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Monday, 8 February 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 8 Feb

Monday February 8th 2021
LEANNE STRUGGLES TO LOOK FORWARD When Nick suggests lunch in the bistro, Leanne agrees, determined to make more of an effort for Simon’s sake. Over lunch in the bistro, Leanne lies to Nick, making out that Imran’s keeping her job open for her and they’re fine for money.  Simon keeps his counsel. Leanne heads to Victoria Garden and gazes at Oliver’s apple tree lost in misery. 
SHONA MAKES A BID TO HELP DAVID Having failed to secure a mortgage, David and Shona are at their wit’s end. Steve returns from the Peak District and is shocked to find out that Tracy intends to buy No.8. Meanwhile Shona approaches Audrey and asks her if she can lend them the money to buy No.8 but Audrey reminds her that David stole from her.  Spotting a telecommunications engineer crouching in front of an open cabinet with all the wires hanging out, Shona has an idea and disconnects all the wifi. Will her plan work? Tracy and David head out onto the street, both furious that the wifi is down, Shona announces that it’s her doing as she wanted to stop Tracy from buying their house.
BAD NEWS SENDS JOHNNY SPIRALLING When fellow prisoner Joe, asks him for a game of pool, Johnny declines, too wrapped up in his own problems.  Joe’s disappointed. When Johnny finds out from Gary that Joe took an overdose in his cell he’s horrified, realising that Joe’s request for a game of pool was actually a cry for help.

Monday 8th February 2021
DAVID’S HOME GOES UNDER THE HAMMER As a guilty Shona tries to explain her actions, David and Tracy start a frenzied bidding war. When the bidding reaches £138k, Steve forbids Tracy from going any further.  Tracy angrily slams the lid closed on her laptop. Tracy and David are equally shocked to discover that the final bid of £138k was placed by an unknown party. Spotting a light on in No.8, David and Shona knock on the door, desperate to find out who the mystery bidder was.  
JOHNNY SEES A FAMILIAR PRESENCE.  Jenny’s worried sick, aware that Joe’s overdose will bring back dark thoughts of Aidan. In the prison, troubled Johnny imagines he can see a bloke in a suit. Jenny’s upset to overhear Daisy slagging off Johnny.  But when Daisy apologises, Jenny’s forgiving and assures her she likes having her to stay.  Daisy’s relieved to have won her round.
LEANNE TAKES ONE STEP FORWARD AND TWO STEPS BACK Leanne admits how much she’s struggling and thanks Simon for his amazing support.  Masking his own anxiety, Simon assures her they’ll be fine.
ELSEWHERE In the bistro, Debbie reminds Abi that she saved her life and did what she had to do to protect herself.  Abi’s chastened. Debbie reveals to Ray’s accountant, Miles, how she’s no intention of allowing Ray a new life in Turkey and instead, he’s going to prison.
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1 comment:

John L Murcutt said...

As the sink hole was engineered by the criminal actions of Ray and Debbie, why has David not gone to the police and have an investigation into Ray/Debbie and the criminal engineer who caused the subsidence. That is possibly a way to get Debbie to deal with it. Prison would not suit Debbie and she was aware and complicit in the whole Con.


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