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Friday, 5 February 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 5 February

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.
Simon is having a rough time trying to look after his grieving mum, go to college (have we ever been told what he’s studying?) and work at the chip shop, so when dodgy Jacob tells him about a specialist delivery job on the side that he can earn more money from, he takes the bait. I won’t lie I’ve spent the last 10 minutes trying to come up with a more alliterative word than dodgy to describe Jake? Shaky Jakey? Terrible right. I’ll get my coat. 

Anyway I digress, Weatherfield’s answer to Pablo Escobar sets off on his bike to make his delivery, but his client - some hard-faced cow called Monique - cons him out of the drugs and drives off, running over his bike for good measure. 
When he tells Jacob he messed up the deal, Shaky J, (I’m sticking with it), gives him a scare story about some overlord who they’re now both in trouble with, and tells him he’ll need to pay off the debt. This is overheard by Daniel who tells Si he should talk to his parents. He tries, but it goes about as well as a chat about hot-dogs at a vegan convention. Leanne has already seen Imran and quit her job, while Nick is going to be to looking after Sam for longer than he thought, so tells Simon he will have to be the man of the house a bit longer.
Meanwhile, Gail’s plans to look for more ancestors with George are rudely interrupted by David trying to bully her into childcare (he’s truly awful) and a phone call from London letting her know her dad Ted has died. Feeling unloved by her family, probably not helped by Tracy kindly reminding her of the time David pushed her down the stairs, she decides she will go to London to see Ted’s partner Andrew.
Over at HMS Weatherfield, Jenny visits Johnny who breaks the news that the prison doctor has  confirmed that his condition has worsened and they’re increasing his MS medication. Back at the Rovers, Jenny wonders how she’ll cope if Johnny is an invalid.  Rita offers sympathetic advice, remembering her time with Ted Sullivan but Daisy bluntly tells her she should leave him. Reet’s not happy and gives Daidy a stern “think on”. Now obviously my favourite Reet telling off is “Now lady…” but I was still very happy with this.
In other news, Paul turns up at the flat with an electric piano for Summer and asks Billy if he can still be a part of her life and Cruella de Vil Debbie invites Abi and the Weatherfield women to a ladies-only Bistro pre-launch. When David turns up (not, as Mary suggests, because he identifies as a woman but because he wants to know what’s happening with No. 8) Debbie announces that she’s putting it up for auction the following day.  I predict that Gail will end up buying the house with some inheritance money from her dad, and then once the balance of power has been shifted she’ll buy a job lot of peanuts and throw them at David whilst screaming “I’ve waited years to do this you little turd!”.
Back on the mean streets, it transpires that Monique is of course in league with Jacob and the failed deal was all a ploy to manipulate Simon and recruit him. Jacob tells Simon that every day he doesn’t pay his debt, interest is added and that he’ll have to work for free. Desperate, Simon agrees and is sent out that night to do another drug deal.

And that's it for this week. See you back here in a fortnight or catch me on twitter @mskelstar. 

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Smiley said...

Always love it when you write reviews.

Snakey Jake?

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear the mentions of Phyllis, Percy and Ted Sullivan tonight !

dhvinyl said...

1. I thought Simon had a brain, but then remember that no one does.
2. I remember Gayle and dozens of bottles of olives...were there peanuts as well?
3. Who lugged a full-sized piano up those stairs, only to see it trashed and then magically disappear?
4. Expect to see Gayle and arrested for travel out of the area
5. Will someone post the rules of the mask game in Weatherfield? On off, on, off, shake it all about...and, best of all, dangle it from one ear! Can anyone play?

Tilly Flop said...

It's obvious really. They have to take their masks off for people who wish to lip read

Fluttershy said...

That was the funniest single episode of Corrie ever! From Leanne getting her tripe on, Tracey in a Cara Delavigne look alike contest to Mary's hilarious Jan Leeming anecdote, that was Jonathan Harvey at his comedic best. Why the other writers can't write like him I'll never know!


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