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Sunday, 31 May 2020

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 15th and 18th September 1995 

I know Corrie doesn't go in for the supernatural but hear me out: is it possible that the ghost of Ivy Tilsley has occupied Don?  Because ever since she died he's been a nasty, bitter person, and that was always Ivy's thing.  He realised this week that he was going too far and told Josie he'd change and be cheerier.  It lasted about five minutes, until he heard that Nicky was going to change his name back to Tilsley to get the house, and he promptly exploded.  Speaking of men who've lost their mind, Norris came to see Dirk Derek and Mavis and Derek lost his rag, telling him he was sick of his interference and wanting his gnome back.  Des discovered that Steph was living in a miserable bedsit and offered to help her out. 

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 20th and 22nd September 1995

Percy was concerned that, now that the roof at number 3 was fixed, Emily hadn't invited him back.  She was getting his room redecorated as a surprise but he thought she was trying to get rid of him (why she wasn't trying to get rid of him is a mystery to me).  Curly told him he could stay with him as long as he wanted, much to Emily's confusion.  One person who did want him was Phyllis, who tried to make Percy jealous with tales of her dates with a man called Louis from Bramhall, but he paid no mind.  She's way too good for him.  Maxine strutted around the Street dressed like some kind of bondage queen in the hope of snagging Des, but he was clearly still in love with Steph, and he told Maxine their one night stand was just that.  He apologised but the damage was done.  Martin confessed to Don that he thought he deserved the house more than Nicky, the turncoat, while a solicitor (played by Ian Kershaw, better known as Mr Julie Hesmondhalgh and now a writer on the show) told them Don might have a claim.  The Duckworths were disappointed when that little camp estate agent turned up and told them their house wasn't worth tuppence so they probably wouldn't be able to afford Des's house.  Raquel went on her date with Leo and, like all posh people in this show since the beginning of time, he turned out to be a wrong 'un.  He tried to rape her in the shop storeroom and she was forced to knee him in the knackers and flee.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 25th and 27th September 1995

Betty finally caved in to Billy's endless entreaties and agreed to marry him.  Bless.  Raquel was understandably upset after her experience and confessed to Curly that Leo had assaulted her.  He agreed not to say anything but his anger finally bubbled over and he punched him in the middle of the store.  He also lost his tenant, as Percy made it up with Emily and moved back into his old room.  Nicky locked himself into number 5 and blasted out techno music, claiming that as it was his house he could do whatever he wanted.  The Street gathered round to gawp.  Don smashed a window to let himself in as the coppers arrived to deal with the noise.  He had the locks changed to keep the little toe rag out.  

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 29th September and 2nd October 1995

There was the return of a familiar face, as the King of Everton and the West End Bill Kenwright (owner of a quite magnificent head of hair) made a return to the Street as Gordon Clegg to see his new stepdad.  He asked Betty if Billy was his real dad; she said he wasn't, but didn't admit who was.  Leo tried to pressure Curly into resigning but he threatened to tell everyone about his rapey tendencies so he backed off.  Reg was confused.  Norris made it up with the Wiltons, buying them a new gnome and accompanying Don on his sales rounds.  Meanwhile Judy and Gary Mallett made their first appearance viewing the Duckworth's house.  I have a suspicion they may buy it.  But the big news was at the pub.  Stella Rigby (in her final appearance) told Bet that the brewery were selling half a dozen pubs, and the Rovers was one of them.  Bet was furious that nobody had the decency to tell her about it, and felt even more put out when Steve and Vicky returned from their honeymoon and didn't come back to stay on the Street.  It seemed her world was collapsing.

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 4th and 6th October 1995

Having given her the money for a deposit, Des helped Steph move into her new flat.  She told him they could make a new start but he turned her down.  Des had realised he didn't love her any more and he could finally move on.  (That was the last we ever saw of Steph, because Amelia Bullmore was too busy being ace in everything else to reappear).  He went back to Coronation Street and took his house off the market - much to the horror of Jack and Vera, who'd just agreed to sell their house to the Malletts.  The meatiest story of course was Newton & Ridley flogging the Rovers.  They gave Bet first refusal, but the £68,000 price tag was too much for her.  She despondently told the staff they'd need to look for a new job, and Raquel ended up crying on Curly's shoulder.  As the news spread throughout the Street the residents told Bet she'd find a way out of it... but the bank manager turned her down and things were looking desperate.  Rita came round to commiserate and over a bottle of booze they hatched an alternative plan: Rita would put up the money to buy the pub and Bet could run it.  What could possibly go wrong?

There are four more episodes of Bet left.  She's going to call Rita a clapped-out chorus girl on Monday, and disappear forever on Tuesday.  Join me on Twitter for a good sob @merseytart.  (Yes, these are definitely Bet's last episodes, because she never came back.  Never.  I refuse to be told otherwise).

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Louby said...

We should still be holding a grudge against Rita, even if it is 25 years later.

I wonder if I will feel differently about the Malletts now - I remember thinking they were very dull at the time.

CK said...

I always thought Judy Mallett was so pretty. Shona reminds me of her.


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