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Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 10 Feb

Wednesday 10th February 2021

JOHNNY FEARS HE’S SEEN A GHOST Knowing that Carla is visiting Johnny later, Jenny implores her to find out how he really is and not to let him fob her off as she’s genuinely worried about him. In the prison, Johnny is seeing mice and cockroaches but he is confused and as he glances up, he thinks he sees Aidan. Carla visits Johnny and quizzes him about his health.  Johnny reluctantly admits that his eyesight has deteriorated to the point where he’s hallucinating, he thought he saw Aidan and wonders if he’s losing his marbles.  Carla’s deeply concerned. 
ABI STRUGGLES WITH DEBBIE’S SECRET Abi calls in the bistro and suggests they should tell Kevin the truth about Ray as he’s clearly suspicious, but Debbie won’t hear of it. When Kevin and Abi spot Mick the thug lurking outside the bistro looking for Ray Kevin tells him to speak to Debbie. Worried for Debbie’s safety at the hands of Mick, Abi tells Kevin how it was Debbie who called an ambulance and saved her life, but in self defence ended up killing Ray and disposed of his body in the river.  How will Kevin react?
GAIL MAKES PLANS Gail discusses Ted’s funeral arrangements with George. 
ELSEWHERE Fiz admonishes Tyrone for throwing Alina out at such short notice.  Tyrone squirms. A downbeat Alina calls at the garage and returns her key to Tyrone.  When she explains how she was turned down for a job this morning, Tyrone suggests she should take up beauty therapy again.  Alina’s not keen and Tyrone wonders if he’s said the wrong thing.

Wednesday 10th February 2021

DEBBIE’S FORCED TO TAKE ACTION Kevin confides in Abi that he doesn’t trust Debbie one bit and suspects that she’s lying and Ray is still alive.  Abi thinks he’s being ridiculous and stops him from following her. 
CARLA AGREES TO KEEP JOHNNY’S SECRET Johnny promises Carla he’ll talk to the prison doctor about his hallucinations on condition she doesn’t say a word to Jenny.  Johnny heads back to his cell, no intention of speaking to the prison doctor. Carla returns home and assures Jenny that Johnny is fine. Johnny’s thrown when he’s summoned by the prison doctor. Carla confesses to Roy that she’s broken her promise to Johnny and phoned the prison to voice her concerns about his health.  Roy assures her she’s done the right thing.
ELSEWHERE When Fiz reminds him how Alina found herself at the mercy of people traffickers the last time she worked in a beauty parlour, Tyrone’s mortified.
Tyrone apologises to Alina for being insensitive and suggests she could run her own business and offers to help her look for a suitable college course, Alina’s touched.

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Fluttershy said...

Wasn't Alina Pop! the head of Underworld's sales team or something? You know, given the faktry's policy of appointing senior mangers on the basis of having absolutely no relevant experience whatsoever?

Anonymous said...

Fluttershy, I agree I also thought she worked on the sales team at Underworld. I don't get why the character was brought back, I find her incredibly boring.

Sharon boothroyd said...

Too right fluttershy!
It looks like it's leading to Tyrone and Alina pop! having an affair. I wouldn't have thought he'd be her type myself. there's a lot of single women in the street - Alina pop! Emma, Gail, Evelyn, Rita, Izzy, Eileen, Debbie, Yasmeen, Maria?... pair some of them up!


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