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Friday, 15 May 2020

Should Corrie address lockdown in future stories?

Among the madness that we all find ourselves in now, something really exciting happened to me the other week; I appeared on Channel 5 News to talk about what the future of soaps might look like post-lockdown. Obviously, Channel 5 didn't have the time to hear me wittering on about Corrie for hours, so I thought I'd put it in a little blog post for you all.

If lockdown has taught me anything, it's to be grateful for the smaller things in life and one of those things is Coronation Street. They've reduced the episodes but it's good to have that little bit of normality of sitting down three times a week to catch up with the nation's favourite street.

I'm on the telly, Mum!
Talks of the soaps returning to filming has already begun... surely they're bound to run out of pre-filmed material soon? If crew and cast do go back to work, they'd obviously be socially distanced. This could well mean that Cathy might have to lob a kebab through a window to a customer instead. I suppose they'd also have to be careful how they film everybody sat in the pub, but I guess post-production fancy stuff could sort some of those issues out (you can tell I'm no tech wizard).

Kebab throwing aside, one of the biggest questions circulating at the minute is whether lockdown should be included or referenced in future storylines. Sure, seeing all the Platts quarantined together would be quite the riot (literally), but do we need lockdown invading our beloved Coronation Street?

Personally, I say no. While it is vital for Corrie to move with the times and focus on real-life, this is an exception. Everything has been turned upside down and it encompasses our daily lives completely. Coronation Street and other soaps are a great way to escape for half an hour, and we really need that right now.

But hey, that's just my opinion. What do you lot think?

Sophie Williams

Stay home, stay safe.

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Anonymous said...

Sophie, I agree with you completely!

Anonymous said...

Inclined to agree too. It's quite some time since Corrie could even pretend to be anything near realistic anyway. How could the writers predict when a lock down would start and finish. Better they ignore it completely and at least it would be consistent.

Anonymous said...

Lately Corrie has not been an 'escape'due to it's current issue story lines such as Geoff's abuse of Yasmeen and Asha's sextext storyline so since the pandemic is around the world I think the producers should include the lockdown in future episodes along with their issue storylines.
Even now I think there was a missed opportunity with both Daniel and the newlyweds Sarah and Adam returning from their trips,the writers could have these characters self quarantined once they retunrned home.

Charles said...

I'm not all that bothered one way or another, but I really wish Corrie could be less relentlessly miserable. Life is hard enough at the moment, and then in the show you've got the horrible Geoff and poor Yasmeen, dead dogs, child pornography, postnatal depression and for their next trick, they may kill off a toddler.

Compare this to the classic Corrie currently showing on ITV3. 1995 wasn't exactly the best year of Coronation Street, but I'd rather watch the tiresome antics of Derek and his gnome than the show of 2020. Leave the misery to Eastenders!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Sophie. Too many real life ‘issues’ as it is.

popcorn said...

I am totally with Charles.

Tilly Flop said...

They will have to mention at some point, it's far too big of an issue not to, but hopefully like they've said it'll be done tastefully.
They can't not mention it, there's been a disclaimer at the start of every episode since lockdown, as people think it's real


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