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Friday, 15 May 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 15 May

Evening Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Steve has spent the night on Nick and Leanne’s sofa to keep an eye on Oliver (not sure how that would work unless the kid sleeps in the living room). Anyway, he seems fine so Steve goes home for a proper sleep. Nick then invites David round to give an encouraging pep-talk about dealing with epilepsy. This was probably done with good intentions, but Nick has apparently forgotten that 1. Oliver hasn’t actually been diagnosed with epilepsy and 2. He lives with Leanne, who greets all positivity with the sort of disdainful scowl that Medusa would have rejected for being a bit moody.

Talking of miserable, Gemma spends the morning snapping at Chesney, Billy and Paul and then tells Chesney she doesn’t want to go to post-natal depression support group as it’ll be full of people moaning. Pot and kettle. When she gets there though she hears a middle-class woman talking about having dark thoughts and feeling unable to cope and feels a bit better. Nothing like a bit of schadenfreude to put your life in perspective.

Back on the Street pervy Ray tells Ed that the Bistro has a new restaurant manager, Don. Danny having apparently buggered off to a new job down south. Don is complaining that the work Ed has done is below par and wants it fixed in time for the reopening. As Ed and Michael work through his list of gripes, under the threat of not being paid, it becomes quite clear that Don is a total prick who thinks casual racism is funny. Meanwhile on the street James is subjected to some nasty homophobic abuse from a County fan. So that’s racism and homophobia in one day for the Bailey family. Jeez what next? I was half expecting Aggie to turn up and tell us that one of the doctors had repeatedly dropped his stethoscope on the floor in an attempt to look up her nurse’s uniform!

In other news, Craig tries to dissuade David from his Travis Bickle-esque mission to clean up the mean streets of Weatherfield by inviting him to come running . Then Arthur invites Evelyn to a dance, much to the delight of Audrey and Rita.

Back at the Battersby-Tilsley residence, Oliver starts fitting again and an ambulance is called. At the hospital as Leanne snaps at everyone, the doctor tells her and the assembled family that they can’t stop Oliver fitting and so have moved him to intensive care.

Now obviously a storyline about a child being taken seriously ill is not a cheery one, but I’m half thinking that they came up with this to give Leanne an excuse for being a miserable cow. Now she's got the perfect excuse for wandering around with a face like a slapped arse for months on end. She’ll probably never need to crack a smile again.

In addition to bringing you this lovingly written blog every second Friday, I also like urban foxes and make up daft lyrics to popular songs. So if like me you found tonights Corrie all a bit depressing, cheer yourself up and have a look at the what me and Mr Kelstar have been doing during lockdown. Not that. Honestly. Minds like sewers the lot of you.

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Unknown said...

What exactly "would some viewers find upsetting " in Friday 15 th May episode ? Pretty run of the mill, I thought. Nothing like poor Yasmine with the broken bottle and nasty Geoff.

Sara said...

I totally agree about Leanne. I am not looking forward for weeks of Leanne shouting and scowling at everyone.

unknown- I was just thinking how nice it would be be if the continuity announcer said ‘tonight’s episode features scenes that some viewers might find amusing’

Fluttershy said...

Loved the urban fox video!


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