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Friday, 8 May 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 8 May 2020

Most of tonight relates to Yasmeen and Geoff so I am going to get it out of the way rapidly as sadly the story which never appealed has become a nonsense in Corrie terms - see the end of the post.  Alya is in Geoff's hospital room shouting the odds and the police usher her away for an interview later.  Geoff tells his story, eloquently how the three women in his life always attacked him when they were in their cups.  Even the policewoman doing the interviews thinks this is an odd co-incidence that poor Geoff always gets his companions drunk who then attack him (above).  Tim swallows it hook, line and sinker.  Sally has a funny look on her face, lips pursed as she has a little trouble believing that Yasmeen would behave like this.  Once is an accident, twice is happenstance and three times is enemy action was what I was taught!

Plattsville.  David is supposed to be at the Community Centre where Max is making the closing speech for YORP which Mary has been running for Easter holidays weeks (which has been going for about a month as far as I can establish).  Gail and Sarah are there but David is (above) catching up on his lost sleep from last night.  No doubt we will soon find out what he has been doing.  He manages to make the restaurant for celebration meal and initially Gail does not tell him off, saying he is grown up now - but manages a little jibe about his responsibilities. 

Paul want to get Billy to put Kelly on the Streets which they discuss during Mary's final speech getting a "shush" from Gail.  Billy almost gives in.  Gary hears about this and asks Maria if they can perhaps take Kelly in.  Maria is not accepting waifs and strays this week despite the background of Frank Sinatra singing "My Way" which had started Gary thinking about his regrets.  Gary puts his thinking cap on (you can watch the wheels turning ever so slowly).  In the background Adam has spotted Gary and his support for Kelly and is doing some research on the Neelan family; he convinces Sarah that it is nothing to do with Gary - but we all know better don't we boys and girls?  Gary just happens to be walking one way as Billy and Paul walk the other and Gary puts a word in for Kelly, how her father is abroad and her mother is not much cop either.  They wander around the corner and Kelly is all packed at the bus stop (above).  Paul crumbles and invites Kelly back to continue staying at the flat from where Kelly will be pushed by Paul to put things right with Asha.

Asha and Nina's friendship continues to grow and the latter tells the former that she is beautiful and needs to look in the mirror - but of course Asha cannot see it.  Later on an unsealed envelope is pushed through Dev's front door and he takes a look before delivering it to Asha - it is the above drawing which Nina has done and has written on the back "In case you need proof".  We also see Nina working on a drawing of Roy cleaning the cafe.

Alya brings Cathy, Eileen and Imran up to date but the latter will not let sound off about Geoff as they will eventually be witnesses.  Alya points out that Yasmeen does not have a drink problem - but they are all converted Geoff's beliefs.  Down the nick the police re-interview Yasmeen and she vaguely remembers a knife being waved but as the police helpfully point out Geoff says he had put that down so he was not threatening her.  Her memory of events is slowly returning and she sort of remembers a bottle and perhaps hitting Geoff.  But her love blinds her and as the interview ends she demands to see Geoff as she is desperate to know that her better half is well so that she can apologise and put things right.  We end with her being formally charged for attempted murder on 13 April (above).  Which is nearly a month ago!

Why a nonsense?  Corrie is built around the archetypal Northern woman of which Yasmeen is a staple example.  We have not seen any reason for Geoff's behaviour and like dramatic representations elsewhere of coercive control without knowing the "why" I find it hard to understand.  Also failing to find the hidden camera by the scene of crime team was pretty basic - and the one Pat Phelan planted in the solicitors still bothers me - but this one will I rather think be found about Christmas or mid-June at the current rate of progress.  Meanwhile Yasmeen having been ill-treated by her first husband would have been far more circumspect.  If true to her character she would have walked.  And Tim used to suspect his father over the silly story over the dog - anyone remind me of the details please?

Written by Owen Lloyd-Fox and directed by Diana Patrick.


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David said...

