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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 15 May 2020

Steve has spent the night on the sofa and Oliver seems back to normal this morning having slept most of the night; Simon is also around and Leanne has at least had some sleep.  Steve goes off home to catch up on his sleep.  At home Steve brings the McDonald clan up to date and for Amy it is back to school after the Easter holiday so I think this is a Monday episode!  Meanwhile the jungle drums have lead David to arrive at his brother's flat so he can give Leanne and Nick a crash course in epilepsy - the current guessagnosis.  Main advice - don't panic and take the medication and it might be a light version like his (unrelated) Uncle David!  Leanne is not impressed.  A little later Leanne hears Oliver fitting and the visiting Toyah summons an ambulance which takes Oliver and Leanne to hospital.  Nick and Toyah are unable to wake the sleeping Steve.  Eventually Tracy and Liz come in to Number One and break the bad news to Steve who has just woken up.  At the hospital the bad news is that Oliver has been given sedatives and is still fitting so has been moved to Intensive Care (above).  This is NOT GOOD.

Ed has been chatting to Evelyn outside the shop when Ray Crosby catches him and tells him the new Bistro manager, Don, wants Ed's shoddy workmanship rectifying or the bill will not be paid. Now if I were a certain well known thespian and educated man (plus a former entertainment show winner) I might not appreciate the above name check from Don who is seeking to stop Ed and Michael chatting (the latter has just revealed that he is soon to start work in Underworld) and Don continues in the same vein later in the programme with veiled hints relating to the ethnicity of the Bailey family.

Gemma and her post natal depression return.  Billy and Paul do the quad minding whilst Gemma gets herself ready for a group therapy session later.  They try to reassure her that it will be alright - but she is of course worried.  At the session little Miss Perfect (matching bra and knickers probably says Gemma) above opens up about tired she feels, that she could lie down on that floor and never get up, Every other mother manages - why can't she?  She (credited as "Heather") loves their baby but cannot relax around her, she does not trust herself around the baby, she constantly feels sad and sick with anxiety (Gemma starts nodding in agreement).  She feels guilty that she is going to infect the baby with all of the sadness and fear she feels.  Gemma realises she is not alone.

Previously the now slim Craig had spotted David getting his kicks on Hylda Baker and invites David to join him on running at lunchtime as a way of working off excess energy.  There is a somewhat neat exchange with Rita and Audrey before they set off on their run - although David denies the "high" that comes from exercise exists.  A long way from Sofa Cinema Club

The scores on the door for Geoff - Evelyn does not trust him, Emma thinks Germaine Greer was in the Jackson Five, Rita is also with Yasmeen, Audrey is not so sure.  And Evelyn decides not to sort the bathroom grouting with her toothbrush and is going to a dance with Arthur this afternoon (which I assume means Monday). 

In a distinctly unwelcome development a random passing scrote (credited as "Fan") who was not impressed with James's play on Saturday walks up to him as he chats to Tim to tell James to do more training and spend less time with his boyfriend - nodding at Tim.  Tim points out he is married and then the scrote asks James "What's up, gay boy?" (above).  The undesirable critic refuses to back off (or do one as James suggested) and asks if James enjoys the communal showers.  Tim just about stops the gay black football star from flattening the name calling bully.  Tim takes James for a brew. 

Written by Julie Jones and directed by Lee Trevor.


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