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Sunday, 10 May 2020

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 10th and 12th July 1995

Mike's attempts to sell number 1 to Ken were being thwarted by Tricia and Jamie.  They barricaded themselves in the house, enlisting Vera to help them out, and bellowed at him from the top window as he tried to let Ken and Denise in for a viewing.  (Denise had all sorts of plans for the house, like whitewashing the back yard and knocking through to the front parlour, none of which ever happened).  When Baldwin persisted Jamie filled up Uncle Albert's old chamber pot with what I hope was water and chucked it all over him.  Deirdre decided to make a life for herself back in Weatherfield.  She accepted Mike's offer to be caretaker at his flats on Crimea Street, and saw Tracy at Denise's flat.  They had a heart-to-heart where Deirdre told Tracy she loved her.  Josie was locking up the surgery where she worked when she was assaulted by a youth looking for drugs.  Don scared him off, but she was still shaken up, and agreed to stay at number 5 with him.  Jack had to attend the solicitor's for his late brother's estate, which panicked him because he assumed he was going to be lumbered with Cliff's debts.  It turned out the news was a lot better - he'd been left £30,000.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 14th and 17th July 1995

The flats at Crimea Street proved to be both a blessing and a curse for Mike Baldwin.  He offered Tricia a flat there to get her out of number one, and she happily made the swap.  Deirdre also moved in, though Ken was disgusted to realise she was "skivvying" for him.  However, when Deirdre mentioned her job to Alma, she was shocked.  Alma had no idea Mike had even bought the flats, and when he told her he had fingers in a lot of pies, she bristled.  He'd had a go at her for running her catering consultancy and she'd considered giving it up; now she realised how low on his list of priorities she was Alma decided to redouble her efforts and make a go of it.  Jack and Vera tried to work out how to spend Cliff's money.  They decided to sell up the contents of his house and splash out on a flash holiday.  Rita was also thinking about holidays, and offered to take Sally and the girls away for a bit of a break. 

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 19th and 21st July 1995

Jack and Vera headed to the market to sell off what was left of Cliff's stuff.  They discovered that they'd let the junk dealer run off with a valuable vase, but they couldn't get it back off him, and finished their day on the market with a pittance.  Curly and Des lent them the money for their holiday to cheer them up, though Jack admitted he was scared of flying.  Alec and Vicky returned from Southampton with Gilroy claiming he'd worked a wedge between the newly engaged couple.  She was playing him though, and Vicky booked a church for the wedding in August.  Alec got a fillip however when he heard Fiona talking about Steve's debts.  Don decided to divorce Ivy so he could be with Josie, and Deirdre encountered another of Crimea Street's residents: a certain Royston Cropper...

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 24th and 26th July 1995

Alec was resorting to desperate methods to get at Steve.  He went to the loan sharks (where a thug was played by the unlikely form of Kenneth from Benidorm) to try and get them to lean on him, and he went to Vicky's solicitor to try and get him to hold on to her inheritance until she was 25.  He ended up telling Steve that there was a clause in the will stopping Vicky from getting anything if she married unwisely.  Kevin was enjoying being on his own, getting the lads round to his house to... play Scalextric.  He soon had something to occupy him when his dad Bill turned up unexpectedly.  Kevin told Jim about Bill, and how they'd not seen each other for a decade - he'd not even met Sally.  It turned out Bill's wife, Percy's niece Elaine, had run off with another man.  Audrey immediately started flirting with him in the pub, and we all know how that ended up.  The hot water tank at Crimea Street leaked on the residents and Roy used the opportunity to cosy up to Deirdre, because he's kind of creepy in these early days.  He also has a much stronger Northern accent.  Deirdre was upset to realise Tricia had told him about Samir.  And Ken and Denise moved into number 1, with her deciding to get Ken put on Daniel's birth certificate.

FRIDAY - Only one episode today, from the 28th July 1995

Roy continued to harass Deirdre, making her feel uncomfortable, and she told Mike.  When Roy knocked on her door to offer her a drink (of whiskey!  Roy Cropper, drinking whiskey out of the bottle!) Mike gave him his notice.  Roy misinterpreted the situation, and thought Deirdre was Baldwin's fancy piece - which Tricia overheard.  Vicky told Alec that Steve would marry her even if she was penniless (LOL) but she still informed Steve that there was no clause in her parents' will barring their wedding.  Bill got comfortable back on the Street.  Maureen immediately started flirting with him in the shop, and we all know how that ended up.  Maxine moved Fiona into the cafe flat so they could be fun gal pals.  And there was a load of interminable nonsense involving Derek, his missing garden gnome and a mantrap, but I refuse to give it the attention it absolutely doesn't deserve. 

If this gnome business doesn't end soon, @merseytart is going to stick his foot through his telly and send ITV3 the bill.

Classic Corrie is on ITV3 every weekday from 14:50, and it's now on the ITV Hub as well, so really you've got no excuse to miss it.  You're in lockdown, what else are you going to do?

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Anonymous said...

I too thought Roy was really creepy as well as looking a bit like Jim Carrey.

Anonymous said...

I loved the idea that Vera and Jack "dressed down" to give the impression they couldn't possibly afford to pay for Cliff's funeral! Did I see Vera fall off the chair as she sat down in the solicitor's office? It was beautifully done but somehow managed to look unplanned.

It was a great week of episodes in Classic Corrie, so much better than the current episodes - thank goodness we are only getting three a week of those.


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