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Thursday, 28 May 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 27th May 7.30 pm

A psychologist would have an absolute field day dealing with David Platt. His most recent danger spree (as a father of two, with a mentally ill wife) is not only reckless but to be honest, totally unbelievable. Yes, we know he's reverting to his well-worn character trait of psychopathy ( showing itself in stressful situations), but I do wonder where this is all leading? Who's got the kids, and who's running the barbers, whilst he’s running away from chavs on the Weatherfield sink estate? 
Covid-19 has to be blamed for the split in episodes, but still, it's pretty obvious where this story arc is going. 

This is all for Shona’s return of course.  

Now seemingly on the mend, visiting devil spawn Clayton in prison does nothing for Shona’s amnesia so Clayton decides to use this to his advantage; lying to her about David's capabilities as a husband. Why Clayton is still in the show and so long after Kylie’s murder, I’ve no idea. Surely there are better Corrie convicts to resurrect - maybe Rob Donovan, perhaps? Anyway, David gets collared by the gang of hoodlums but with the police in pursuit, he luckily avoids a beating. Newfound BFF PC Tinker is soon on hand to offer advice. Was that (pre) episode warning a tad over the top?

At the hospital, we get the news that Oliver's delayed responses are due to (drum roll) brain damage! Lovely stuff (!) Surely Nick will be a dab hand at helping and understanding Leanne’s trauma? Struggling with the news (she’s not the only one), I do have reservations as to how this story will conclude (I Think I know but I’d rather not surmise at this stage) 

Gemma's reluctance to post the vlog means baby Bryn has to accidentally push the laptop button, and hurrah I'm sure she will now be an internet sensation? That’s how it usually works on the show. Although ‘Krank Kev’s’ facebook page appears to have disappeared without a trace, Geoff’s ‘candid camera’ is yet to be discovered! 

Tommy O’s inception into the James Bailey storyline seems to have perked this scenario up a bit and I'm glad to see James fighting the homophobia. I’d imagine some terrace scenes for the future and maybe James confronting a stadium of lurid chants (once COVID-19 has left us, that is)? Back in the first team playing, and after coming out, Weatherfield county may be more supportive of James’s sexuality now? Michael also seems to be making some inroads with Grace. 

Dealing with Craig and Sarah, David is still uncomfortable too and seems resigned to the fact that he can run as far as he likes but his marriage is still all but over. 

Can Sarah persuade Shona to change David’s troubled mind? 

I think the sooner things are back to normal, the better. 

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Anonymous said...

Chesney seems to be a complete zero when it comes to the babys

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Sorry to be difficult, but David wasn't on a'sink' estate this week, he was on a terraced street near a park.
By'sink' estates, I presume you mean social housing/ council estates, where a lot of mild quiet pensioners live in bungalows?
I know that's not how Corrie writers want to portray it, but it's true.
I don't think Shona is mentally ill, she's brain damaged by the shooting, isn't she?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Coronation Street based on Ordsall? No disrespect, but it's hardly Alderley Edge itself is it?


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