miles assures Debbie that Ray has the papers to sign and wants his thirty pieces of silver which with inflation amounts to £30k.  Having checked his app Miles departs feeling satisfied with himself (above).  Kev has despatched Jack to camp for the night and after arguing with Abi repeatedly over covering up Raving Ray's "death" he decides to join his son at camp for the night.

Carla and Johnny are still not telling poor Jenny the truth and she is worried.  I personally doubt that he would be in prison (as previously indicated) if he is seeing ginger cats as he claims.  The hospital doctor is referring him to a psychiatrist; I would have thought that doctor who knows about optics might be more useful based on my family experiences.  Carla pleads with him to tell Jenny - he says there is nothing to tell her.  After which Jenny corners Carla on the Street and cannot get a straight answer out of her.  Carla's tea invitation is cancelled.  Johnny does finally speak to Jenny (above) telling her that he thinks he is seeing Aidan and yes he does know that is not possible.

Faye is in court today with Gary - she is charged with GBH (really it was a minor tap on the Scots bonce bone - which is pretty granite like - ABH seems more likely) - he is charged with perverting the course of justice.  We see none of this - it is all reported back by Tim and Sally who clarify that Faye is hiding in her bedroom and Gary is back in prison on remand.  Debbie offers to pay for Faye's legal representation using Ray's money (above).  Paying off Mad Mick might be a better use of the cash!

Fiz is up to something - bemoaning her fiance's devotion to a nice simple lifestyle.  Same breakfast, same packed lunch except Fridays. Boring repetitive days - 10 under a car, 11 milky coffee with iced bun, 12 on the bog with the sports page, 1pm packed lunch, 2pm under a car, 3 a tea with two sugars and a custard cream or maybe a jaffa cake!  Yes dear old boring Ty.  Would she have him any other way?  And on Fridays he always opens up for Kev.  Yes indeed they actually knew which day of the week it is!!  And Alina seems to think that Ty had a brilliant idea with her opening a nail salon and she can lift the lighter end of carpet rolls.

Leanne is enraptured with a little white feather which is a sign from Oliver.  And later using her credit card she gets a paid for online consultation with the other side.

Billy opens a delivery - Paul has sent him a juicer for Valentine's Day.  Billy does not want to keep it and talks to Paul in the factory.  Paul ordered it before the split and Billy agrees to keep it so long as Paul accepts that it is all over.  Needless to say Todd eavesdrops shamelessly (above).  Paul convinces Billy to keep it as a "splitting-up" present!  Todd later follows Billy into the Rovers later - at which point Paul dashes out - so Todd suggests he will listen whilst Billy tells him all about it.  

Fiz has to go to a school thingy and leaves Ty in charge of Gary's shop.  He and Alina return with a coffee to find a guy (Leon) loading his white van to take the best contents in the shop to a trade fair in Chichester which he arranged with Fiz on the phone yesterday.  So when Fiz comes back all having gone well at school Ty she is a little surprised by the empty shop and knows nothing of any antique fair in Chichester or any arrangements to collect items by anyone let alone Leon!

Turns out that Ray is neither dead nor confined to the flat and turns up at the Bistro.  He appears to have signed the contract handing things over to Debbie.  She gives him his passport and ticket for the flight to Turkey.  Ray insists on a drink and tells her that he knows about the double cross.  He then throws little Debbie into the walk-in fridge; he removes the internal handle and explains to Debbie that she did not pay Miles enough - so the lawyer has double cross her.  Ray has closed the door when Kev comes in and hearing his sister shouting from inside the fridge hits Ray over the head.  Kev rushes into the fridge to help her but Ray recovers and closes the door on them and removes the external handle as well.  Ray returns to the flat for his watch where is arrested as Miles has double crossed him as well.  When interviewed about bribing the planning chair Ray is able to explain that he is merely the dumb front man and the police should really be looking for Debbie the master criminal but he has no idea where she might be and could he go please as he has a flight to catch?  Meanwhile with no phone signal and everyone thinking he is camping Kev's absence is simply a lack of a phone signal in the woods.  Meanwhile they observe that that in 2021 no-one dies in fridges - politicians simply use them to hide from the press.

Which wraps it up for this week - and definitely Kev and Debbie need some extra layers!

Ms Kelstar will be here next week.

Written by: Joe Turner.  Directed by Matt Hilton.


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