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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 17 Feb

Wednesday 17th February 2021

WILL DEBBIE AND KEVIN BE FOUND IN TIME? In the fridge, Kevin drags Debbie to her feet and insists they must try and keep moving. A worried Abi confides in Seb that it would seem Ray signed everything over to Debbie who’s subsequently disappeared along with Kevin. Kevin begs Debbie to stay awake, but it’s too late as she slips into unconsciousness. Determined to track down Kevin and Debbie, Abi enlists Faye’s help and together they access the bistro computer looking for clues. The hypothermia taking old, Kevin too, slips into unconsciousness. Hearing a noise coming from the fridge, Abi and Faye realise with horror that there’s someone in there.
PAUL’S DAY GOES FROM BAD TO WORSE In the cafe, Billy and Todd discuss the sale of the church pews. Paul spots them looking cosy and tells Todd that there’s clearly still a spark between him and Billy and he’s going to quit his job as he can’t handle working with him.  Todd’s taken aback. When Ed hears that Paul’s looking for work, he reveals that he’s got the contract to convert the archdeacon’s house into a halfway house and he’s looking for labourers. Will Paul accept? 
LEANNE TAKES ONE STEP FORWARD AND TWO STEPS BACK Leanne admits to Simon that her grief for Oliver is getting worse, not better. Jacob offers Simon another job delivering drugs. Simon promises to think about it.
ELSEWHERE As Michael researches alternative birthing methods, it’s clear that his enthusiasm is wearing thin with Grace. Having bought himself a yoga mat, Tyrone tells Fiz that he’s booked some lessons in a bid to improve his health. But instead of offering her support, Fiz rails at him for wasting money.  

Wednesday 17th February 2021

IS IT TOO LATE FOR DEBBIE AND KEVIN? Whilst Abi frantically looks for something to jemmy open the door, Abi smashes the door open with a crowbar and is horrified to find Kevin and Debbie slumped on the fridge floor. Faye returns with Craig.  As Kevin and Debbie are loaded into the ambulance, a groggy Kevin reveals that it was Ray who locked them in the fridge. Craig radios through to tell his boss they’re dealing with attempted murder. Miles collects Ray from the police station and hands him his passport and flight details. A smug Ray waits in the airport lounge for his flight to Turkey, has he managed to evade justice? Overcome with emotion and grateful that he’s still alive, Abi gets down on one knee next to Kevin’s hospital bed and proposes to him. Delighted, Kevin accepts.
LEANNE’S BLOWN DOWN BY ANOTHER FEATHER Leanne finds another feather and smiles, convinced it’s a gift from Oliver. Simon calls Jacob and tells him he’s not willing to do the delivery and he’ll find some other way to pay him back. Clearly annoyed, Jacob calls his boss. When Leanne shows Nick the feathers and explains that they’re a gift from Oliver, Nick worries for her state of mind. Leanne’s offended and Simon orders Nick to leave
ED TAKES PAUL UNDER HIS WING When Summer tells Paul she’d like to take him up on his offer of a day out in town, Paul reluctantly admits he’s strapped for cash. Having overheard their exchange, Ed tells Paul that the job is still on the table if he wants it. Paul goes to see Summer to tell her their day out is back on but the wind is taken out of his sails by Todd who has paid for Summer and Billy to visit Bletchley Park instead. Having taken a call, Ed and Michael are excited at the prospect of a visit from Ed’s brother Uncle Ronnie. Meanwhile Grace clocks Aggie’s expression and it’s clear she holds a different view.
ELSEWHERE Fiz and Evelyn rib Tyrone unmercilessly as he sets off for his first yoga lesson. 

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C in Canada said...

When will someone install a handle on the inside of that fridge?!

Scott Willison said...

Ray smashed the handle off on both sides, inside and out.


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