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Friday, 8 May 2020

Corrie couples, love is still in the air

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For this final instalment I’ve been saving the best (and worst) ‘til last.

Johnny and Jenny

This is one of those times where Corrie got it absolutely spot on. Johnny and Jenny are perfect together. They’re given the perfect balance of serious and light-hearted storylines to make them a compelling, believable couple that we as viewers can really get behind and root for. Also, making them landlord and landlady of the Rovers was a genius move! My only criticism is that we don’t see enough of them.

Chesney and Gemma 

Less is more is the phrase I’d adopt for these two. We’ve seen so much of them this past year that frankly I’m sick to the back teeth of them. If they’re not madly going at it like rabbits, they’re taking disastrous caravan trips, or giving birth in cable carts, or arguing about the quads in yet another farfetched, farcical plot that I really couldn’t give a stuff about.

Also, I can’t help but think the show’s painted itself into a corner with the quads. Having all those babies on set must be a nightmare!

Funny thing is, I actually used to like Gemma (well, maybe like is a bit strong), but since getting together with Chesney she’s completely gone downhill. Is Chesney’s superpower making every one of his girlfriends as boring and miserable as he is? Katie, Sinead, now Gemma – I’m starting to see a pattern developing here.

So that’s all folks! Sorry if I missed out your favourite couple but there are simply too many to list them all.

Thanks for reading.

Guest blog post from Corriefan21  
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Humpty Dumpty said...

Jenny and Johnny are a match made in heaven for us viewers if not for each other. Sally Ann Matthews has the most wonderfully expressive face and she's made Jenny gorgeous in a delightfully brassy way. The actress and her character are the reasons this match works. Oth, what a dog's dinner they've made of Gemma and Chesney, both of whom are fine in tiny doses. They became popular and the writers thought they could cope with a major storyline. And the storyline itself is confused. Was it meant to be a comedy with the quads and sponsorship, then bringing Bernie in as a crazy mum? It didn't work. They abandoned the sponsorship route and Bernie returned as an earth mother. Post-natal depression, coping with a deaf baby should have been the storyline from the word go. Twins would have been more credible as Gemma is a twin and a childhood deafness plot could have been very useful - one which I personally could have related to.

Anonymous said...

humpty, I completely agree with all of your comments. Way too much Gemma & Chesney. I don't understand how on earth they are going to continue with the quad storyline. It is completely farfetched. How on earth can they possibly support 5 children on the wages from a kabob shop. We never, ever see Joseph any more. Chesney seems to have completely forgotten that Katie, Joseph's mother also suffered from post natal depression. To be perfectly frank, I wouldn't miss the entire lot of them if they left the street.

Anonymous said...

What did you mean a childhood deafness?

Louby said...

Gemma and Chesney found out that Aled is deaf.

Louby said...

I also love Johnny and Jenny as a couple. But please scriptwriter, no more misery for them, they've had quite enough already.


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