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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 13th May 7.30 pm

Having never been a fan of Steve and Leanne's one-night stand, Oliver still seems to be a rather strange corrie child conception? The recent courting of a possible custody battle did pick my interest but largely due to the promise of more Tracy. Now, however, the story has quickly taken a different turn, and we are most certainly being led down a grim path of terminal child illness and possible death? Being a father to a toddler myself, this will be doubly heavyweight and fills me with dread. Undoubtedly, we will be treated to excellent writing and acting but I find these awareness stories somewhat forced considering how many a year are portrayed? Anyway, it's a slight critique as the families involved make it a great cast ensemble. Let's take some merit from that.

David's dalliances with danger are a more favourable and well worn Corrie leitmotif and it's obvious he crying out for Shona's return. The Hylda Baker estate (Hilda Ogden, surely) must be where the 'Dog and Gun' pub and Gemma's Mum are originally from as it's a tad dodgy! It's not long before David is running and jumping upon some chav car. We know David's history so it's hardly surprising. Who will rescue him from this latest dangerous behaviour? In the meantime, PC Craig spots David on the estate and gives him a word of advice. Later, David gives Gail a birthday card and it's a sniff of humour - I liked the sentiment. Gail does seem to be back on form now, and less like a comedic caricature of her previous incarnation?

Back at the hospital, Oliver’s seizures are alarming for Steve and Leanne and as Aggie Bailey is a nurse again, she’s also on hand to give the parents some guidance. Tim also gets gaslighted by Geoff when news of Yasmeen's bail refusal is divulged. Is it just me that's hoping he dies or do we want to see Alya bring him down and get him jailed? Taking Imran's advice with a pinch of salt, Alya divulges Geoff's crimes to loudmouth Sean, so she’s certainly not going the right way about it and also changes the locks at her grans home. Does this seem a little premature and a tad overcautious?

Cathy seems less worried about Yasmeen now and has quickly acquired a new friend in Bernie. Supposedly training Bernie in the art of kebab cuisine, the twosome drinks some cider and begin to bond. The shared common ground in Gemma seems to draw these to into friendship. I like this idea actually, Bernie hasn't integrated too much into the street yet?

With all tests completed for Oliver, epilepsy is muted as a possible cause for the fits but it doesn't look promising. Steve’s monologue before the episode ended was certainly foreshadowing.

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Jo said...

Going back in time to this......Jim calls Steve and receives a frosty reception from his son who attempts to hang up. However, Jim shocks him by revealing that he has a potentially serious hereditary condition called myotonic dystrophy and suggests that Steve get himself and Amy tested, as it passes down to offspring.

Could it be the reason why Oliver is so poorly??

Humpty Dumpty said...

Corrie is working closely with the charity for Oliver's condition. I can't think the writers would let the child die because that would give a dreadfully sad message to parents but who knows. I was waiting for the final scene of the episode to be Geoff watching Alya changing the locks from his bedside. There are a few holes in the plot now probably due to covid 19 rewrites. Will Alya come across the burnt clothes in the incinerator? There would be enough bits in it which didn't burn down to dust. Did we see Geoff empty the bin? Will Yasmeen be given a psychiatric assessment, is she fit to stand trial?

Anonymous said...

What a surprise! Aggie is working on the very same ward as Oliver is taken to.
Why do a whole load of family turn up when someone is in hospital? Surely they would be better off waiting at home for news rather than cluttering up the hospital and getting in people’s way. Also they did the usual thing of firing questions at the doctor and expecting an instant diagnosis. I am not looking forward to this storyline at all.

Unknown said...

I'm new here but a fan of the show for years in the U.S. I was watching the episode where Yasmine husband made her open the cabinet then burned her belongings, I tell u I was yelling at my phone to just f#@÷ him and leave. Why does she let him treat her so?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Geoff and Yasmeen storyline : why do Corrie always portray the police as being incompetent. Obviously they missed the CCTV cameras but despite this there is a wealth of evidence they could be looking at. They must have Geoff's phone as it was part of the crime scene. Just look at his phone and it's game over for Geoff. A link to the house cameras; messages to and from escorts; and siphoning off money from the Bistro. Also, where are Yasmeen's bank cards that he took off her ?. In his wallet probably.

Anonymous said...

Aggie being on Oliver's ward reminds me of the days when Martin Platt was the nurse on duty when a character would come in the hospital.
I think for Steve's,Leanne's and Nick's sake it's nice to have a friendly face looking after Oliver.

Anonymous said...

Who is the newbie in the Kebab Shop? A bloke we have never seen before who was left in charge while Cathy and Co went drinking?

Anonymous said...

LOL I thought of Martin Platt too in that scene.


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