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Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Geoff gets his comeuppance on Coronation Street

It surely - and hopefully - won't be long before Geoff Metcalfe gets his comeuppance on Coronation Street.  
Will it be Yasmeen who finally snaps, I wonder? Or will Alya be instrumental in bringing Geoff down? 
What about Cathy and Brian, or Peter perhaps, those in the know that there's summat not right with Geoff?
And what about Tim, I wonder what he really thinks and knows about his dad's odd behaviour.

Here's another thought - just where is Tim's mum in all of this? Perhaps she'll make an appearance to bring Geoff's cruel reign to an end. 
How would you like Geoff's downfall to come about - and what should it involve?  
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Anonymous said...

There is no need for a new character in the form of Geoff's wife to show up. Tim will provide insight into that situation when the time comes. As for who will play a part in the saving of Yasmeen, I hope the writers make her the saviour with the support of those who care about her. She is not alone, but she is not powerless either. Make her a survivor of this abuse, not a victim.

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon)
Not sure how I want it to end (Geoff being crushed to death in his stupid box?!)but I think he will ultimately be killed or die--some time AFTER Yasmeen has broken free of him. I don't think Corrie writers will make the story so real and depressing that she ends up having to fight him long term for her house and savings. Instead, there could well be a murder storyline coming--who killed JiggleIt Geoff? Yasmeen will be the prime suspect because she will have just escaped him only to realize he still has control of her finances, her house, her business and is threatening to leave her homeless. Alya will be another suspect, Tim, perhaps Sally, Gary (assuming Geoff finds out some of his secrets)...Then hopefully the murderer will be exposed as.....Ray! The other character they will be wanting to get rid of.

Anonymous said...

I don't care how the little troll leaves, but sooner the better so Yasmeen can have her life back!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I agree with Anon at 14.38, I don't want a new character to 'save' Yasmeen. There have been photos of Geoff with another woman and speculations that this is Tim's mother. She could show Yasmeen a way out but how many victims in real life will have someone coming out of the blue to save the day? Better that Alya supports her grandmother because that would be realistic. Cathy & Brian perhaps or even Rita who might remember how Alan Bradley used to gaslight her.

C in Canada said...

In whatever form it comes, it can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I’d like to thump him. Hard!

Louby said...

I also want Yasmeen to save herself. Coercive control is a criminal offence and I would like to see her realise what's been happening and go to the police.

I would like something nasty to happen to Geoff too though!

Eryn said...

I would like to see Yasmeen successfully get her finances and property back with the help of Cathy and Alya. I’d like this story to stick to the real issue and show it’s the woman who “save” themselves with the help of a few very close women in family or friends circle. I’m disappointed in Tim’s lack of help or guidance to Yasmeen. He’s either hiding his head in the sand or the writer’s truly want him clueless.

CK said...

If Tim grew up with a father like that, he'd know how cruel he could be. Geoff mentioned how hard his own dad had been so I'm guessing this is cyclical. When Faye heard Yasmeen and Geoff yelling through the wall and Tim said he's not getting involved, maybe that's how he coped, by ignoring everything? But how on earth could he let Yasmeen go through that if his mom did? I thought I heard once Geoff mentioning his divorce, maybe it was when Tim was really little and so he doesn't know what a monster his dad can be? I think Yasmeen will start to ask questions and confront him and I think Alya will find evidence of his abuse on his phone and laptop. Then I hope they rekindle their relationship by bumping Geoff off and burying him next to Rick.

Bobby Dazzler said...

I am hoping that Yaz finds the hidden camera...there is no way he could talk his way out of it..BUT FIRST...I'd like her to trick Geoff into signing over the house, the business, and then she visits the bank and drains the account....then stick a hot poker up his ass and send the sniveling little weasel on his way

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Cathy is still unsure about the lies Geoff spread about Yasmeen - but it's convincing Brian.Peter might get more involved, urging Yasmeen to go to the AA self help group.But Geoff doesn't like outsiders.
I think it'd be unconvincing for Yasmeen to suddenly see the light and take back control of the fiances ect. After all, they are married, and the legal side of this is complex.
Tim could be more concerned, but at the moment, he has his divorce troubles to deal with.
It's leaning towards a murder plot, like the Trevor jordache one in Brookside.

Tayloranne said...

Not sure I could take another murder and who dunnit story line. Seems like they just did that. It would be nice if they could just relax the drama a bit. I would like Yasmeen to gain her prowess and reveal his narcissistic and abusive behaviour. I would love to see that ... Let him run with his tail between his legs after she gets everything back that was hers in the first place. Let’s see her grow from a shrivelling little mouse and into a roaring lion. I think it’s there, she just wants to please him right now but I think his act is getting thin and she’s finally getting her fill of his cruelty. No murder please... too many of those already to make it real.

Anonymous said...

I agree the number of murders on that street is outrageous. A whodunnit each and every year is too much. And let's not forget Sarah and David are still covering for the death of Callum, Gary has a couple under his belt, and to have another killing would be too too much. It feels like Corrie is overusing death like they used to overuse affairs.

Unknown said...

Tayloranne and Bobby dazzlers response to what should happen to this monster are right up there.
This man needs to be brought to his knees.


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