Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Corrie Comedy Cuts

Comedy is very important to Coronation Street writers and viewers. Even in the midst of the darkest storylines, one character or another will makes us chuckle. It’s what Corrie has always done brilliantly. Just last week Carla joked about dodging bullets in the Rovers, not long after Robert was shot just metres away.

In a way, Corrie is a comedy soap. It wouldn’t be what it is without the jokes, the slapstick and the hilarious chaos we are treated to every week. And over the years iconic characters have created classic comedy scenes that we watch over and over. Whether it’s Fred and his trademark “I say” catchphrase, Blanche and her scathing put-downs, or Mary and her lovable scattyness, Corrie has embraced the funny and the ridiculous and is all the better for it. Particular writers focus on the comedy more than others. You can always count on Jonathan Harvey or Damon Alexis-Rochefort to provide the giggles in their episodes.

To celebrate Corrie’s upcoming sixtieth birthday I’m going to share a few of my favourite comedy moments. Some will put a smile on your face, some will make you laugh out loud.

The first is from an episode in the late nineties where Bet is about to leave the Street after failing to raise the money to buy the Rovers. It’s a great moment that could have been written for a sitcom. In a fit of rage Bet throws all the customers out of the Rovers, unaware that one character has been ‘paying a visit’ and has missed the drama:


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Bobby Dazzler said...

One of my absolute favourites is the one where Fred Gee gets a new hairpiece...Mrs. Walker instructs them to ignore it and everyone does. Everyone except for Percy who is, shall we say blunt/direct. My fav laugh out loud ..

Second...Peter Barlows AA neeting with Blanche, Ken, and Deirdre..comic gold!!

coconno196 said...

And the Xmas lunch in the Rovers with Rachel, Bet, Rita, possibly Betty. I can't remember the details but it revolved around Rachel's naivety and her not being very bright. Multiple misunderstandings. It was hilarious.

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