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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Corrie Comicals week ending Friday 12 February 2021

I know, I know but holidays have been in the news this week and so we know that a three week cruise in the Caribbean really is not on the agenda just at the moment, like the chances of Ray making it to Turkey are pretty non-existent and Ty should have twigged that Chichester is not local and therefore Leon could not possibly be attending an antiques fair.

Auctions are great fun when you know the competition and it gave Tracy a chance to call David diddy and that the bid has his stupid, ratty little face all over it!  Then she calls him a skinny idiot!  Later she adds little shrimp faced worm to the insults.

Earlier in the week Shona said she wanted to move some on the coast and the problem has been solved - the front room at number 8 is looking beach-like because Gail has not bought any new furniture and the deckchairs are surprisingly comfortable (above).  I assume that Gail is expecting David and Shona to bring the old furniture back from the Dog and Gun estate very soon.

Aye there's a throwback!  Granada of course was the ITV company which originated the Street and was a media powerhouse based in Manchester under the original regional structure for ITV.  Debbie wanted to know the name of the meathead who was asking after Ray and Kev's response was short and to the point!

What could Abi be hinting at?  In any event it did not go well as they spent the rest of the episode bickering and Kev decided to join Jack on his camping trip - at least until he decided to see his sister and fell foul of Ray's charming plan to lock her in the fridge for the next few days.

I covered the boring Ty storylines in my episode review so pop over there to catch up on that.

Is it just me that has a problem with the concept that Daisy actually knows how to clean anything let alone get the bar to the point where you can eat food off of it?  I think the scriptwriter needed a line to get her into the room and had her dressed up in marigolds simply to raise a laugh.  It worked here.

And some gallows humour from Kev and Debbie in the walk-in fridge.  "We won't go hungry - oysters, sea bass and French cheese in here.  I've got some sarnies and a flask in my bag but we'll have to ration them as we don't know how long we will be in here.  It's 2021.  People don't die in fridges.  They just hide in 'em from journalists.  How long can a person survive in an airtight fridge?  We will soon find out."

Roll credits.

One oddity about this week is that Joe Turner wrote the second episode on Monday and the whole of Friday - whilst writing a whole hour is pretty common to write another episode in the same week is rare.  And the good lady wife assures me that if it ever happens to me (getting locked in a fridge) then my mobile phone will still be able to make an emergency call; but I don't intend to test it.  OTOH if she knew where there was one locally she might want to shut me in it sometimes!  

Writers: Mark Wadlow & Joe Turner (Monday); Ella Greenhill & Sam Holdsworth (Wednesday); Joe Turner (Friday)
Directors: Neil Alderton (Monday & Wednesday); Matt Hilton (Friday)


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