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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 20th May 7.30 pm

This week I prepared to write this review with some trepidation. After Monday's issue-led jam-packed episode of issue raising awareness and doom-laden drama, I'm hoping tonight's episode is a bit of a lighter load. Don't get me wrong, and like I said last week, the writing and acting remain top-notch but Monday's heavyweight content was a little bit too much for this committed Corrie fan.

With that in mind, let's start with the pinnacle of issues; Oliver's illness. With plenty of tears and long hugs around the child's bed, it does feel like I'm watching an episode of Casualty.

Gemma's postnatal depression does seem to be moving into the more positive end of the spectrum, however. Having discovered some much-needed self-awareness from the counselling group, the quad mother seems to be swiftly recovering. With her head held high, she tells Sean she doesn't care who knows about her recent troubles. However, this is Sean we are talking about and the term self-centred was invented entirely for him. Suddenly remembering he was homeless, Sean seems to think recording a viral video to raise awareness of the issue is a good idea. Gemma even gives an impassioned monologue about Freshco's unrealistic tone of the family campaign adverts. Delightful. With her head held high, the issue awareness bar is raised even higher!

At N0.3 the Bailey's are arguing with each other over various issues including; James' sexuality,  Ed's blatant homophobia, Micheal's (unexplored) parenting, and workplace racism. I'm guessing Ed (who's gambling issue seem's less important now) is about to be taught a life lesson in prejudice, ignorance and ill-conceived judgement! It's a very important issue, that's no doubt, but as a true corrie fan, I'm more inclined to enjoy the minutiae of a character, strong dialogue, and the 'kitchen sink' kitsch of the shows longtime lure. I'd actually just like to know how ex-greasy spoon employee Aggie is actually a pediatric nurse? ( one-time pharmacy assistant ?) - it's the little things I'm drawn too.

Are we missing plain old character-driven drama on Corrie?

Our light relief for tonight ( and my favourite for months) is the brilliant Evelyn Plummer. The lady doth protest too much when it comes to her burgeoning relationship with Arthur. I liked Tyrone taunting her though (in jest) and I wonder if Arthur is connected to Tyrone or his real mother, somehow.
Talking of parent issues, Steve and Leanne bond by Oliver's bedside and Nick gets angry as the parents reminisce. Is the factory boss more intrinsic to this storyline than we are being led to believe? 

So many questions for a half-hour episode! 

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Catsmom said...

About Aggie: You somehow missed the whole storyline. I'm not surprised; it was embedded in the storyline about the shooting at the Christmas bazaar (or whatever it was called). It came out that Aggie had been a nurse when something went wrong and someone died as a result. It traumatized Aggie & she got out of nursing. After she saved someone's life or tried to, she was told she should get back into nursing so she did. Anyway, that's how I remember it.

Anonymous said...

I thought Nick was out of line being jealous and getting angry at Leanne and Steve.
Nick never bothered to bond with Oliver and as with Simon only showed interest in the boy when it suited him such as manipulating Leanne to have David take the fall for the theft of Audrey's money or to undermine Steve and Peter in their sons' eyes but he can't do that this time otherwise he'll look like a jerk hence his jealousy over Leanne and Steve talking about Oliver's childhood because he himself has never shared any moments with Oliver.

David said...

Perhaps of Ryan spent more time paying attention and less time asking questions he might notice things like Aggie being a nurse.

Anonymous said...

It’s funny how Amy was too upset about Oliver to go to school but not so much as she could still go to the cinema and out to eat with Liz.
Also Emma being so upset, has she ever even been near Oliver?

coconno196 said...

I agree re Amy,,who has taken no interest in her half-brother, but Emma is different. She is a kind, sensitive person, and although she has only just met Oliver, and indeed Steve, she is upset for Steve who faces losing another baby son.


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