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Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Corrie carries on but WILL include Coronavirus says Corrie boss

Just like the Queen's Christmas speech, days and days of rain in the summer, and losing at the World Cup, Coronation Street is a much valued constant in our lives. And while the world is a strange place right now, simple comforts like Corrie and a cup of tea are all the more important to us.

Keep Calm with Corrie On
Understandably, trying to get a clearer picture of what the future holds for the soap from Corrie bosses is like trying to get blood out of a stone. As confirmed to the Coronation Street Blog on Tuesday, plans are changing, scripts are changing and government advice is changing all time in response to the global pandemic affecting all our lives. But one thing is for sure, according to Producer Iain MacLeod…it’s business as usual as much as possible.

Filming is only one, albeit very important part of bringing Corrie to our screens. So a lot of work is still taking place behind the scenes as we all remain in lockdown. It was encouraging speaking to the top team yesterday who were so full of plans, spoilers, enthusiasm for upcoming storylines as well as reassurance that although Coronavirus will definitely be part of future stories, some things will stay true to Corrie’s history. Iain MacLeod said:

“Scripts are changing at the time – we have talked a lot about whether Coronation Street would exist in a parallel world or had coronavirus in it.”

Iain explained why it was important the soap covered the pandemic;

“The Coronation Street we love reflects modern Britain. To not reference Coronavirus wouldn’t feel right. It has to exist but people also tune in for escapism and to see dramatic stories and stuff they don’t normally see in their own lives.”

He also hinted that in the midst of some quite hard-hitting stories coming up, he’ll never turn his back on Corrie’s USP;

“Our storytelling is business as usual. Coronation Street won’t stop being funny, certainly not on my watch!”

So what’s happening, exactly?

As we know, episodes are being rationed right now in order to keep Corrie on air as long as possible. The same goes for BBC soap Eastenders and ITV’s Emmerdale. Talk is that filming will restart in the near future, although with adapted sets, smaller casts and probably with older actors left out of scenes until it’s safe to bring them back.

As we know, the government is in talks with the Football Association to bring back soccer matches to lift the public mood. Although not strictly “key” or “essential” work, continuing dramas could be given special permission to go back to work and get entertaining the nation again very soon too. Given that the audience is in the safety of their own home, this would make more sense than filling stadiums.

The Street of Dreams (courtesy: aeroengland)
What’s absolutely certain, is that the Corrie team are working hard on scripts, generating a buzz around the big stories we have to look forward to (spoilers to follow) and are poised to get back to the cobbles in Salford as soon as they are given the go-ahead. Speaking to Iain yesterday it was as if nothing was stopping them getting on with things.

“Business as usual” he said. I find that rather comforting, and it's why I continue to bloody love Coronation Street.


Stay Home. Save Lives.

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Sharon Boothroyd said...

Personally, I would have preferred a virus- free Corrie.
There's enough doom and gloom in the real world, and on the news.
People watch soaps to escape this.
By the time the Corrie characters begin to mention it, and start their lockdown, things could have moved on, so it won't accurately reflect what's happening within our moment in time off screen.
By the nature of production, Corrie is always behind in real time, so the various stages of lockdown/ self isolation won't make sense.
They're better off not bothering, and having a virus free Corrie, rather than trying to get to grips with an ever changing reflecting society!

Smiley said...

I like it when soap reflect real world in a subtle way. Not making it a storyline but in a subtle way possible.

abbyk said...

IDK, David and Gail in lockdown has a lot of potential. As does Rovers being closed and then finally reopening (with limited seating); someone is going to have to wait outside until Peter finishes his orange juice.

abbyk said...

Underworld stopping regular production for a day to make face masks for the city to distribute for free, and then getting an award. Plus, imagine Mary’s fanciful masks.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Covid 19 being included in story lines particurely since PM Boris Johnson was hospitalised with the illness,otherwise it would be the elephant in the episode so do speak.
I also like the idea of the factory workers making masks for everyone especially for NHS front line workers.


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