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Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Sally Carman interview: Abi proposes to Kev

Do you think Abi was brave or stupid trying to take on Ray single handedly?

I think she was stupidly brave. She isn't naive, she is just so gungho and she gets so impassioned and the sense of justice burns more than anything else, including reason. She is also pretty fearless because she has been the underdog her whole life whenever an injustice is done she feels it personally and that is what was driving her. She wasn't thinking of her own safety or anything like that, she just wanted something to be done. You would want her on your side but if you asked her to help you would have to be prepared for whatever was to come and whatever trouble it brought with it.

Debbie has lied to Abi that she has killed Ray, how is Abi coping with keeping that secret? 

She is struggling, it's weighing on her quite heavily because she is determined to keep the trust between her and Kevin especially as she feels she has let him down a few times. She really wants this relationship to work so she hates keeping something so huge from him. But she understands that Debbie saved her life and that's huge, especially for someone who has been let down their whole life. This woman who doesn’t particularly like her has gone out of her way to the point of killing someone to the point of killing someone. In Abi’s twisted logic that is something that she has to honour and she is going to protect Debbie for that.

She and Debbie have not had the easiest of relationships, does she trust her?

No she doesn’t trust her, but if you were to unpick that, she believes Debbie as it is such a big thing to lie about and the evidence does support that it is true, and that is an extra reason why Abi is going to protect Debie because it is such a mess but it is a mess that has benefited her. But she doesn’t trust her which is why she keeps going back to Debbie and saying that they should tell Kevin. She feels that Debbie is acting a bit strange and she doesn’t question it in her mind but at the end of the day you treat people how you expect to be treated and you judge people on how you are and your own standards. Abi wouldn't lie about something like that, she has messed up more than most people but she has got a moral code and she has a really good heart which is why she is buying Debbie’s story.

Does she take any notice of Kevin when he says that Debbie is lying?

It does make her think about it but there is a stubbornness with Abi, she is like a dog with a bone when she believes something. She is so loyal even if it is misplaced, she is convinced and she is going to believe what she has been told. That is one of her biggest plus points but also one of her negatives. What she doesn't know is the reason why Debbie is lying to her is that she has a bigger plan to make Ray pay for what he has done and she doesn’t want him to be arrested just yet. 

How worried is she when she finds from Chesney that Kevin never made it to Jack’s camp and that Debbie is also missing?

She is very worried, when she is speaking to Jack and Sally she is trying to reassure herself but her gut instinct is that something is wrong and that feeling just builds and builds.

When she manages to get the door open and finds Debbie and Kevn there is she worried that she is too late?

At the point where she goes to get the crowbar she is terrified about what she is going to find in there. She is worried that Kevin is going to be dead, there is a ral urgency and when she hears him respond she collapses with shock and utter relief.

What makes her decide to propose? Is this a genuine proposal from the heart?

I’m going to say yes it is. She loves him, she loves the security he gives her but it has never been a blazing passion but almost losing him, and losing everything that is attached to him, not materialistic things, just the chance of a proper life and a proper family and to be seen as someone important and respected makes her realise what she could have lost in this man who has turned her life around. When someone loves you that much it is easy to love them back and you don't realise how much you love them until you almost lose it. It is an impulsive proposal but it is genuine.

Is Kevin the man for her? They have had some real ups and downs.

He makes her feel normal, not a druggie not someone who has messed things up. Not only has he given her a second chance he has given her a third fourth and fifth chance. It’s not because he is weak it is because he sees that every time he helps her she gets that little bit stronger and he knows old habits die hard. She is trying her best and he recognises that in her. He sees her for who she really is, who she could be, and she is now starting to believe what he says and believe in herself.

Is there a future for her and Debbie as friends? Does she blame Debbie for what happened?

She hates Debbie now, she is furious with her because Debbie’s actions nearly killed Kevin. She had lied and also made a fool of Abi. Abi trusted her and fought for her and jeopardised her relationship by siding with Debbie. Not only did Debbie nearly kill the man she loved she forced Abi to choose to believe her over Kevin. She is absolutely done with her. 

What sort of wedding would Abi want?

Ideally Abi would love a wedding that is quite low key, everyone can get a pint of beer, she will wear something smart, probably a mini dress , a slick of red lippy, a DJ and just want everyone to have a laugh. She doesn't want the big statement wedding, the big showpiece to show people where she has got to, she hasn't ever really thought about it, she just thinks you turn up and get married then have a party that's it. But as the plans start to get bigger and she feels uncomfortable with it she slowly realises that it is because in her head she doesn't think she is worthy of the big day and the fuss. But the people around want her to have the nice dress and the special venue and she starts to come round to the idea. 

Are you looking forward to Abi planning her wedding?

I can’t wait, there is some great stuff coming up with Debbie trying to make amends and help and some great scenes with Tracy. We are going to have lots of fun.

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C in Canada said...

I think Abi and Kevin are genius together. They balance each other out, plus the fact that Abi and Sally are good friends, that makes everything easier with the ex wife on board!
Kevin's stable and grounded, Abi is outgoing and while Kevin gives here that stability, her outgoing-ness keeps Kevin from becoming stodgy.

Anonymous said...

I like this relationship too. It could be fun watching Abi, Kevin,Sally, Tim double dating. I would watch an episode just of that!!

Ju said...

Unfortunately, I see Abi as a mean tough woman with not a lot of redeeming qualities or maybe she is overacting all the time and comes across that way. Where is the tenderness in that home. Seems a pretty cold place.


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