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Saturday, 13 February 2021

Coronation Street weekly update – February 13, 2021

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The best news this week is that Gail is back where she belongs – at Number 8 Coronation Street. And not only is she back, but she owns her home this time. She buys it at the last minute in an online auction just when it looks like Tracy Barlow has got her hooks into the Platt palace. How has Gail got the money to buy her house back from Debbie? She’s come into an inheritance from her late father, Ted. This means David still has a wodge of cash from selling the house to evil Ray in the first place. It’s money that Gail tells David he has to spend on fixing the sinkhole.   
Speaking of evil Ray, he locks Debbie and Kevin inside the fridge at the Bistro this week. Debbie makes the mistake of telling Ray’s business partner Miles that she intends to turn Ray into the cops once he’s signed his businesses over to her. Miles tells Ray who does a runner from the flat, straight to the Bistro and locks Debbie and her brother in the fridge. It’s going to be a long cold weekend for the Webster siblings until they get out next week. Meanwhile, Ray heads back to the flat to pick up his watch before he jets off abroad but while he’s there, he’s nicked by the cops. Huzzah!
In jail, Johnny’s MS worsens and causes him to hallucinate. He “sees” cockroaches, mice, cats and even his dead son Aidan.  He confides in Carla when she visits him and Carla encourages him to seek help from the prison doctor, but Johnny’s too stubborn to ask.
Faye’s up in court for hitting Adam in the Bistro and gets done for GBH. She’s released on bail while Gary has to stay in jail on remand for perverting the course of justice when he took the rap for Faye. 
Elsewhere this week, Leanne’s still lost in her grief. She finds a white feather in her bedroom and takes it to be a sign from her dead son Oliver while everyone watching screamed: “It came out of your pillow, you daft tart!” Even Simon realises there’s something not right going on when Leanne tells him about the feather, she’s convinced it’s a message from beyond the grave: “Buy a new pillow!” So convinced is Leanne that Oliver is trying to contact her that she rings a TV clairvoyant phone line that charges huge amounts of cash. Oh dear, this won’t end well. 
And finally, this week, Todd lurks like a basking shark in the background every time Billy and Paul appear. He listens, he stalks, he leans through a rail of ladies’ undies in the factory. It’s getting a bit silly now. Let it go, Todd. Let. It. Go. 
And that’s just about that for this week.
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Humpty Dumpty said...

Thanks for the update, Glenda, which saves me having to watch every episode. Not clear where Kevin and Debbie are. Anne Malone froze to death in a freezer which was more like a fridge. These two seem to be in a cold room where they can walk about and eat sandwiches. Still not very pleasant, I grant you. Ray wasn't a bit anxious about being hauled away for questioning. Didn't he have a plane to catch? I'm guessing the next bit is: he's allowed to go by the police and books another plane. But, wait, who is this on a white charger? Must be Abi who saves Kevin and Debbie. Ray's caught just as he is about to get on a later plane to wherever. Thank heavens that storyline is on the way out. Todd peaking through the underwear was hilarious. 'Look behind you!' we all shouted at Billy and Paul. Tyrone letting all the stock be stolen was plainly stupid. Wouldn't he phone Fiz or ask for ID? Ted's probate came through pretty quick in true Soapland fashion. The only storyline I'm hooked on is Jenny and Johnny. The hallucinations are authentic and both actors are playing this brilliantly.

CK said...

So those little plastic things that Ray smashed off the door to the fridge were door handles?

Anonymous said...

I am disappointed that Toyah is nowhere to be seen while Leanne is suffering a breakdown over her grief over Oliver's death.
Nick more or less abandoned Leanne in favor of his son leaving her vulnerable to con artists such as the clairvoyant who claims she can 'communicate' with Oliver thus leaving poor Simon to look after his mum alone at a time when he needs the support of Nick and his aunty Toyah.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon. I'm really disappointed Toyah is not part of this. Not only is she a counselor but she's also her sister. Surely she would see the signs....because she's never seeing her! She will eventually be part of this and will make Leanne feel bad by not coming to her first.


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