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Thursday, 18 February 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 17th Feb 7.30 & 8.30 pm

I was reminded this morning that today is the start of Lent. It may have not been 40 days since Oliver’s death but with a constant stream of reminders, its no wonder Leanne’s still struggling - seeking solace in dodgy telly evangelists, and white feathers. Tonight, she gets another reminder of Oliver’s passing with a phone call from the leisure centre about swimming lessons, so I’d guess Simon is going to have to deliver more chips to pay off another phone/credit card bill! Leanne may be mithered in misery but you cannot fault the incredible performances from Jane Danson. 

Left in the lurch with no shift at the chippy, Simon’s offered some work from Jacob but turns it down as he feels guilty for Leanne's suffering. Jacob’s phone chat with his boss suggests that this story is only just beginning. I did enjoy Nick trying to level with Leanne over the feathers farce. 

At the start of tonight’s episode, Abi is clutching at straws, rummaging through Debbie’s business papers, and berating the police, but she does finally get back into the Bistro. Lucky really that Faye got out on bail and broke into the company laptop! I seriously did wonder if Kevin and Debbie were going to do an Anne Malone and freeze to death. The drama may move fast these days, but those two seemed stuck in there for about a week! Credit must go to Corrie director, Matt Hilton, for that blue visual effect and claustrophobic industrial fridge set design. All very different from that time Robert and Michelle got stuck in there, and in my opinion, it worked a lot better this time, too! 

Also lucky that Faye noticed something as minute as a handle breaking off a fridge, but notices no difference between Ray and Adam! I am joking, and just glad that Kev and Debbie made it out okay. The sibling’s frosty relationship is sure to have thawed now and after Abi’s heroic rescue, our cobbles heroine proposes marriage and which Kev accepts!

Aw, I think we are long overdue for a Corrie wedding! 

This also wrapped up Ray's comeuppance with Craig arresting the crook as he was about to depart from the airport. P.C Tinker turned out okay too, he's gained a nickname from his force pals and Faye decided to get back together with him. Is this the final scene for Ray Crosby? I would like to see him return one-day, a great character with staunch conviction and some three-dimensional depth.

The vicar's bad boy love triangle causes Paul to become warier of Todd and he resigns from Underworld. As luck would have it, Ed Bailey has landed a new contract and offers him a job for next week! Unfortunately, its a job on the youth hostel, which Billy is overseeing, but he takes it anyway. Later on, Todd gifts Billy and Summer another treat and Billy makes a subtle play for Todd which is rejected.

Tyrone’s health scare seems to have reignited life round at number 9. Evelyn’s jibes are hilarious and I think the comedy is reminding me of Jack and Vera's legendary strifes! Also good to see Fiz get her spark back and join in with the ribbing. 

Elsewhere tonight, Micheal gets excited at Grace’s growing pregnancy bump, whilst she feels guilt at her previous behaviour. Aggie seems to forgive her for now, and Ed seems happy that his brother Ronnie is paying a visit!

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Sam said...

How long is this Billy, Todd , Paul storyline going to go on? It’s just tedious now.

Louby said...

Sam, the answer is probably long enough for Billy and Todd to restart their relationship, just before the truth comes out. Hopefully sooner rather than later, I totally agree it's tedious.

Anonymous said...

The Simon storyline doesn't ring true for me. You'd think any thug would realise that coercing the unwilling into your criminal enterprise is a recipe for disaster. Surely there's plenty of wannabes about who'd be happy for the chance.


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