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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Corrie Comicals week ending 22 May 2020

Tim is talking a lot of sense to James - and then decides to tell him about the filth and abuse that used to be shouted at him (by kids) over the use of his pole (above).  As he tells James you have to let it wash over you - just like the water-fed pole did.  Sadly Tim, as Ed proves later in the week, someone has to stand up to the abusers.  Tim also makes the point that James cannot afford to make a physical response to verbal attackers.

Ruby has just asked if Nana is going to be a kissin' and a cuddlin' at the dance - to which Arthur responds that he might get lucky later.  [Memo to Jill Archer, Brookfield, Borchester - your boyfriend is playing fast and loose in Weatherfield - so it looks like the spare room for you after all if you stay over].  Particularly when Arthur takes breakfast the next morning with Evelyn.  {And I apologise to all readers not up to date with events on t'wireless}.

Everyone deserves a second chance I suppose and although the reformation of Bernie is hard to believe.  Gemma has just observed that the therapy group went well, the drugs are helping and she has the tools to help her cope - to which Bernie observes that she should not call Chesney a tool!  {Congratulations by the way to Sam Aston and his wife Briony on the news that a baby is on its way}.

I have been through Leanne's "not knowing" and I was also told not to search t'internetty webby thingy - but these days you can't help it.  We just knew it was serious and not what it was; so it didn't help at all.

It is Nina's turn to choose the music today and whatever it is she is playing it is very loud and sounds almost entirely unlike any music I have ever heard.  Ed thinks there is building work happening upstairs in the flat and is upset that Roy did not ask him for a quote!  Kirk is also attached to Mongolian throat singing apparently!

Come Friday it was very definitely "ihsoos" day as Corrie got woked up.  Given that Tony Warren originally suffered much abuse during the early years of the programme I wonder how he looks down on the saga of James and the football terraces - Coronation Street will not change the world but perhaps "Kick It Out" which is the official challenge to racism could extend its remit to look at other discrimination please?

Canapes can come in a variety of forms.  But released from childcare responsibilities I am not sure that Gemma knows the etiquette as she grabs the entire platter of spring rolls from Faye and sets to eating them with a will.  Given how long recovery from post natal depression can take I hope that Corrie are going to end the story here and let us see a happy cheerful Gemma becoming a wonderful mother and getting back some of the character's joy of life!

Much of Friday was around racism and supporting children.  And then we came to Emma and this line - "They just stick their hands in" (above).  It turns out that whilst Emma says that she has never encountered overt racism she has experienced people wanting to feel her hair - without even asking.  And I am going - do people really do that?  Apparently they do. 

Talking of Tony Warren earlier led to an internet search and how Violet Carson may have inspired him with the tale Mrs Bowton's Yard or Bolton as in the link.  If you can believe what you read on the internetty webby thing then you learn something every day!

Written by: Julie Jones (Monday); Ian Kershaw (Wednesday & Friday)
Directed by: Lee Trevor (all)


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