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Monday, 4 May 2020

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 16th and 19th June 1995

The thorny issue of money haunted the Street's residents.  Steve was still in terrible financial state, but Vicky agreed to bail him out.  He promptly took the money and treated Fiona to a slap up meal.  Things took a turn though when she realised who'd paid for it and she threw his stuff out of the cafe flat.  Jack was in arrears with his Council Tax, much to Vera's fury; he told her he'd spent the money on their caravan holiday.  It looked like that was the end of Vera's retirement plans.  Audrey was still glowing over Alf's OBE (although she was disgusted when the Gazette used a picture of him with Betty), until the Council called him and told him that £7000 had disappeared from the Mayor's charity fund under the his watch.  Audrey wasn't bothered until Alf told her they might withdraw the gong as punishment.  And Derek's gnome went missing again.  He accused Des, and he accused the Platt children, and they all concluded he was out of his mind.  They have a point.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 21st and 23rd June 1995

The missing money from the Mayoral fund made the papers, and the whole Street was agog.  The piece claimed that Alf refused to comment, though they had contacted Audrey and she'd told the reporter to sling his hook because she was still smarting over Betty getting her picture on page 3 instead of her.  Tracy discharged herself from hospital because she was scared about seeing Deirdre again.  She fled to Blackpool.  Steve was dossing in the print shop which upset Liz; she didn't know why he didn't want to kip at hers.  The McDonalds gave the twins £500 each for their 21st.  But Steve received a windfall of a different kind when Vicky turned up in the factory and started taking her clothes off.  It turned out Vera hadn't paid the mortgage for a couple of months either, so a summons from the Council for the unpaid Tax was just piling on the misery.  Out of desperation she turned to God, praying for the money, and it appeared God was listening, because He promptly killed Jack's brother Cliff.

WEDNESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 26th and 28th June 1995

Steve McDonald began a grand tradition in today's episode: if in doubt, ask someone to marry you.  The "lucky" lady was Vicky of course, and she accepted.  They celebrated by hanging out together at Des's house, a romantic rendezvous interrupted by a deeply shocked Phyllis.  Vera was wracked with guilt over Cliff's death, but Jack was more concerned about who was paying for the funeral.  Luckily Cliff's brother in law stepped in.  Deirdre returned from Morocco.  The Rachid family had been lovely to her, but her feelings about Tracy hadn't relented.  Ken told her that Tracy was in Blackpool and she didn't give a monkey's. 

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 30th June and 3rd July 1995

Mike had a new business plan.  He planned on buying a block of flats on Crimea Street, and offered Deirdre a cheap flat if she'd act as manageress.  She went to stay with Blanche to think about it.  To pay for the flats, Mike offered number 1 to Ken.  Audrey went to lunch with Brian, her old chauffeur, where he told her that the person responsible for the missing money was actually Derek's old nemesis Councillor Harry Potts.  The twins celebrated their 21st birthday with a party in the Rovers.  Fiona gave Steve a birthday kiss which inflamed Vicky's jealousies.  She made a toast where she announced her engagement.  Bet was understandably incandescent with rage and summoned the big guns for support.  Alec!

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 5th and 7th July 1995

It's only when you see Alec and Bet back together that you realise how much you missed them.  Their banter was so effortless and charming and lovely it was a shame it was only temporary.  Vicky and Steve decided to get married right away, meaning that the Gilroys were left dashing to the registry office to try and stop it.  Alec told her to wait and have a proper church do, though this was just a subterfuge.  Vicky fell for it and went back to Southampton with him to plan the wedding in August.  Brian told Alf that Harry had a nom de plume, and Alf realised he'd signed cheques to the fake name.  Harry and his girlfriend blamed one another and the police were called.  Ken told Denise that he was planning on buying number 1, but she wasn't keen on them making it their family home because he'd lived there with his ex-wife.  She finally agreed, but only if she could look round it first; unfortunately Tricia refused to play ball. 

Perhaps the worst part of Alec's return from Southampton is knowing that it's the beginning of the end for Bet's time on the show.  Commiserate with me on Twitter @merseytart.

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Anonymous said...

Steve is so arrogant, watching him now it’s hard to believe he was so horrible when he was younger.

Anonymous said...

So agree, Bet and Alec together were superb. An acting masterclass. I also loved, in the wedding scene, that Roy Barraclough (Alec) made Chloe (Vicky) laugh by saying 'cruel' in a funny way. I read, when he died, that he used to change words to make other actors laugh.


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