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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Corona-tion Street

With news that due to the pandemic, Corrie is taking a break to rewrite storylines, I'd like to moot a few more Corona-relevant storylines.

My suggestions (you can have these for free Iain MacLeod: I don't need a storyliner fee):

First of all, I realise that I am the most pedantic pedant in Pedantshire but characters taking their masks off as they enter a building is driving me bonkers. Given that a) the Street is very influential on the general public and b) there are people who will use any excuse not to wear a mask (I don't mean the genuinely exempt but the "you can't tell me what to do" eejits) then the Corrie cast need to be following the rules as an example. I know it covers up Stevie Mac's gurns but this is a price we all have to pay.

Aggi contracts Covid and ends up in Kate Oates Memorial. Everyone is mega worried, but she recovers to full health, not before Michael hears Grace talking on the phone saying she hopes Aggi dies. He splits up with his her and we never see Ms Vickers ever again.
Maria has no money since the barbers/salon had to close (and Gary was imprisoned) and so accepts an illegal hairdresser gig and gets into Big Troub.
Aadi and Simon go to an illegal rave (off screen) and get arrested. Dev blows a gasket. Leanne and Peter shrug listlessly. Eva does a Zoom call with Leanne apologising that she can't be there for her sis during her bereavement but there is a travel ban and people can't be rushing off to Europe willy-nilly (note: book Cath Tyldesley. Pay her anything she wants!).
Mary gets really into jigsaws, leaving them in the living room. Eileen accidentally knocks one off the table, leading her to spend the next twelve hours trying to get it back the way it was.

There's an outbreak of Covid in the prison and all non-violent crims are moved to an empty hotel. Johnny suffers with the isolation, but Gary is living the life of Riley, emptying the minibar and running up a large phone bill ringing his mum and Faye.

Rita, Ken and Audrey get their jabs. Roy signs up as a vaccine administrator. Beth declares herself an anti-vaxxer until Roy talks her 'round. Dr Gaddass gets an OBE for her tireless work putting up with an awful lot, let's be honest.
What would your Covid-related storylines be, or do you think Corrie should step back from the pandemic and carry on as normal?
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Scott Willison said...

I accept they don't know what tier/stage of lockdown Corrie will be in when it broadcasts, so they have to muddle through, that's ok. But some stuff has been consistent throughout - travel bans, takeaways, two metres. You're absolutely right that the mask thing is infuriating. People actually come into the cafe, have a conversation, then put it on again to walk outside!

I'd like them to take a look at the show and say, look, we can't do stunts, we can't do big explosions, we can't really do sex. Instead have the characters sitting around and talking more. Turn the lack of location filming and action to your advantage and make it a smaller more intimate show. No need for courts or police stations or hospitals - have a bit more of a community feel for the Street as people pull together through the crisis.

CK said...

Great post!! I found the banter between Eileen, Mary, and Gail so refreshing. I'd love to see some more light humour. Goodness knows we all have to put up with so much gloom as it is, I look to Corrie as a break from it. The Peter storyline is especially draining, it makes me feel like draining another glass.

fairycake said...

Here! Here! Scott, you are always spot on. I look forward to your opinions, blogs and tweets! X

P.S....Your floors look lovely! ;-) X

Anonymous said...

I too agree that their taking their masks off is ridiculous. Leave them on - that's how we are all living. I wear mine all day at work.
I do enjoy the outdoor scenes - having people chat with each other more. They can be distanced, but can still "meet their neighbours". We don't have that option so much here in the frozen north (Canada).

Christine in Canada said...

I like the suggestions except the one of Beth becoming an antivaxxer - I cannot see this happening especially after how crazy she went when Bertie contracted measles when Daniel did not get him vaccinated

Anonymous said...

I agree - it’s been driving me bonkers too when they come in from outside with the mask on, say a few lines, then remove the mask and start scrunching the germ-laden mask in their hands!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see more of two-handers between characters like Gail and Audrey, Ken and Rita - reminicising the times that was. Easy to make, cheap and notaglistic for us fans. They can reflect their lives, and wonder about what if Len was still alive, or what if Ken and Rita got together back then.

Some kind of ensemble story that woven characters across the story or something.

Tilly Flop said...

I think they have to remove their masks as people who lip read are unable to follow the dialogue if they continue to wear masks in places like Roy's Rolls or the Rovers


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