Righ so becasue Yasmeen's a Northern woman she can't possibly be abused that's up there with Bethnay can't be possibly be groomed becasue she lived in Milan. Also the forensics team aren't looking for a hidden camera they're looking for evidence in an attempted murder not a hidden camera, hidden cameras are as the name suggests hidden, hidden cameras aren't displayed with a sign in black with pink lettering saying hidden camera on it.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I admit I missed the first part of the episode but did anyone mention the visit by the police officers under Clare's Law? And I do wonder why Alya didn't have a word with Cathy about her concerns. Although that might be a deliberate move by the writers to show that worried relatives should talk with the victim's friends. Maybe the hidden cameras will take some time to be discovered but what about Geoff's mobile? I would think the police would look at it and discover the app he used. The burnt clothes in the bin is another clue so let's hope Sally remembers the annoying smoke.

Anonymous said...

They won't find the cameras because by then Geoff will have gotten out of hospital and removed them.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon): And don't forget the malicious "joke" that Geoff played on Brian at the community gardens, as well as the "joke" about the vegetables he supposedly grew in his plot.There are a lot of small indicators when one looks closely. And I suspect a large part of this storyline will be the residents of the street starting to realize what scum Geoff is, slowly but surely. I wasn't that keen initially on the attempted murder and trial because it seemed to repeat too many story lines of the past. But now I can see its dramatic value in terms of providing material for other people on the street. Inevitable conflict between Geoff and Sally. Air time for Alya and Ryan. Ditto for Imran and Toyah. A great story for Yasmeen. Discussion between Eileen, Cathy, and Brian...The only thing I don't like is what a d---h--d(excuse the language) the writers are making Brian. He, as much or more than anyone, must know what a horrible person Geoff is, but for some reason he keeps piling in on Yasmeen. He looks almost as nasty as Geoff!

dhvinyl said...

Never mind all that, what worried me was the size of Dev’s letter box which took a board-backed, never mind unsealed, A.3 envelope with nary a crease or a bend !!

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe the police didn't find the camera because let's face it the camera wasn't hard to spot. Also, why didn't the police or Imran breathalyse Yasmeen? If Geoff's making out she's a violent alcoholic, surely the first thing you'd do is establish whether she was drunk at the time of the attack? The fact she was stone-cold sober would certainly cast doubt on Geoff's telling of events.
I'm still enjoying the story and am interested to see the toll all this takes on Sally and Tim's relationship as they'll take opposing sides. It'll be difficult for Tim to confront the awful truth that his father is, in fact, an abuser.
The Gary and Kelly stuff is beyond ridiculous. If both her parents are missing then why aren't social services involved? Why is she always hanging around the street? Why aren't more people finding it creepy that Gary's taking such an interest in her and acting like her white knight? It's creepy, contrived, and boring.
I really hope all this means that Gary's comeuppance is fast approaching because this entire gangster storyline has been dragging its heels for way too long. Gary, Maria, Ryan, Sarah, Kelly, Sharon the loan shark - all bland, boring characters, hardly gripping stuff.
Meanwhile characters like Carla, Peter, Toyah, Imran, Leanne, Jenny etc, barely get a look in.
So many great characters are being criminally underused, and something needs to change.

Bobby Dazzler said...

If I thought that my grandmother was being abused, I would probably speak to all of her friends and ask some questions. I've met some mates of friends that i just didnt like..women's intuition? I don't know, but these people are blind. Why didn't Yaz ever discover the camera whilst doing all that cleaning..not very thorough. Where's the laptop/ Will Alya find it? Does Cathy not remember that spat when Geoff didn't know she was there?
Yasmeen was a strong independant woman who wethered the love of her life doing the nasty with her best friend...she's a strong woman, they've made her a shell of her former self and I find it unbelievable that it's gotten this far. As for not getting bail...I call BS...she would have gotten bail, she is no risk whatsoever...the flags are waving, interesting to see what the writers will come up with


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