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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Jane Danson interview: Leanne turns to Carla for help

How is Leanne coping in the aftermath of Oliver’s death and now with Simon getting mixed up with a bad crowd?

Leanne has had such a tough time, there’s not really been a gap between Leanne’s grief and then taking her round a corner into a different kind of emotion. She’s been going through the most horrific thing following the death of her son Oliver and now her other son Simon is getting up to all sorts of business with drugs with a gang. She’s still going through the grieving process and that’s entwined with this story.

How is Leanne handling her grief at the moment?

Leanne can’t let go of Oliver, she’s not ready for that. She still has all his things at the flat and she takes comfort in that. When she started finding feathers around the place she saw them as a sign from Oliver. Simon doesn’t really understand but for Leanne it’s something she can take solace in. 

How does Leanne react when Nick tells her what Sam witnessed?

She’s horrified and demands Simon tell her exactly what happened. Of course Simon lies, making out it was just a prank so Leanne’s torn, she wants to believe him but she’s got a feeling that something just isn’t right, a mother’s instinct I guess.

Is that what makes Leanne go looking in Simon’s bag?

Yes, I think she just can’t shake the feeling that something isn’t right, she’s furious when she finds the drugs but Simon really hits her where it hurts, making out someone has to put food on the table and she’s a mess. Leanne’s still so consumed with her grief she’s quite understandably took her eye off the ball. She knows she needs to do something but it’s such a lot for her to deal with right now.

How does Simon react when Leanne says they need to go to the police?

Simon’s horrified, he tells her that he owes his boss money and he’ll kill him for grassing him up. It’s clear he’s terrified of the gang.

So how does Leanne feel when Simon brings Jacob back to the flat?

Leanne is a bit of a shell of herself right now and she’s just not equipped to deal with this, she hasn’t got the fight in her. The Leanne of old would be dragging him out but she just doesn’t have the strength and finds herself hiding in her room.

Is that why she goes to Carla for help?

Leanne knows she can’t handle this on her own and goes to talk to Peter but Carla intervenes, not wanting to put any more pressure on Peter and offers to have a word herself. Leanne’s grateful but when Simon has a go at her for blabbing to Carla she knows she’s they’re in trouble. Leanne desperately wants to go to the police but that would mean implicating Simon in the process and after losing Oliver I’m not sure she can do that.

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C in Canada said...

I know Leanne hasn't been thinking straight due to grief, but to think they could maintain that lovely flat on Simon's chippy delivery money makes no sense whatsoever.
What she should have done is asked Imran to hire a temp until she's ready to come back, then she would at least have a job waiting for her when she is able to return.
For Imran to just accept her resignation, (and thinking that he would tell Toyah about it), and Toyah not to question it either doesn't make sense.
But then we wouldn't have this storyline would we?

Anonymous said...

That's a problem I'm having with a lot of the storlyines at the moment, they are too contrived - take Johnny's prison stint for example. The prison storyline is decent enough but then I remember the ridiculous reason he's in prison (committing a crime forty odd years ago that no one cares about). And the less said about his mate Scott and the awful bistro robbery, the better.
Same with the Kevin and Debbie fridge saga - it was daft and we all knew they weren't in any real danger.
Leanne and Simon's storyline is the one I'm most interested in because it feels the most grounded and the seeds have been well planted (Simon feeling rejected by his parents etc), and I like that it's going to draw in other characters like Carla and Peter, but as you say, it's not without its problems. The feather stuff was silly, and Leanne expecting Simon to pay for a top range apartment with his chippy wage is even sillier - and why has Nick stopped paying for things? Are Nick and Leanne together or not? I don't think even the writers know at this point!
Really wish Corrie would start being more character driven because it's getting harder and harder to care about the characters and what happens to them.

Anonymous said...

Only thing I look forward is seeing Leanne and Carla team up. Remember when they were best friends?! That is until she fell for Peter *groan*. I think if they bury the hatchet they could be great together. Both fantastic actresses, both like wine and both are similar....


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