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Saturday, 6 February 2021

Corrie Comicals week ending 5 February 2021

We will start this week with the obligatory epidemic related observation.  Fiz apparently considers that Ty snores rather loudly and is observing that to reach somewhere he cannot be heard would require a trip abroad - hence the need for a passport.  Hate to say it Fiz luv - but at the moment that simply is not possible even with a passport.

Gloria has apparently been bobbing into Roy's Rolls for years, sometimes stays for an hour or so with a "chatty" spoon (the spoons were introduced by Nina weren't they?) - it says happy to chat - but remember you can no longer sit at the same table so would have to shout across the cafe.  And she only ever eats half the tuna melt having the rest for her supper at home.  Frugal.  Asha and Nina are simply discussing their different business models as Dev would always want to upsell!  Such long words from non-accountants.  It simply should not be allowed!

When I were a lad Simple Simon my parents bought me a bike and a bike lock.  Strict instructions if the bike was being left then you locked it before leaving it, otherwise irksome individuals like the extra skulking around in the back of this shot will half inch the machine when your back is turned.  Especially when the said jerk appears to belong to the same gang as your new best friend Jacob - same hair do; same jacket; in fact is this the return of the grey hoodie gang in a new disguise?

Aadi has just announced that there is no "I" in "team" - Evelyn counters by pointing out the number of "I"s to be found in the words "annoying" and "irritating" which is her summary of Asdi's approach to her PDR and I suspect his Business Studies GCSE.  When asked how the job can be improved Evelyn asks for a sign on the door reading "No credit, no hipsters, no small talk, no buggies, no half-wit knuckle-dragers who, for reasons that defy logic, think it is socially acceptable to come in here in a threadbare dressing gown and candlewick slippers."  Even Dev thinks the last part of that is worth supporting.  Which just leaves the question of who dresses in that way and the only person I can suggest is Bernie the Bolt.  Other suggestions welcomed.  At least it is better than the towel which Alina was sort of wearing earlier in the week!

Leanne has good and bad days.  Friday must have been a bad day because she suddenly started talking about Janice and her old fashioned sayings.  Indeed she was so old fashioned she used to ride everywhere on a penny farthing.  Simon even falls for it briefly.  

History was important on Friday as we were reminded of Ted (1) and Ted (2) both of whom existed before TED talks.  Ted (1) was Mr Rita for a brief while and Ted (2) was never Mr Audrey but did manage to father Gail.  Various other pieces of history were also dropped in, including a reminder of Brian Tilsley whose alter ego, Christopher Quinten, was recently seen in a pre-Corrie role as a soldier in Quartermass which also had a role for very young Brenda Fricker (Staff Nurse Maloney) and Toyah Willcox - who gave ITV permission for her name to be used for R'Toyota!

As I quite like the modern re-incarnation of Tracy (and Kate Ford) I thought that she deserved a slot as there was a lot of competition with Mary calling Debbie "the Debster" and much else fun on Friday.  However poor David has to explain that "dis" actually means "disrespect" to Tracy in response to the above.  Anyway come Monday I predict both will be outbid in trying to buy number 8 by Jacob who clearly has money coming out of his ears from his many scams.

And I would like to thank Jonathan Harvey for his wise and extended discussion of female safe spaces and for Mary indicating that perhaps David was seeking to identify as a female when he entered the Bistro "safe space".  We all need reminding of the importance of our identities.  Mary also told us about stalking Jan Leeming and I can only hope that the next time there is a funeral on the Street that Jan Leeming can be invited to join the mourners.

I could have done without the drugs and the money lending (Jacob is hardly Rick Neelan is he?) as it is clear that we are back in "ishoo" land which always undermines characters - but at least we have had a couple of weeks free of such matters.  

Written by: Chris Fewtrell & Jan McVerry (Monday); Damon Alexis-Rochefort & Mark Burt (Wednesday); Jonathan Harvey (Friday)
Directed by: John Anderson (Monday & Wednesday); Adia Nkrumah (Friday)


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CK said...

I loved Mary's penchant for prancing like a pony!

Bobby Dazzler said...

I can see why Beverly Callard wouldn't want to's not the same street anymore is it? Just a little darker, a little less....normal.

THAT was the beauty of the street..people were normal, not everyone on the street had done a stint in prison (for serious crimes anyway~Eddie Yates) it was lighter, but it had it's heartgrabbing scenes as well.
Corrie what has happened to you? Did you swallow the blue pill? I for one, don't think I can watch anymore...I think...I will start at the beginning again..the days of the Duckworths, Tilseys, The Macdonalds!the Barlows, and who could forget the Baldwins (conners don't have a patch on these guys)

So ....sniff sniff...good night Corrie, it's been nice. I tried, I really did. sniff sniff sniff

Sheila M said...

It was strange the way they were talking about Gloria in the cafe as if she either wasn’t there or was deaf! poor woman.


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