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Saturday, 2 May 2020

Coronation Street Weekly Update, May 2 2020

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Greetings and welcome to another week of words from Weatherfield.  I hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these very unsettled times.  And without any further ado, here we go with this week’s Corrie weekly update.

My word, what a week it’s been on the Street. The big story of course being Yasmeen and Geoff. And in these times of lockdown, when there will be women facing the same horrible situation as Yasmeen with no escape, it’s more important than ever that this story be told. But it’s not been an easy watch. It begins when Yasmeen is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease and Dr Gaddas tells her that it can only have come from Geoff. He denies it, of course, although is straight on the phone to the escort agency to tell them what’s happened. But it’s the way he turns the tables on Yasmeen, calling her a ‘disease-ridden old tart’ and worse, it’s horrible, nasty stuff. And as the week goes on, it gets worse.

Geoff catches Yasmeen on CCTV hiding her clothes and suitcase in a cupboard under the stairs. He demands to know what she’s up to and forces her to find the key and open it up. When he realises she’s storing her clothes in order to make a getaway, he burns them in the garden and locks Yasmeen indoors. Then he forces her to kneel in front of him and tell him that she’s the one in the wrong. And still he’s not finished with her. In one of the most horrific scenes I think I’ve ever seen in Corrie, he dresses Yasmeen up in a tarty red frock that he’d bought for his escort girl. It doesn’t suit or fit Yasmeen and hangs loosely on her bony frame. He drags her to the Rovers where he’s the life and soul of the party, no-one can believe that Geoff would do any wrong. But Yasmeen forces him home where they argue, he threatens her with a knife and in self-defence Yasmeen grabs a wine bottle, smashes it on the counter top and thrusts it into his neck. 

Elsewhere this week when the boiler needs fixing at No. 1 Tracy asks Ken for the cash. He says he’ll pay to fix the boiler on one condition, that he doesn’t sell the house to Tracy and Steve. The house remains in Ken’s name and he wants his bedroom back, forcing Tracy and Steve to live in the front room.  Ken is more cheered this week when Daniel returns home from the grief retreat in Scotland with baby Bertie.

Over at Dev’s house, there was a lovely scene as he and Asha reconcile after everything she’s been through recently. He calls the cops and Kelly is called to see the headmistress when the kids return to school after their Easter break (we’re running a few weeks behind on Corrie right now to do them rationing episodes). “Don’t know why I’m being told off,” Kelly huffs about Asha. “She was the one who got her baps and pickle out.”

I’m a bit confused about this Kelly one as Gary takes an interest in her schooling. I know that Gary killed Kelly’s dad, drug dealer and loan shark Rick Neelan but can’t recall why Gary is so interested in Kelly to the point where he’s defending her? Anyway, Kelly’s mum – Rick’s widow – arrives and Gary gives her a mouthful and then she disappears abroad. I think I’ve missed something in this storyline, it’s jarring to me and doesn’t make sense. With Kelly’s dad dead and her mum done a runner, Billy the vicar takes her in and lets her live in the flat with him, Summer and Sean.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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Anonymous said...

Doesn’t Paul live in the flat as well?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Maybe it will come up later in the fall-out, but I wonder why Alya didn't go to Eileen or Cathy as her grandmother's friends to tell them what she thought was happening. All I can recall is Alya muttering under her breath. Probably the information line does tell people what to do if they suspect a loved one is being abused. It isn't a criticism of the storyline, although they do all live on the same street, but I hope it's addressed later: 'Why didn't you come and tell me etc etc'

Anonymous said...

I think Garry is trying to get the school fees reinstated to keep up the presence that Rick is still paying and is therefore still alive. Garry’s actions make sense as a response to a sense of guilt and self-preservation.


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