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Thursday, 7 May 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 6th May 7.30 pm

As a middle-aged man, I can’t pretend to show interest in the teenage storylines of Coronation Street and I'm certainly not their core audience for it either! However, Kelly Neelan's return does mean that gangster Gary Windass is back and THAT I am interested in.

Yasmeen’s arrest has also set the cat amongst the pigeons and opinions about her innocence/guilt remain divided. Tim’s on tenterhooks and his allegiance to his Father remains undiluted. Cathy and Eilleen share notes and appear to come to some conclusions about Geoff’s controlling behaviour though? 

With Geoff in hospital, we are treated to a great shot of the forensics team surveying the crime scene. What are the chances of them finding the CCTV system? I'm 99% certain that the camera set-up will be his downfall. Do you have any theories? 

He may now be awake but I do wonder if Geoff will fully recover from the violent attack? Alya's vengeful attitude is made very clear at the hospital, and in front of the police too! I do like Alya and always have. I hope she gets Geoff sent down?

Talking of which, some kid's congregating outside Roy's are giving Asha grief so Nina punches one of them in the face! For some reason, we don't see her being arrested or carted off by the police?
 Gary’s quick to defend Kelly, and of course, Adam Barlow witnesses the action and finds out that Kelly is Rick's daughter. The honeymoon hasn't slowed this vendetta! This Youth Outreach programme seems slightly contrived yet does string a few storylines together so all is forgiven.

Can Barlow bring down Windass or will Gary bring down his own demise?  Gary is constantly hanging around people connected to the guy he murdered so I do wonder!

Although any animosity seems to have cleared between co-parents Steve and Leanne, a health worker has raised some concerns about Oliver’s development. I don't do spoilers, however, I think we can expect a serious storyline to come out of this!

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SimoneJenifer said...

An Endeavour Award for overcoming hardship?

Humpty Dumpty said...

Yet again, somebody marches straight into a seriously ill patient's ward. Alya wouldn't have been allowed to visit if she'd enquired where Geoff's ward was so presumably she wandered around the hospital until she found it. No nurse around to stop her barging in and the police gently ask her to leave. What about arresting her for causing a disturbance? And Nina gives somebody a bloody nose and walks away triumphantly. Isn't that an assault? Give up with soap police.

Anonymous said...

Think about it - the guy would not want to admit that a woman hit him. Sad truth, but a lot of my friends were like that when they got hit by a woman, none of them want to admit or press charge. It is an assault but no one want to report it.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Nina is on the show! Even if it's "teen Corrie" and I can't 100% relate, it is very good to have a positive role model with her. She is comfortable for who she is and wouldn't apologize for that. She seems pretty confident as well. Her scenes with Roy are adorable, it's been a long time since I laughed at loud at that Victorian quote "You had to slay me with a Victorian". It's really cute!

Sharon Boothroyd said...

The actress who plays Alya to me, looks like she's put on a bit of weight.
She's slightly fatter in the face.
The actress who plays Sophie was, when she was expecting in real life.
With that, plus the baggy top and placing her handbag over her belly, makes me think that off- screen, she's pregnant.
If that's the case, like Sophie and Shona,she'll need an exit plot line for a while.

CK said...

Was it just me or did Sarah and Adam have no tan just a lovely shade of red and blotchy?

Anonymous said...

And what if the actress that plays Alya is not pregnant? Then that just makes your remark rather judgemental.


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