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Thursday, 25 February 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 24th Feb 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Nobody on the street mourned the demise of The Great Magnifico aka Geoff Metcalfe. His passing was seen as an end to the coercive control storyline and a time for Yasmeen to move on. In a slowly managed recovery, she’s returned to Speed Daal, has Elaine and Alya as support, and is slowly moving on from her malignant dead husband. All seemed to be returning to normal until Geoff’s debt mountain was uncovered, and tonight, well, the great magnifico pulled off possibly his greatest trick, by reappearing from the grave.

Even in death, he somehow manages to haunt Yasmeen, rather than ghost her, which I’m sure she’d have preferred. As its stands though, Geoff’s debt hustling and coercive control make no difference to Yasmeen's plea of clemency. The bailiffs aren’t interested in Geoff’s death and neither is the bank. Will Yasmeen end up selling the community centre? 

Tonight’s episodes did have death as a leitmotif and in true corrie style, the comedy contrasting with the darkness. Ted’s demise (Gail’s Gay Dad - I’d forgotten too), and returning to Number 8 in a coffin was a bit macabre, and I liked it! I’m a huge fan of the darker side of the street. Have we seen a pre-funeral coffin/ wicker basket in any Coronation Street front room before? I’m not too sure. The comedy was surreal!

Tim running away from the hearse, Eileen driving and squashing the wreath, an unnerving mix, even? It did remind me of Dennis Tanner’s untimely end, however. What is it about light comedy when older characters die off-screen? Also, how come Ken wasn’t at the funeral? he was a great friend of Ted’s back in the day!

Elsewhere on the street, it's the morning after the night before and Carla’s conscience comes to a calling. After lying to Peter about her night out, you’d think she would tell him the truth straight away, but she doesn’t, which makes matters worse. Can you blame Peter for thinking she slept with Lucas? hardly! It IS toxic and despite everything, Carla says she loves Peter, and of course, that’s the exact moment that Lucas walks into the office. It had to happen, the love rivals didn't square up (social distancing rules apply) but Peter's steely glare said a lot. The thing is, I’m just unsure if this triumvirate has any more leverage if I’m honest. 

Less mentally taxing and rather more sweet is the budding teen romance of Nina and Asha, which progresses a bit tonight too. Dev's parenting seems a little too try-hard but with his daughter’s mental health history, it is to be expected. Mary calling them lovely lesbians was a laugh out loud moment. She meant well of course, and you can always vouch for Mary to liven up any scene. 

Round at Leanne’s flat, the afterlife is also rearing its head. With the feather farce culprit being identified, she’s now decided to call a psychic for a visit, and I was glad Toyah was there to act as a voice of reason. The psychic gives her a message from Oliver and it is a rather sombre moment. A psychic praying on her vulnerability seems to shake Leanne up. Is this the cathartic release she needs to start moving forward? 

Elsewhere on tonight’s show; Jenny doing Yoga - more of that, please! Simon smoking weed in Victoria Gardens and right next to his Mum’s flat! I bet she could see him from the veranda! 

A rather surreal double but enjoyable none the less. What did you think? 

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Cobblestone said...

Someone mentioned Ken was meeting them at the crematorium.

Llal said...

The scenes in the street with the hearse were just inane. I was embarrassed for the actors. It was more like Rentaghost, with Tim thinking he could hear tapping noises and then running away. Up there for me with that nonsense a few months ago about them trying to identify a plant (I think), or Mary running down the street and screaming at someone she then pinned against a wall. Cringey.

Llal said...
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Lily Bigfield said...

I agree, the hearse scenes were dreadful, unfunny and utterly cringe worthy. Black humour, even at sad times can be funny, but this was abysmal. I felt sorry for good actors being wasted on this stuff.

Roni said...

Yes, blaming Eileen for all that went wrong when she genuinely wanted to help was inane. The whole scene could have been cut and nobody would have missed it.

maggie muggins said...

Despite the usual curiously written episodes and general lightweight humour, there's an attempt of late for Corrie to be Corrie. I hate to be so shallow, but despite the mind-numbing Peter/Carla saga, Chris Gascoyne diverted attention away from all that with his sharp black flat-cap and neatly zipped-up olive drab jacket. Imagine Peter shedding his blanket-wear, and preening in the mirror on his way to Underworld!

I have to hand it to the show for working during Covid time. I cringe whenever I have to do errands where many don't mask up, distance and generally be good humans.


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