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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Coronation Street weekly update – February 27, 2021

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It’s a little hard to get excited about writing the Corrie update this week, I’m afraid. I’ve found it rather dire with the constant merry-go-round of Peter and Carla falling out and getting back together. Sadly, I’m beginning not to care about two of the strongest characters in the show. But don’t give up reading the update just yet because there was something that did entertain me, and that’s coming later in the update. But back to Peter and Carla and their will-they-won’t-they get back together and does it really matter anymore? Thank heavens then for Carla’s mate Lucas who turns up this week to throw a spanner in the works.

Over at Yasmeen’s house, she’s up to her eyes in debt over Geoff’s unpaid bills which are sadly in her name and she’s responsible for paying. Worse news comes her way when the bailiffs call on Yasmeen. Then Tim reveals to Sally that Geoff’s left him half of Yasmeen’s house in his will. Geoff’s will also leaves Tim a quarter share in Speed Daal too.  However, Yasmeen mentions this week that she owns Jamila House, the community centre. I’m not sure I knew that she owned it, but even if this has been shoe-horned in as a plot device to stop Yasmeen going broke, selling up and moving on, I’m all for it.

Elsewhere this week, it’s Gail’s dad’s funeral and for some reason which was either not explained or I missed it, George the funeral director lets Steve and Tim fight between them as to who will drive the hearse. Tim’s too scared of ghosts and so Eileen steps into the driver’s seat instead, (accidentally) runs over the floral wreath and is generally horrible and nasty to Gail. George sees another side to Eileen, and to Gail, as the women bicker in the street and this whole storyline left a rather nasty taste in my mouth. 

But onto brighter things, well, if you can call drugs and gangs better things. I’m enjoying the storyline with Simon and evil Jacob because it’s exciting, something’s happening, and it’s exactly right for Simon’s character to be led astray in this way. The lad who plays Jacob is an excellent actor too. But it looks like young Sam is being roped in to Simon’s seedy world and this is when it starts to get complicated, and more than a little bit sad. 

And finally this week, as Nina and Asha’s relationship deepens, Dev and Mary go all out to show their approval of Asha’s lesbian, or whatever she wants or doesn’t want to call it, relationship. In fact they’re so desperate to prove they’re ‘woke’ (and I hate that word used in this new hipster context) that they embarrassing themselves and it’s wonderful to watch them try to get to grips with something they still don’t understand but are more than willing to learn about.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Louby said...

Dev and Mary saved this week for me. Dev's ott acting is hilarious and I've warmed to him much more since he's been more of a devoted parent than when his disastrous relationships were his main focus.

The script writers must think that we want to see the Gail and Eileen feud carry on but I think it's way past its sell by date and not particularly funny any more.

Anonymous said...

I agree Glenda, it was an uninspiring week on the cobbles. The Carla and Peter merry go round of misery continues. Normally I’m super invested in them and their relationship but it’s beyond tedious now. Also, Peter morphed into Zac Dingle this week with his flat cap and green jacket. If I had to pick between the good-looking Lucas or the self-pitying, jobless alcoholic who spends all day in a raggedy old blanket playing a jigsaw, I know who I’d pick! I’d like to see them involved in Simon’s storyline, if only to make Peter buck his ideas up! Seeing him and Carla join forces with Nick and Leanne to protect Simon against this gang would be great!
Simon’s storyline was definitely the highlight for me. Like you say, it’s been built on solid foundations with Oliver’s death, Simon’s parents being preoccupied with their own struggles, and Simon feeling rejected. Jacob’s a convincing baddie and can’t wait for Will Mellor to make his debut as a menacing drug’s lord.
The worst part of the week was the funeral stuff. I hated it for a number of reasons, a) It completely ignored the fact that Steve has lost his son and Tim’s just lost his dad. B) They made Gail the butt of the joke when it’s her father’s funeral. C) It just wasn’t funny.
Not much else to say about this week, still hate Daisy, enjoyed drunk Jenny and Carla and Rita's nightie, some nice stuff with the Alahans, though got the sense Nina might not be as into the relationship as Asha is.

Anonymous said...

I am getting a bit fed up of Yasmeen now. She is in debt but refuses to listen to any reasonable suggestions Alya has. She rejected Elaine’s gift rather rudely and is ungrateful to any one trying to help her. I know she has been through a lot but all she seems to do now is whinge.

Anonymous said...

I also agree that Dev and Mary were the saving graces of a depressing week.
I was disgusted that Geoff the abuser gets a somewhat respectable funeral while Gail's father Ted's who is a good man funeral is a disrespectful farce thus revealing how nasty Eileen really is and to top it off poor Yasmeen is in debt because of Geoff and may lose everything.
Is this the point the writers were trying to make with the coersive controlling storyline that there is no hope for the victim that the abuser 'wins'?


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