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Monday, 1 February 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 1 Feb

Monday February 1st 2021

TODD PLAYS ALL THE WRONG NOTES As a nervous Paul readies himself for his day in court, Todd makes a furtive call to Will. Having been handed a community order, a relieved Paul and Billy accept Todd’s offer of a drink. Meanwhile, on Todd’s instructions, Will forces his way into their flat. Summer walks in and is horrified to find Will smashing up their things.
NINA AND ASHA SEND COREY PACKING Asha sets about her first trial shift in the cafe.  When Corey arrives, asking her to hear him out, Asha spells it out to Corey that he’s dumped. Nina applauds whilst Corey shoots her daggers. Aadi runs some business ideas past Dev, suggesting they offer grocery deliveries to compliment their fast food service. Dev’s quietly impressed.  
PETER TRIES TO MOVE FORWARD. Peter goes to the Rovers for a hotpot but the noise and smell of the pub soon become too much for him and he hurries out.
ELSEWHERE Tyrone confides in Dev that he wishes he hadn’t asked Alina to move in as he can’t relax with a stranger in the house. Overhearing Leanne on the phone, Simon realises they’re behind with the electricity payments. Simon suggests they ask Nick but Leanne won’t hear of it. Simon admits to his mate Jacob from the chippy that they’re struggling. He’s grateful as Jacob offers to lend him £60.  

Monday February 1st 2021 

BILLY LEARNS THE AWFUL TRUTH Terrified, Summer dashes out of the flat into the path of an oncoming van. As Billy, Paul and Todd return home, they’re horrified to find Summer lying in the road. Craig calls to investigate the burglary, Paul steels himself and reveals that the culprit was Will. A furious Billy reads the riot act to Paul for bringing Will into their lives. Paul feels terrible, meanwhile Todd meets Will in the ginnel and slipping him £50 makes him dispose of his incriminating phone and tells him he never wants to set eyes on him again.
PETER FEELS HE CAN FOCUS ON THE FUTURE Sweating profusely and on the brink of another seizure, Peter admits that he’s been tipping his medicinal whisky down the sink when Ken’s back is turned. The truth spelled out to him, Peter steels himself and knocks back the small measure of whisky in front of him. 
NINA IS DRAWN TO ASHA LIKE A GOTH TO A FLAME As the girls tidy the cafe, Asha lists all the mistakes she’s made in her life, including Corey. Nina gazes tenderly at her friend Asha and Nina freeze when Roy enters the cafe, oblivious to the charged atmosphere, he confirms that Asha’s got the job. Nina and Asha are thrilled.
ELSEWHERE When Alina emerges from the bathroom wearing only a skimpy towel, a flustered Tyrone hurries out. When Simon enthuses about his new work mate Jacob, Kelly keeps her counsel. Simon nips home laden with shopping and tells Leanne that he’s spoken to the electricity company and sorted a pre-paid meter. Leanne’s thankful.

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