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Monday, 8 February 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 8th February

In the cafe, Shona says she wants to live at the coast (Manchester by the sea?). She reckons that the kids are going to fail their exams and get in with a bad crowd if they have to live on the Paul Robeson estate  -  I think they can do that pretty well on the Street. David finds out that he can't get a mortgage (perhaps he should've negotiated with Debbie that the sinkhole be filled in as part of the deal) and Shona uses her new directness to ask Audrey (who's bragging about booking a Corona-cruise) for some dosh. Aud tells Sho about David's theft of her money a couple of years back, but eventually comes up trumps and says she'll be the bank of grandma but unfortunately, Shona's has taken matter into her own hands, literally, as she disconnects the Street's internet just as the online auction starts.

Steve and Tracy sniff around the house, admiring the windows (when I visited the (old) set, I noticed the Platts had the same flower motif on the windows as I had in my bathroom at the time, so I'm taking this as a compliment from Ms Barlow). Anyway, Tracey and David battle it out on the auction site, but are both pipped at the post by....Gail! The balance of power has shifted and about time too. Put up the rent, Gail!

On the prison set, Hayley Cropper's long lost son (not that one) a.k.a. Joe asks Johnny for a game of pool, which Johnny turns down, not before complaining about cockroaches and a man in a suit that he alone can see. Later, he finds out that Joe has died in his cell from an accidental overdose. Jenny is worried that this will bring back memories of Aidan's death. Jenny overhears Daisy slagging off Johnny and chews her out, although she forgives her. Why is Daisy so against Johnny? Is it just that she thinks he's not good enough for her stepmum (whom she didn't visit when she was going through a breakdown in a bad wig), or is it that she somehow thinks she can get her hands on the pub, which, despite what Audrey says, is the actual crown jewels of t'cobbles. 

Leanne goes to meet Nick in the Bistro for lunch. They are awkward with each other, not helped by Sam turning up as well (he thinks the food is way better than school dinners - it's definitely better than the Chartwell effort) and also by Leanne's lies. She says that she is fine, she doesn't need help with the bills and Imran is keeping her job open. She lies to Steve as well telling him it was nice to see Eva and Stella in France. She goes to the community garden and stares at Oliver's tree, which is in bud. Don't worry, Lee, it'll be covered in snow soon!

And finally, Debster tells Miles that she's never gonna let Rotten Ray go to Turkey and he will go to prison. Well, they've built the set.

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Anonymous said...

Why on earth would Nick bring Sam[who's supposed to be in school]to a lunch date with Leanne?He is insensitive and self centered to say the least!
Audrey seems tohave forgotten that it Nick who stole her money and launndered it through the factory not David who did make amends and showef genuine remorse for keeping quiet about the theft.

C in Canada said...

GAIL?? Gail bought number 8? That is AWESOME and a lovely twist of fate, I'm loving it!
I guess Audrey gave her the money?

Can someone explain to me, from Canada, what this 'estate' is and why it's so bad to live there? Is it like government housing or something?

Cowks said...

Ted died last week, and Gail has already inherited and spent the money from the estate? I suppose we should be thankful that this process hasn't taken months, as in the real world, as we might have had to endure this ridiculous storyline (did anyone believe Coronation Street would demolish its new set?) in the meantime.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): I'm perplexed too as to why Jenny has such a disgust for Johnny. It wasn't so long ago that he was helping out a destitute and outcast Jenny at the factory! And the way she blatantly slags him off to all and sundry--come on, Corrie, that is way over the top! Not even the stepdaughter from hell would be that outspoken. But Corrie always has to make their newcomers larger than life caricatures--like Eveyln, Bethany, Bernie...Not quite sure why they need to do this but hopefully they will tone Jenny down soon. Or she can don her designer riding kit and take her pouting, posturing ways back to Free Rein, where she is the resident teenage vixen who looks great in a riding coat and pink breeches but does little else.Or maybe she can take over the handling of Tim and Steve's Thoroughbred and give Free Rein unicorn parties.

Louby said...

Her dad just passed away so she probably inherited some money from him. And yes, some estates are predominantly tenants of social type housing and the stereotype is that they're quite rough.


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