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Sunday, 21 February 2021

Corrie Comicals week ending 19 February 2021

What do the younger generation say "Chill Grandad" or something similar - so bring back Rosie and Sophie with their offspring and Kev may find himself at home.  Indeed just about everyone got in on the act this week!  However we start with Abi unable to make the vacuum cleaner work - she should be able to do it as she is a mechanic.  However she is clearly not an electrician and with a quick push of the wall socket button (above) Seb, making a rare appearance, demonstrates the basic checks needed before getting into the mechanics!

I am not sure a walk in fridge gave Matt Hilton the best environment in which to show some unusual shots - but Emily Gascoyne hit top form with Debbie asking if the atmosphere is a little frosty and then asking if they can put their disagreement on ice?  Kev is obviously giving her the cold shoulder and her many failings to date are merely the tip of an iceberg!  She reminds Kev that he cheated on his wife and served time for assault, so neither are as pure white as the driven snow!  

Evelyn had a fun time at poor Ty's expense following the reflux episode - which as he pointed out might have been painful but it is not as bad as childbirth!  Ty is now eating Bran Flakes to keep him regular at his age and when he says he is going into town for some things she accuses him of needing dignity pants!  [And if Kev is not in work today and Abi is not in work today - who may I ask is actually mending cars in the garage when Ty goes shopping?].  {We later discover that Ty is taking up running and those of with decent memories might recall another garage owner who took up running with female accompaniment; I wonder if Alina likes exercise?}.

Well we might have had a problem understanding Kev singing Abba but he managed to be perfectly clear in asking for some warmth.  Regrettably covid-jibe time.  Abi had forced the door, Clogs Craig and Flaky Faye were just outside and yet neither of them could actually be bothered to look in to see the Webster family love in!  I hope in real life our police and other emergency services are allowed to assist people in need as this really jarred given the 30 seconds or so that Abi was sobbing having thought she had lost Kev.

Eileen asks Shona to pass on her regards to Gail on the loss of her father; Shona suggests she pops in and sees Gail herself - but Eileen has something far better to do (above).  No doubt we will be revisiting the long running feud - there have been several hints recently and it is definitely bubbling under somewhere there!

For those interested the answer to the question about minimum working temperatures is typically quoted as 16 dec Celsius, although there is no legal limitation as it depends on circumstances; I just hope that it was observed whilst filming in the fridge!  I think I will slide by the rest of the fridge jokes as they just kept going past like a sleigh on the Cresta run.

Mary's "Oh I didn't see you there" received a predictably dusty response from George (above) in Speed Dahl.  Must be the impact of those new screens obscuring your sight Mary!  Most funeral directors I know have offices - I was at a loss on Friday that he seemed to be undertaking his business either in Roy's Rolls or Speed Dahl.  Seems to be a strange way to respect the lately departed but clearly a frame of that size will need to eat regularly.

And finally, sometime in the last couple of weeks the old Council Advice Centre (which was already closed at the point at which the set extension opened) was caught in shot briefly and it had all been boarded up with temporary doors with an additional enclosed area.  Does anyone know why and what is actually behind that particular location?

Written by: Damon Alexis-Rochefort & Emily Gascoyne (Monday); John Kerr & Alasdair Morrison (Wednesday); Ian Kershaw (Friday)
Directed by: Matt Hilton (Monday & Wednesday); Sasha Ransome (Friday)


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dhvinyl said...

Fascinated to see Debbie Webster as a one-line customer in the episode of Dinner Ladies shown on Victoria Wood tribute night on Saturday. She looked exactly the same, even though it must be 20+ years ago

C in Canada said...

This last week (well, for us in Canada), David reminded Gail that she'd been known for scrapping on the cobbles with Eileen in her dressing gown.
Her response? 'I've moved on from that' (or something similar) but as you say, it was perhaps a hint of what's coming? I hope so!

Roni said...

Tyrone has taken up yoga, not running.

Anonymous said...

Having worked in funeral service, I can say FDs work from all kinds of places if it just a matter of answering or making calls. And it saves the crew from having to build a funeral home for the set ;)


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